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Ian Somerhalder's Testimony on Behalf of Elephant Conservation To Make An Impact

Ian Somerhalder is thanked for his testimony before a Congressional subcommittee at today`s Federal Hearing on the U.S. Ivory Ban on behalf of elephant conservation

John LillpopIs "Black Friday" Racist? - Barack Obama, although the least qualified of all candidates for 232 years,may bring healing in the area of race relations.
John LillpopSimple Solution to Auto Crisis: De-Unionize! - The United Auto Worker's Union has negotiated unemployment for 250,000 workers and perhaps millions more in ancillary businesses.
SOP newswire2Censorship of Pro-Life Information Begins - Officials at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania refuse to run an advertising supplement on abortion in the student newspaper, "The Campus."
Melody AndrewsSelf Defense can be R.A.D - She can touch, she can smell, and she can hear, but she cannot see - anything. The once familiar walk is now unknown and foreboding.
John LillpopAre Barack Obama's Daughters Too Good for Public Schools? - Despite his support for public schools, when it comes to his own daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama, the president elect is a typical liberal elitist.
John LillpopGay Marriage Not a Black and White Issue! - No demographic has suffered greater discrimination than African- Americans. Yet, 70 percent voted to ban gay marriage in California!
SOP newswire2Historic Victory for Wildlife - We did it! Thanks to thousands of Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund supporters just like you, we were able to accomplish something amazing for our wildlife:
John LillpopExpect These Changes If Obama Steals the Election! - The term "Under God" will be replaced by "As ordered by Allah" in the Pledge of Allegiance.
John LillpopMexico Approves Deportations--From Mexico! - Just as you do not want illegal aliens from Cuba in Mexico, so it is that America does not want illegals from Mexico here!
John LillpopHypocrisy, Thy Name Is Oprah! - Fans of the Oprah show should refuse to watch said show until Winfrey demonstrates less racial bias!
John LillpopUncle Sam Should Purchase Toxic Fetuses--For the Children! - It would also grant human fetuses the same consideration afforded stray cats and dogs by animal shelters all across the land.
John LillpopColin Powell: He May Be A Brother, But That Is Irrelevant! - Far better to endorse a man who is up to his ears in voter fraud (through ACORN) than to burden America with the likes of
John LillpopEnd Discrimination Against the Confederate Flag and the South - Why is it that those who screech the loudest that "our diversity is our greatest strength" are often the least tolerant and the most non-inclusive?
John LillpopWarning Tattoos Needed on Backsides and Chins of Gays? - What community minded gay would object to a tattoo reading SODOMY CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH, OR FELLATIO KILLS?
John LillpopIceland Bankrupt? Because I Missed a Loan Payment? - Can I decide which country to knock out? I would gladly skip two or three mortgage payments if that would send Iran or North Korea into debtors' hell.
John LillpopReady for Some Voter Fraud? - Dead illegal aliens count as two, dead illegal alien felons are three.
SOP newswire2Save Arctic Wolves from Starvation: Changing Temperatures - With changing temperatures, the wolves are forced to travel outside of their home grounds to hunt food, and also to hunt animals that are much bigger and more challenging.
John LillpopBarack Obama Not Stable Enough to Lead America? - Smoking is a killer of weak community organizers, rather than bold innovators and agents of change.
John LillpopGet Off Your Toxic Assets and Fight Back! - The last thing our nation needs right now is some flaky liberal obsessed with being a "Citizen of the World."
SOP newswire2Awake In Cambodia - Young actor, Hunter Gomez, 16, with his passion for charity and children, has once again joined with family and friends to make a difference in the lives of children.
John LillpopIllegals Aliens Say Adios, America Says Gracias! - Great news currently coming from Arizona and Oklahoma: Illegal aliens are packing their bags and heading back to Mexico!
John LillpopIs George W. Bush Lying About the Meltdown? - Which is not too shabby for a man that Democrats contend is blessed with an IQ no higher than an ounce of wind blasted prairie weed.
John LillpopOpen Letter to John McCain: America Needs "Bailout" from Illegal Aliens - Why not a plan that is America First, even blatantly jingoistic?
John LillpopAmerica in Crisis: Whither Qualified Leaders? - When it comes to leaders with power far in excess of their reasoning capabilities, one must not overlook Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
John LillpopSan Francisco Liberals Like Bernie Ward Give Alcoholics a Bad Name - Pray for Ward if you must. But be aware of the fact that the former host of "God Talk" will regard you as a fool for doing so.
John LillpopPregnancy Pacts: More Liberalism Run Amuck? - For those who believe that America is in a state of steep moral decline, the latest phenomenon known as "Pregnancy Pacts" will do little to restore waning confidence in the innate superiority of American culture.
John LillpopMexico Must Be Forced to Keep It's Peasants from Invading America! - No one is forcing third-world free loaders and parasites from Mexico to invade the US, except Mexico!
SOP newswire2YouTube Censors Investigative Videos Critical of Planned Parenthood - YouTube has censored videos from pro-life organizations in the past, as recently as this year.
Garrett Godwin"I Have a Dream": The 45th Anniversary - The day was August 28, 1963, the place was Washington, D.C., the speech was "I Have a Dream", and the man was none other than the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
John LillpopProgressive Policies Come Back to Haunt San Francisco - The blood of three American citizens murdered by an illegal alien is on the hands of "progressive" retards.
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