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Ian Somerhalder's Testimony on Behalf of Elephant Conservation To Make An Impact

Ian Somerhalder is thanked for his testimony before a Congressional subcommittee at today`s Federal Hearing on the U.S. Ivory Ban on behalf of elephant conservation

SOP newswire2Alaska`s Western Arctic Reserve is home to Polar Bears, Arctic Wildlife - Alaska`s Western Arctic Reserve is home to one of the nation`s largest caribou herd, millions of migratory birds and America`s remaining polar bears.
SOP newswire2Idaho and Montana are Scheming to Kill Federally Protected Wolves - Anti-wolf interests are trying an end run on the Endangered Species Act to kill wolves in the northern Rockies.
SOP newswire2Another Oil Rig Explosion...Will the Senate Act? - The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a strong bill responding to the worst oil spill in U.S. history.
SOP newswire2Tell President Obama to Save Polar Bears and Stop the Next Drilling Disaster - The Gulf oil disaster clearly demonstrates the terrible risks of offshore drilling:
SOP newswire2They are Gassing Wolf Pups and Killing Packs from Helicopters in Idaho - Killing entire wolf packs from helicopters. Gassing helpless pups in their dens. Surgically sterilizing alpha wolf pairs after killing off
Zoneziwoh MbondguloWomen Under 30 Mentor, Inspire Young Women - Women Under 30 therefore stands as the first online discovery of young African women who are contributing positively to the continent`s progressive development.
SOP newswire2Sea Turtles Burned Alive? - It`s a horrifying story: Last week, a Gulf ship captain reported seeing sea turtles burned alive in an attempt to keep oil off the Gulf coast.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Larry Pratt Discusses Gun Owners of America with Judyth Piazza - Lawrence D. Pratt was born November 13, 1942 in Camden, New Jersey. Pratt's wife is Priscilla. Larry Pratt is most well known as the executive director of Gun Owners
Ernest Dempsey DogsInDanger to Host "March for Dogs"! - DogsInDanger will host a March for Dogs Walk-A-Thon on June 12, 2010.
SOP newswire2Will you help Us fight the Islamophobia Machine? - You are no doubt aware of the growing level of Islamophobia in our society. This fear and hatred of Islam is being promoted
Juliet Maruru360° (3) Little Secrets - I know how devastating little secrets in the family can be when they accumulate and become a huge lie. Perhaps you do too. So I hope that you will read the episode.
Juliet Maruru360° (4) Lucky - The 360° Series are about the people who live around and love Gabrielle. In every young woman`s life there are people who have a profound influence on the decisions she makes.
SOP newswire2Another Teen Suicide - HELP!!! "C.A.B. - Celebrities Against Bullies - As you may or may not know, 15-25% of students are victims of bullying at their schools or in their social settings, and more than 30% of them are ages 6-10.
Ernest DempseyAnnouncing the Launching of the Motherhood Institute for Research and Community Involvement and the Journal of the Motherhood Institute - Announcing the launching of the Motherhood Institute for Research and Community Involvement and the Journal of the Motherhood Institute
Ernest DempseyFrank Romano Announces Interfaith Freedom March in Jenin, Palestine - Dr. Frank Romano, author of Storm Over Morocco, welcomes all to participate in The Interfaith Freedom March on Monday, April 12th, 2010.
Juliet Maruru360°(2) The Price - It is time for this week`s Creekside Princess Webisode. The Princess Project (K) In this episode, some issues with regards to sexuality and sexual health in African girls and young women will come up. Please feel free to input your comments with regards to this. And have a great weekend y'all.
SOP newswire2Hysterical Anti-Wolf Hatred Has Hit All Time High - Defenders of Wildlife`s resources are stretched thin with the increasing human threats to these long persecuted animals, but we`re fighting hard to block this outrageous anti-wolf bill.
Chris CarucciGreek riots, were echoed around the globe, why? - Explains the common misinterpretations of why the Greek riots were started and continued throughout various cities during the month of December for many days.
Chris CarucciWestern Powers and Israel, why tensions are high in the Middle East, Continued - Explains the relations between Israel, U.S, the U.K, as well as why tensions are currently so high in the Middle East.
Chris CarucciWestern Powers and Israel, why tensions are high in the Middle East - A brief history of Israel and factual information in regards to why tensions are as bad as they are. Explains both sides of the conflict,
SOP newswire2Help Save the Florida Panther: Record Year for Florida Panther Deaths - UCFP132, a beautiful Florida Panther, was recently killed by a vehicle and then beheaded along a highway
Zoneziwoh MbondguloA Safer World Campaign - Say No to Violence Against Women - Register for the Safe World for Women Forum which will run during the 16 days of Activism November 25th to December 10th 2009.
SOP newswire2Freedom House Tells Obama on Eve of Visit to Support Chinese Human Rights - It is critical that President Barack Obama emphasize the importance of human rights and democratic standards during his visit to China later this week, Freedom House said today.
SOP newswire2The Affordable Health Care for America Act. - Because of the fierce commitment and unrelenting determination of grassroots Democrats like you, the U.S. House of Representatives made history Saturday night by passing the Affordable Health
Richard TaylorLong Term Effects of Everything We Do (The Butterfly Effect) - Apocalypse means "revelation", not the end. So here it is. This is the Apocalypse (revelation). Do we wake up and see it?
SOP newswire2MoveOn.org Paying Politicians to Block Vote on Healthcare? - Yesterday, we asked MoveOn members how much they'd contribute to a primary challenge against any Democratic senator who helps Republicans block an up-or-down vote on health care
SOP newswire2USDA to Ensure Safety of Imported Catfish - U.S. catfish farmers fully support the toughest and widest-ranging regulations and inspections that will protect American consumers when it comes to catfish "both imported and domestic. "
Richard TaylorThe American Dream or the American Denial? - How corporations are deviously manipulating our government
Richard TaylorThe Conspiracies of Drugs - Is it really a war on drugs, or is there another purpose behind it all?
SOP newswire2Oil Pollution Can Poison These Playful Marine Mammals - Have you ever seen an oily sea otter? It`s not a pretty sight.
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