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'I Am Apple as You Are Apple as You/Me Are Jobs And We Are All Together!'

I am Apple! You are Apple! We are Apple! This is not a business report, nor is it a history of the home computer company, started by mainly Steve Jobs, but, as you know, Stephen Wozniak played a big role also.

SOP newswireAre you on the Do Not Call Registry? - More than 157 million phone numbers are on the National Do Not Call Registry.
SOP newswireFamily pets pay price in mortgage crisis - One Washington, DC shelter reports that 15% of the animals received in the past two months are a direct result of foreclosures.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Hilton Rewards Great Performance - Last week while on vacation with my family, I found an incentive program being implemented across the Hilton chain of hotel properties.
SOP newswire72-carat diamond draws no bid - It was the largest diamond of its kind ever on offer at an auction in Asia.
SOP newswireThousands stranded by American Airlines - The major US carrier says cancellations were necessary so it could comply with government safety regulations.
SOP newswire2Ford Shareholder Proposal Withdrawn - In a shareholder proposal filed with Ford Motor Company on October 29, 2007, Thomas Strobhar, President of Pro Vita Advisors, asked Ford to
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Stale..Stuck..Spiritless - That is what brands become when they lose the mojo! Simply launching a new product in this hypersensitive, over-communicative society isn"t enough anymore.
SOP newswire100 Business Schools endorse UN Educational Inititive - Institutions participating in the PRME make a commitment to align their mission and strategy with UN values.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Don't Let Your Ego Take You Down the Drain - I recently had breakfast with one of my lender friends and he told me the most disturbing news.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Chevron Knows How to Do It - Last week, we were on a family vacation with the kids. We drove from our home in Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and then headed to the Grand Canyon.
SOP newswireIn one week, Mortgage applications plunge 29% - The number of consumers applying for a mortgage dropped sharply perhaps reflecting the true state of the real estate market.
SOP newswireRadio News merger delivers 'The Truth Listeners Crave' - According to Nielsen Media Research, the merger has created one of the largest news networks in America.
SOP newswireRonald McDonald and friends support Gay Agenda - VP of Communications: 'I'm thrilled to join the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce team and ready to get to work.'
SOP newswireConfidence causes US stocks to climb - Shares of Lehman Brothers Holdings and Swiss bank UBS rose after the two raised a combined $19 billion in capital by issuing new stocks.
SOP newswireWal-Mart Manages to Shock 7-year-old Girl - Topless 2008 Sports Illustrated 'Swimsuit Edition' placed in faces of children.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)The Solution is Probably Right Around the Corner - I frequently work with scientists, inventors, technologists and people who invent solutions to problems. Unfortunately, it's very frequent that these inventors will come up with solutions even though they have no idea what the problem is.
Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)Marketing's Balancing Act - Have you ever been caught between decision and indecision? Then you were probably caught in the middle of marketing's balancing act.
SOP newswireFCC and FOX TV square off - On Monday, Fox TV stated that it would not pay its part of the $91,000 fine, asserting that the FCC decision is 'arbitrary and capricious, inconsistent with precedent and patently unconstitutional.'
SOP newswireJim Clark names World Vision his primary charity - Athlete and entrepreneur commits 50% of the proceeds raised from his fundraising swim across the English Channel, scheduled for September, 2008.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Follow the Example of The Patron - A few weeks ago, I was an invited guest of the Bar and Nightclub Owner's Trade Show held in Las Vegas. Because of this powerful blog, I was invited as media to cover this event and it's my pleasure to bring to you some of the insights that I garnered from it.
SOP newswireExtended New-Car Warranty? Not so fast, please. - Sixty-five percent of more than 8,000 Consumer Reports readers surveyed by the Consumer Reports National Research Center said they spent significantly more for a new-car warranty than they got back in repair cost savings.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Talking Like a Marketer - It's a funny thing how language has the power to change the value of something from a low price to a high price. It doesn't matter if the item has
SOP newswireBanks Urged to Come Clean on Support of Planned Parenthood - Bank of America continues to play word games in an attempt to mislead consumers.
Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)Are You Making Business Decisions? - All decisions in business are either business decisions or they're financial decisions.
Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)7 Costly Mistakes - Tonight Pat Marcello will have Ben Mack reveal mistakes he made while establishing his business. It's always best to learn from the errors of others rather than make the same mistakes yourself.
SOP newswireCountrywide Financial being eyed by FBI - The investigation was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, but soon the New York Times, Reuters, and other news outlets were getting information from one or more sources within the government.
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Uncertainty is the One Thing That is For Certain - As I travel around the country, I see in people"s faces that they are concerned about the future.
SOP newswireWal-Mart Watch says Wal-Mart cannot be trusted - 'Wal-Mart's blatant misrepresentation of its relationship with Consumer Testing Laboratories (CTL) shows just how far the company is willing to go to deceive the public.'
SOP newswireHeightened Liquidity Pressures move U.S. Fed - The Federal Reserve will initiate a series of term repurchase transactions that are expected to cumulate to $100 billion.
SOP newswireJapanese Companies Cuddle with Walt Disney - The Nikkei, Japan's leading daily, says the partnerships will enable California-based Disney to tap local talent.
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