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Will Says...

A BIG Gorilla Maze!

Maze of a gorilla, created by Yonatan Frimer

Yonatan FrimerCan of Whoop Ass for Iran - Editorial Cartoon Maze by Yonatan Frimer - Maze of a Can of Whoop Ass for Iran, with Israel and USA debating it in the background
Yonatan FrimerEditorial Cartoon Maze - Road To Dictatorship - Maze of Assad, Ahmedinejad, and Nasrallah on the road to dictatorship.
Yonatan FrimerEditorial Maze Cartoon - Eyjafjallajokull Volcano by Yonatan Frimer - Maze poking the ash cloud over Europe from the Iceland volcano
Yonatan FrimerEditorial Maze Cartoon - Iran Geophysics by Yonatan Frimer - Editorial cartoon maze poking fun at Iranian cleric's comment last week about women's immodesty causing earthquakes
Will RobertsWe check ID if you look under 30 or Hispanic - I am Will Roberts and when in Arizona I don't leave home without this! If I did...
Yonatan FrimerEditorial Cartoon Maze: Land for Peace in the middle east - Maze satire of the middle east balance of power
Will RobertsLegalizing Marijuana, the Nation Could Go to POT! - All I know is what I read on the Internet: Pot legal in 14 states for pain!
Will RobertsStop ... Drop ... And Roll Congress! - Boy that volcano cloud is reeking havoc! All progress is at a stand still and folks are confused.
Yonatan FrimerHappy Illusion Maze, By Yonatan Frimer - exit and entrances are marked by arrows, maze of a happy face illusion
Yonatan FrimerEditorial Maze of Bibi Netanyahu Opening a Can of Worms - maze editorial cartoon of bibi netanyahu opening a can of worms
Will RobertsNo if's and or Butts about it! - Will Says... All I know is what I see being flipped out of car windows... Cigarette butts!
Will RobertsThe checks in the mail... Soon! - This year seemed to be easier, mainly cause we hardly made enough to PAY attention. Plus because of the forecloses our "Home Sweet Homes" turned into the poor house.
Will RobertsArms are for hugging Sarah Palin, not for shouldering a shotgun! - Arms are for hugging Sarah Palin, not for shouldering a shotgun!
Will RobertsWhat Drives a Person to Win - All the money in the world does not change what happens inside. It may change what folks think of you, we call that marketing.
Will RobertsRun for shelter! And I'm not talking about a tax shelter - Mr. President...I have faith in all your choices, and my mama told me she would always keep her arms around me and I would be safe.
Bruce H.G. CalderMiley Cyrus - Winner of theSOP's Irony Award - Congratulations to Miley Cyrus, winner of theSOP's first IRONY AWARD for her decision to quit pop music.
Will RobertsTiger Woods Scores Better than a 69 - Will Says...Well, Tiger Woods did pretty good his first day back...shot a 68!
SOP newswire2The Tea Party: Great what is Next? - Don't Confuse Me With the FACTS!"The line is actually the battle cry for those who fully support without question ObamaCare7
SOP newswire2Tiger Woods has New Endorsement Deal - Tiger Woods has New Endorsement Deal
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Happy Easter from The SOP - I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter from Judyth Piazza and the SOP Family.
SOP newswire2War, What Is It Good For? Oil! - War, What Is It Good For? Oil!
Yonatan FrimerTeam of Monkeys Tattoo Artists, by Yonatan Frimer - Monkeys with a tattoo machine maze
Yonatan FrimerMaze of Team Of Monkeys Avenging Curious George - Team Of Monkeys attacking the man in the yellow hat, by Yonatan Frimer
Yonatan FrimerMaze Portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - Maze portrait of Ataturk, arrows mark the entrances and exits
Yonatan FrimerMazes of the World, UNITE! By Yonatan Frimer - maze portrait of Karl Marx, by Yonatan Frimer
Yonatan FrimerMaze of a Rose - Maze of a rose created by Yonatan Frimer. Arrows mark entrance/exit.
SOP newswire2The SOP Radio Network is Proud to Present the Musical Oasis with Kenny R - Judyth Piazza and The SOP Radio Network Welcomes Kenny R and 'The Musical Oasis' to Our Broadcast Family
Yonatan FrimerAAA Monkey - Team Of Monkeys jump starting a car, by Yonatan Frimer - AAA Monkeys, maze of monkeys jump starting a car, By Yonatan Frimer
Yonatan FrimerTeam of Monkeys Maze Cartoon, Monkey Airport Security TSA - Team of Monkeys Maze Cartoon of a team of monkeys TSA airport security check. Created By Yonatan Frimer and RSL
Yonatan FrimerMaze Comics: Team of Monkeys SWAT team By Yonatan Frimer - Team Of Monkeys SWAT team, with fly swatter
Subcsribe to theSOP's Cartoons feed.
Subcsribe to theSOP's Cartoons audio podcast.
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