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Will Says...

A BIG Gorilla Maze!

Maze of a gorilla, created by Yonatan Frimer

Yonatan FrimerAll of Obama's Eggs in One Basket - Maze Cartoon of all of Obama`s eggs in the wrong basket.
Yonatan FrimerWhy Steve Jobs Hates FLASH - Maze cartoon of Steve Jobs getting flashed, and thinking to himself how to repress the memory.
Will RobertsWill Say... "KEEP DRILLIN" I think we hit the mother load! - Well Palin is at the NRA shooting off her mouth about drilling again.
Yonatan FrimerMaze Cartoon On How The Tea Party Was Formed, By Yonatan Frimer - Maze cartoon on how the Tea Party was formed.
Yonatan FrimerMaze cartoon of James Cameron and David Cameron, By Yonatan Frimer - Editorial style maze cartoon of James Cameron and David Cameron, Created by Yonatan Frimer
Will RobertsExecutive Experience Means You Get a Better Cell At Club Fed - I heard an interview with Mr. Obama and it was said that it might be too early to run for president, mainly because he does not have executive experience.
Yonatan FrimerMaze Cartoon - OECD, Feather in Israel's Hat By Yonatan Frimer - The OECD said it invited Israel, Estonia and Slovenia to become members after they met specific criteria as developed, open economies.
Will RobertsVisit the Beaches of the Gulf Coast, No Tanning Oil Needed - Weather reports say today is a great day to be outside! Sunny, hot, it's a day for the beach.
Yonatan FrimerHow Human Error Effects Stocks, maze cartoon by Yonatan Frimer - Maze cartoon editorial showcasing how stocks are effected by human error, buy having a bull represent stocks and a cowboy wrangling him to represent human error.
Will RobertsI OK, Euro-k or running of the Euro Bulls! - Americans know the Bull Market, so we are sending you a mechanical bull to train for the bumpy ride ahead.
Will RobertsWill Says... Refrigerators are Food Not for Driving! - Will Says... I think I figured out how to solve the oil dependency problem, make autos sexy again! Don't make us drive around in refrigerators.
Yonatan FrimerGolf in the Gulf, Tiger Woods and BP, By Yonatan Frimer - Maze Cartoon of Tiger Woods in the Gulf of Mexico
Yonatan FrimerThe H3 Electric Hummer, Maze Cartoon - Maze cartoon of the new electric hummer, set to be released soon
Will RobertsI Love You Mom! - I wanted to get you a trip to the beaches of the gulf coast, but they are busy cleaning up a mess BP made.
Yonatan FrimerLustiger and King Fahd in Paris by Yonatan Frimer - Maze cartoon of King Fahd and Jean Marie Lustiger discussing the ramifications of building a mosque in Paris.
Will RobertsSprayed today, gone tomorrow! - Use to be, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Now it's an apple a day means cancer someday?
Yonatan FrimerBP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico, Cartoon Maze - Map maze cartoon of gulf of mexico and how it's effected by the BP oil spill
Yonatan FrimerGulf Oil Spill Maze Cartoon - Oil spill in the gulf is a nail in the coffin of off shore drilling
Will RobertsReading This May Cause Your Brain to Hurt! - Now the good thing to know is I hear that we are in good hands. Two of the folks from the FDA you know, the (Federal DOLLAR Association)...
Yonatan FrimerMaze Cartoon of Einstein's Theory of World War 4 - By Yonatan Frimer - Cartoon maze of Albert Einstein's theory on World War 4
Yonatan FrimerEditorial Cartoon Maze: New START Treaty - Cartoon maze image of hands washing representing the nuclear stockpiles that the New START treaty will clean.
Will RobertsA Wind Wind Situation! - Now all I know is what I see on the horizon! And if you are looking off the Golf Coast then you are seeing a good reason to come up with other ways to power your life.
Yonatan FrimerMaze Cartoon on the Economy Of Greece's Debt by Yonatan Frimer - Greece faces a funding gap of around EUR110 billion over the next three years, according to the details of a bailout plan from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union seen by Dow Jones Newswires Sunday.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Change! How about More of The Same? - Change! How about More of The Same?
Yonatan FrimerMaze Cartoon Of Obama's Camaign Promise Of "Change" By Yonatan Frimer - Editorial maze cartoon on Obama
Yonatan FrimerSlam Dunk Social Justice - Editorial Cartoon & Maze by Yonatan Frimer and RSL - Maze cartoon of obama slamdunking the world to hoop marked "social justice"
Will RobertsDrill baby DRILL or is that SPILL baby SPILL! - 5,000 barrels of oil on the wall 5,000 barrels of oil... a day. If one um spills, who'll pay the bills 5,000 barrels in the wash?
Yonatan FrimerIn The Popes Defence - Maze Cartoon by Yonatan Frimer and RSL - The buck may stop with the previous pope, if Pope Benedict XVI`s defence is accurate. As fresh child sex abuse scandals rock the Vatican,
Will RobertsHugo Chavez Says Capitalism Leads to Twitter! - Hugo Chavez is on Twitter! @Chavezcandanga - a true SOCIALIST on social media. This is gonna be good!
Will RobertsHey Mr. President...Maybe if you walk on water... - Mr. President ... I see some of the things you have done...
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