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Ian Somerhalder's Testimony on Behalf of Elephant Conservation To Make An Impact

Ian Somerhalder is thanked for his testimony before a Congressional subcommittee at today`s Federal Hearing on the U.S. Ivory Ban on behalf of elephant conservation

SOP newswireChen Guangcheng Leaves China and Lands in US - Controversial Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng's and his family boarded a flight from China to the US yesterday.
SOP newswireCelebs Show Support for Event Benefiting Special Children - Celebrities show their support for 'An Evening With NO LIMITS' Benefit for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children.
SOP newswireDocumentary Exposes Police Torture in Sri Lanka - Josefina Bergsten`s documentary shows how the police torture epidemic in Sri Lanka victimizes the people.
SOP newswireAnti-Abortion Campaign to Roll into Battleground States - Controversial 'Vote Pro-Life' Billboard Project will roll into battleground states to win hearts and minds against abortion.
SOP newswireBirth Choice Health Clinics Celebrating 31 Years of Pro-Life Work - Birth Choice Health Clinics Invites Leading Activists to Southern California to Celebrate 31 Years of Pro-Life Work.
SOP newswireCatholics Want Cardinal Wuerl of DC to Revoke Sebelius Invitation - Catholics plead with DC Cardinal Wuerl, condemning Sebelius invitation and insisting that it be revoked.
SOP newswireMother's Day Gifts and Meals that Give Back to Mom`s Favorite Cause - Earn donations for your favorite cause when you celebrate Mom by shopping at 2,600 retailers and 10,000+ restaurants nationwide
SOP newswireVanderbilt University Asked to Stop Discriminating against Religious Student Groups - Congressional Prayer Caucus urges Vanderbilt University`s Chancellor to stop discriminating against religious student groups.
SOP newswire2Drilling in Arctic Ocean begins in July - As you read this, Shell Oil's rigs are making their way to the Arctic Ocean to start drilling, as soon as July.
SOP newswireChen Guangcheng Invites Hillary Clinton to Visit Him - Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng spoke to the U.S. Congressional Hearing, asking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to visit him.
S Renee GreeneThe New Millennium Poll Tax - States that demand Voter ID's should be required to supply and pay for them, or else it's a poll tax. Period.
SOP newswireHe Peirong, Chen Guangcheng's Rescuer, Needs to be Rescued - How a petite woman named He Peirong helped escape Chen Guangcheng from the Chinese authorities makes her eligible for own rescue from the dictatorial regime.
SOP newswireAn Open Letter to President Obama, Clinton, and Locke - An open letter to President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Ambassador Locke asks for official United States protection to Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng.
SOP newswireChen Guangcheng`s Escape - A Fugitive or Hero? - Chen Guangcheng risked everything to save women from forced abortion and sterilization in China.
SOP newswireChinese Lawyer and Women Rights Activist Escapes Illegal Home Detention - Chen Guangcheng's reasonable demand against forced abortion has become the biggest test for Chinese Premier Wen and the Obama Administration.
S Renee GreeneObama "Big Stick" No. 1: No Doubling Tax Rates on Student Loans - President Obama has a "big stick" alright, and he's planning on using it. The power of the veto.
SOP newswireNo Aborted Fetal Cell Lines for Flavor Enhancers in PepsiCo - Children of God announces end of boycott of PepsiCo after the assurance that it will not use aborted fetal cell lines for flavor enhancers.
SOP newswireEvery Third Mom Pretends to Like Mother`s Day Gifts - A new study shows that almost one in three Mothers confess often pretending to like Mother`s Day gifts. So what`s the perfect Mother`s Day gift?
SOP newswireMotorcycle Journey to Help End Poverty in India - Kenneth Maginnitty will take his vintage motorcycle 5500 miles across India to make a difference in the lives of the poor.
SOP newswireFree Press Action Fund Joins Protest against CISPA - Free Press Action Fund has joined Stop Cyber Spying Week to protest the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).
SOP newswirePastor in New Jersey Burns Credit Card Offers in Protest - Despite rain in New Jersey, Rev. DeForest B. Soaries stuck to his guns of protest, burning credit card offer letters.
SOP newswireMorality In Media Boycotts Groupon Over Torture Pornography - Groupon defends its discount on female torture porn company tours against the boycott call by Morality In Media.
SOP newswireCollege Gun Bans Leave Students Defenseless against Killers - With increasingly reported killing son college campuses, students following the ban on arms in colleges are now asking questioning the efficacy of this rule.
SOP newswire2Hatred and Workplace Bias against Muslims Noticed in Florida and Philadelphia - Hatred against Muslims in Florida and workplace bias damaging to Muslim workers in some places in Philadelphia are being noticed by Muslims communities.
SOP newswireMarch in Charlotte in Memory of Trayvon - People marched in Charlotte in honor of slain Trayvon Martin on 1st April 2012.
SOP newswireThousands of Postcards by Grassroots Ask Supreme Court to Reject ObamaCare - Operation Rescue is asking the US Supreme Court to reject ObamaCare, hoping to reach one million voices conveying their disapproval via post cards.
SOP newswireCall for Dismissal of Abortionist Haskell over Unethical Behavior in an Emergency Situation - While his patient lay in life-threatening seizures, an abortionist was laughing at the emergency situation. This apathy and unethical behavior has elicited anger and call for his dismissal.
SOP newswireJustice for Trayvon Martin! - Trayvon Martin's murder allegedly by George Zimmerman is a serious and alarming incident of crime that threatens safety of civilians within their neighbourhoods.
SOP newswireGold Dealers in Kashmir Protest Excise Duty on Jewelry - Gold traders in Jammu and Kashmir protest the announcement of duty and custom on jewelry and gold coins, saying it will affect livelihood of thousands.
SOP newswireDaniel Amen Seeks to Prevent Churches from 'Sending People to Heaven ... Early' - New York Times bestseller "Use Your Brain to Change Your Age" proposes a plan to help church-goers reform health in America.
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