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Will Says...

Will 'Go Set A Watchman,' Harper Lee`s First Novel, Make a Good Companion to 'Mockingbird?'

This certainly represents another point of argument, favoring its release; ie, how does Harper Lee characterize the South in the 1950s, which would also be the time when she wrote it?

John G. KaysWill 'Go Set A Watchman,' Harper Lee`s First Novel, Make a Good Companion to 'Mockingbird?' - This certainly represents another point of argument, favoring its release; ie, how does Harper Lee characterize the South in the 1950s, which would also be the time when she wrote it?
John G. KaysReading Chris Kyle`s Autobiography, 'American Sniper,' a Requirement Before the Movie Tomorrow! - One good reason for finishing up my reading, before ducking into a dark movie theater, is, I hear, Clint Eastwood meanders into fictional territory a bit, and fails to give a literal rendering of Chris Kyle`s life and career as a sniper in Iraq. Well, in good time, you can be assured...
John G. KaysIt`s Almost 'SUMMER OF LOVE' Time Again! Whip Out 'The Haight Ashbury-A History' By Charles Perry! - It seems like every year, around this time (Memorial Day, & just before June 1st), I like to drift back in time & take a look (under a magnifying glass) at the period we refer to nowadays as 'The Summer of Love,` which mostly occurred in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco from June-August of 1967.
John G. KaysJim Garrison`s 'On The Trail Of The Assassins' persuasively Argues The Case For Conspiracy! - Much of what we know today about the conspiracy that killed John Kennedy, was uncovered by Jim Garrison, the District Attorney for New Orleans in 1967, which is the time period when this most important information was discovered. Rather than urging you to watch JFK one more time...
John G. KaysAnthony Summer`s 'Conspiracy (1980)' Is Where I First Learned Many of the Angles of JFK`s Assassination! - A visit to the University of Texas General Libraries on Sunday produced mixed results; one nice catch, however, was a book I have read many times before, Conspiracy - The Definitive Book On The JFK Assassination, by Anthony Summers. This particular edition is the1989 monograph.
SOP newswire2The Jimmy Mooney Story "When Two Loves Collide" - The great legacy left to me by my parents was the gift of sobriety. Today I try to share that legacy with others because, like my mom and dad, it helps me to stay sober myself.
Tony Graff'Grounded' Electrifies Readers - G.P. Ching has made a statement in her new novel, Grounded.
Tony GraffFive Flavors of Dumb - The title alone caught my attention when I picked this book up. Then I read the back and decided I had to read this.
John G. KaysPaperbacks for Airports: My Ten Favorite True Crime Books (Until Tomorrow)! - I wonder how many copies of Helter Skelter have been sold, to date? Maybe as many as The White Album? Well, probably not that many, but we`ll have to say, it`s because of The White Album that so many have flown like hotcakes off the shelves. I picked up around my 20th copy of the quintessential masterpiece just yesterday, at Half Price Books.
Tony GraffRichard Castle's Heat Wave - ABC`s Castle is among my favorite TV shows on the air. Nathan Fillion has once again proved that he can take a role and make something really awesome out
Tony GraffDiego's Dragon Book Review - I love it when a book takes a back burner idea and brings it to the forefront.
Tony GraffRed Pyramid, by Rick Riordan Book Review - The Greek gods got a face-lift in the Percy Jackson series, and once that series was complete, Riordan moved to the next pantheon without blinking an eye.
SOP newswire2W.C. Hewitt's Deceit - An Adventure in Time - This book introduces the reader to a heroine I can really relate to and is a page turing read!
Tony GraffWitch and Wizard Book Review - James Patterson has kept his name in the author`s spotlight for over thirty years, ranging from young adult to adult fiction.
Tony GraffDoes Anything Eat Wasps? - New Scientist magazine has had a column for over a decade where people could write in with their questions, no matter how bizarre or random they seemed.
Tony GraffAlcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians Book Review - Brandon Sanderson is known for fantasy. His novel, The Way of Kings, holds true to the fantasy genre. It`s also one of the thickest paperback novels on the market.
Tony GraffMiss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs - The cover of Miss Peregrine`s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs is what drew me in. Then the story successfully takes over.
Tony GraffThe Replacement, by Brenna Yosanoff - This book holds a special place on my bookshelf. You can always tell a good book by its reaction to the reader.
Tony GraffThe Soulkeepers, By G.P. Ching Book Review - With the tablet computer and E-readers now almost a household staple, many authors are using this medium as a opportunity to bypass traditional publication through publishing houses.
Tony GraffHeaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall Book Review - The title of this novel is what caught my attention. Being a former teenager, and a recovering mall rat, it didn`t take much for me to want to read this book. So, I hit up a library and got a copy.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Author and America's Got Talent Quarter Finalist Sati Achath's 'Hollywood Celebrities, Basic Things You've Always Wanted To Know' A Fabulous Read - Author and America's Got Talent Quarter Finalist Sati Achath's 'Hollywood Celebrities, Basic Things You've Always Wanted To Know' A Must Read
Tony GraffNick James's Skyship Academy - My brother first picked out Skyship Academy, written by Nick James, for me because the cover image had a steampunk flair to it.
SOP newswire2'Deceit' Gives An in Depth Look At The Power of a Woman At The Turn of The Twentieth Century - The Titanic is ready to set sail on her maiden voyage under unsavory conditions and the twentieth centuries newest heroine, Elizabeth Brunnette is the only hope to prevent her demise.
John G. KaysA Remarkable Artifact for JFK Assassination Aficionados - Jesse Curry`s Personal Account and Files! - For quite a few years I couldn`t get my hands on an heirloom of a souvenir/ coffee table book, I inherited from a friend (in the late 1980s). Yea, I know, it was lost! It turns out it was underneath some of my teaching ephemera/aids and (haphazardly) stuffed in a remote corner of my closet.
Will NixonThanks to Djelloul Marbrook for his Fearlessness in These Dark Times - Society celebrates the rebel in young men but will go to almost any length to quash it in girls. I think the reason is rooted in fear, the same fear of women that motivates many terrorists.
Ernest DempseyIdeas and Jellyfish: A Book of Humor and Adventure - 'Ideas and Jellyfish' is a new treat for lovers of humor and adventure.
Tony GraffJohn Green's An Abundance of Katherines - Recently, a friend recommended I check out John Green's An Abundance of Katherines. I had heard of John Green and his brother Hank from the video blog Brotherhood 2.0.
SOP newswire2Sola Fasehum Reviews 32 Candles - Candles by Ernessa T. Carter takes the reader on an awesome and hilarious journey.
Tony GraffThe Wee Free Men, by Terry Pratchett Review - The majority of fantasy literature is pretty serious. Fairy tales themselves were there to teach a lesson and keep children on the right path so nothing bad would happen to them.
Tony GraffDream Smashers, by Angela Carlie - Through a friend of a friend and Facebook, I got to meet Angela Carlie, a fellow author trying to get a book published. Her debut novel, Dream Smashers, is now available in e-book format, and I got to read it.
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