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Ian Somerhalder's Testimony on Behalf of Elephant Conservation To Make An Impact

Ian Somerhalder is thanked for his testimony before a Congressional subcommittee at today`s Federal Hearing on the U.S. Ivory Ban on behalf of elephant conservation

SOP newswireLady Gaga Asked by Hindus to Take Up Gypsy Apartheid - Hindus ask pop star Lady Gaga to take up Gypsy apartheid issue as she feels "Gypsy at heart".
S Renee GreeneRevisiting Sojourner Truth this Women's History Month - Ms Truth's speech "Ain't I a Woman" and what it means in light of today's war on women.
SOP newswireMurdered Teen`s Parents Lead Online Campaign for Justice - Scores of people have joined the popular campaign on Change.org calling on Florida State Attorney Norman Wolfinger to charge George Zimmerman in the shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin.
SOP newswireCitizens Urge AMAC to Protect Their Religious Freedom Now - An online survey results show that an overwhelming majority of citizens want AMAC to speak up for their constitutional right of practicing their Christian faith in US.
SOP newswireAmerican Civil Rights Union Wants Supreme Court to Adopt 'Coercion Test' - American Civil Rights Union wants new constitutional standard to protect religious freedom.
SOP newswireBlazent Raises Funds for Special Olympics - Blazent Celebrity Winterfest raised the much-needed funds for Special Olympics in California and Nevada.
SOP newswireCAIR Offers New Toolkit to Challenge 'Anti-Sharia' Bills in US - CAIR`s special toolkit has lessons illustrating opposition to anti-Muslim legislative efforts in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Michigan.
SOP newswire135,000 Sign Petition for Changing 'R` Rating on the Film 'Bully` - Scores of people join a victim of high school bullying on an online petition that seeks change in the rating of the new film about bullying.
SOP newswire'Mercy For Animals' Condemns the Passage of Iowa Ag-Gag Bill - National non-profit organization Mercy For Animals has condemned the passage of the Ag-Gag Bill in Iowa, regarding it a sad day for American consumers.
SOP newswireElderly Pastor Asks Baby Boomers to 'Rebel against Retirement' - Well-known author and Christian leader Dr. George Sweeting, 87, offers baby boomers the advice not to punch out the day their AARP card arrives in the mail.
SOP newswire9-Year-Old Partners with Uganda Tree of Life Ministries for a $60,000 Read-a-Thon - A nine-year-old girl Natasha Leininger has joined the Uganda Tree of Life Ministries for hosting a Read-a-Thon to Raise $60,000 to Start a Children's Village in Uganda.
SOP newswireNY Post Muslim Cartoon 'Evokes Anti-Semitic Themes', Says CAIR - A political cartoon on NYPD Muslim-spying shows hook-nosed terrorists complaining against NYPD to AP Press.
SOP newswireCAIR Action Alert: Oppose South Dakota`s Anti-Sharia Bill - The Council on American-Islamic (CAIR)is calling all Muslims and other people to oppose House Bill 1253 in South Dakota.
SOP newswireChinese Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng Gets Seriously Ill, - China`s well-known civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng, a staunch opponent of forced abortions, has collapsed into serious illness and is in critical condition.
Ernest DempseyPrada, Victim of Breedism in Nashville! - Pit bull Prada, yet another victim of abuse by authorities and public, has been sentenced to death by a court in Nashville, TN.
Ernest Dempsey Brutal Sacrifice of Pigs for Vietnamese Tradition - Animal rights advocates are outraged over the brutal killing of pigs as sacrifice in Viet Nam to please a diety.
Ernest Dempsey'No Olympic Torch for Belfast`, Movement Launched by Supporters of Lennox - Supporters of the Belfast dog Lennox, help for euthanasia, demand that Belfast be denied the honor of the Olympic Torch unless it releases Lennox.
SOP newswire2Yellowstone`s Bison are Once Again At Risk of Hazing - With winter well under way now, Yellowstone`s bison are once again at risk of hazing, capture or even slaughter as they search for food outside the park
Ernest DempseySaving Snoopy from the Twisted Definition of "Dangerous" - Pit bull biting in self-defense labeled "dangerous" likely to be put down.
SOP newswire2The Future of Wolves is Key Part of the American West - A lone wolf has become the first of its kind in California since the last known wolf was eliminated from the state in 1924.
SOP newswire2Big Oil Wants to Drill in Arctic Ocean - The BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico was truly devastating but an oil spill in the Arctic's extreme, icy conditions would be much worse!
SOP newswire2Federal Sharpshooters Prepare to Gun Down Up to 75 Wolves From Aircraft - We're fighting the good fight for our wolves and other wildlife. Our fight is the longer, tougher road -- but ultimately the one that will ensure a safer future for our wolves and other wildlife.
Ernest DempseyEl Toro de la Vega - Animal rights advocates seek an end to Spain`s infamous El Toro de la Vega.
Ernest DempseySave Abused Dog - A victim of abuse, pit bull Bones faces potential death without any fault.
Ernest DempseyTwo Imprisoned in Cameroon for Being Gay - The 5-year prison sentence awarded to two guys for homosexuality in Cameroon is being decried as violation of human rights.
Ernest DempseyUkrainian Teenager Killing Stray Dogs by Torture - A young man in Ukraine is sadistically killing homeless dogs by subjecting them to extreme torture.
Ernest DempseyPit Bull Champ Threatened with Possible Killing in Texas - An abused dog named Champ faces possible death in Texas unless a rescue group intervenes.
SOP newswire2Thousands to Scour The Internet for Birds - Generosity Fuels Cutting-Ed "ge Audubon Social Media Campaign. Key donations of programming and media space make it possible for thousands to scour the Internet for birds
Ernest DempseySnow Magic Needs Life-Saving Surgery - Snow Magic, a white snow tiger of a rare breed, needs life-saving surgery soon and he is counting on donations from caring individuals and groups to continue living.
Daniel MarscheA Plea to the Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei - In the face of an impending execution for Youcef Nadarkhani, this letter was dispatched to the Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei to implore a stay on the Christian pastor's behalf.
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