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Judyth Piazza interviews Ryan Skinner, Owner & Founder of Summit Financial Partners

Judyth Piazza interviews Owner & Founder of Summit Financial Partners Ryan Skinner, on The American Perspective Radio Program.

Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)John Palumbo, the Investment Gambler chats with Judyth Piazza - John has been tagged by the press as the Donald Trump of the South and the Ripley"s Believe It or Not" of the real estate industry.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Real Estate Syndication: Are You Doing it Backwards? - Real Estate syndication is by far the most profitable aspect of the real estate industry. The reason is that it encompasses all the other areas
Ron Robins (Mentor/Columnist)Islamic Finance on the Rise - A proposed new mosque near Ground Zero in New York may symbolise a new berthing for Islamic ideals "and finance "in the heart of arguably the world`s most important financial centre.
Ron Robins (Mentor/Columnist)The US Government and Financial Elites: How Deceitful? - The deceit comes in many guises. One of the greatest deceits is the masking of huge future financial problems associated with US government debt. Professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Ron Robins (Mentor/Columnist)Service Jobs Migrating to Greener Pastures in the Developing World - A wave of service jobs leaving US and European shores for the developing world might hit soon. The big impetus would come from a prolonged recession.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Does Your Haircutter Work on Wall Street? - Whenever you get a tip about anything, be very careful about who that tip is coming from. More important than the tip itself is the source of the tip.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza Discusses How to Restore Your Credit with Philip Tirone, Credit Expert - In the mid-90s, Philip Tirone was denied a $100 line of overdraft protection because of a past mistake that was reflected on his credit report.
Steve SelengutHow to Minimize Your Retirement Investment Risk - Errors occur most frequently when judgment is rocked out of the boat by emotion, hindsight, and misconceptions about how
Philip TironeGood Uses of Credit: The Four Questions You Must Ask - Wondering whether you are using credit wisely? Ask these four questions to know whether you are making a good use of credit.
Philip TironeAvoid These Inappropriate Uses of Credit! - According to the Federal Reserve, Americans owed a staggering $2,418.5 billion in debt as of June 2010; unfortunately, much of this constitutes
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Simon Says - if you don't want to be obsolete, then be relevant! - In an Accountemps survey of 1,400 chief financial officers (C-suite executive), they were asked "what are your employee-retention tools once the economy improves?"
Steve SelengutThe Basics of Investment Hedging - Risk is compounded by ignorance, multiplied by gimmickry, and exacerbated by emotion. It is halved with education, ameliorated with
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)How Do You Know If Your Business Is Intelligent? - Business Intelligence means having the right information for your business at the moment you need it. It`s not sexy -- but it`s critically
SOP newswire2Disconnect Between Job Seekers and Employers Fuels Frustration - Survey of Hiring Managers and Active Job Seekers Compares and Contrasts Expectations in Today`s Hiring Environment
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Who is Best at Parking Your Car? - There's more money in niches and it`s the best way to stand out. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are nervous to limit the scope of their services because they worry they will miss out on something.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Should the Government Limit the Size of Big Corporations? - Maybe there should be a limit on the size of any single company. Maybe there should be a limit on how much commerce any single company should be allowed to control.
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Personal Accountability Crucial to Your Success - In the New Normal era, meeting expectations simply isn't enough anymore. If you're only doing what is required, are you doing your best? Could you do more or are you already on edge?
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Can Entrepreneurs Work Together? - A few days ago, I shared my view on how entrepreneurs are being squeezed out in this economy - even more so than our bigger company counter-parts who have also been struggling
SOP newswireBoeing Becomes Exclusive Operations Partner For Iridium NEXT - The first agreement, relating to the operation and maintenance of Iridium`s current satellite constellation, transforms an agreement that Iridium and Boeing have had in place for the last ten years.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Is Entrepreneurship as We Know it Winding Down? - In business, nothing matters more to me than free enterprise and the success of entrepreneurship across America. The values that entrepreneurs
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Dr. Linda Salvin: Metaphysician and Talk Show Host - Dr. Linda Salvin was not born with psychic gifts. A series of devastating accidents transformed her life.
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Marley Majcher to Launch BizReset - Biz Reset is direct, customized, and relevant to where you are in your business and where you want to go. You come in upside down and leave right side up!
Steve SelengutA Cruise Control Investment Hedging Strategy - Hedges are designed to massage your market value numbers, a kind of security blanket that softens the highs and lows of the market cycle.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Jim Grady, President and CEO of Max Media Group - Jim Grady, originally from the great state of New Jersey, has had a love of cars and just about anything that runs, flies, or floats since childhood.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Alan Gray, Founder of MyPRClub - Alan Gray is the chief operating officer of the web-based press release service, MYPRClub. MyPRclub has been serving the small business market worldwide for three years.
Garrett GodwinLast Minute Father's Day Gifts From Jack Robie - Wall Street drop-outs turned online entrepreneurs Brad Corona and Brian Nicholson are tailor-made as partners for the budding Jack Robie.
Steve SelengutWall Street Exposed - Big publishers want to sell already big names; discovering new ones is not in their wheelhouse. Are they responsible for the problems in the financial markets? Of course not, but they do have a perverse, if indirect, impact. By constantly publishing the same Wall Street friendly message, they contribute to the brainwashing.
Steve SelengutWhat I Call "The Investor's Creed" - Fascinating, isn't it, this stock market of ours, with its unpredictability, promise, and unscripted daily drama. But individual investors are even more interesting.
Philip TironeYour Credit Card Score: A Credit Card Report Card - What is the impact of a credit card on your credit score? This is the question I set out to answer when I created the credit card score, " a traditional letter grade that represents the relationship between your credit cards and your credit score.
Steve SelengutStock Market Corrections: Oh How Great Thou Art! - A correction is a beautiful thing, simply the flip side of a rally, big or small.
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