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Will Says...

Hong King Protest "Made in America!"

The massive numbers of protestors in Hong Kong are just another sign that everyone wants be like Americans.

SOP newswire2Is This The World As We Know It? - Is This The World As We Know It? Free Speach? How much will it cost?
SOP newswire2Shark Week at the SOP - Beats me why no-one thought of this until now.
SOP newswire2A Shark with Braces - Nah....You can hardly notice them.
SOP newswire2Look Past the Buttons, and Behold, a Pantsuit... - Sarah Palin: Pro Bush, Pro Life, Pro War, Pro Drilling, Big Oil...
SOP newswire2Which way is the ark? - Hey, has anyone seen a big boat around here?
SOP newswire2Great Pecs Barry! Can it I'm posing - Great Pecs Barry! Can it I'm posing
SOP newswire2Did Steven Spielberg Participate in the Apollo Moon Landings Hoaxes? - There are numerous conspiracy theories involving the idea that the Apollo moon landings were hoaxs.
SOP newswire2Mt. Rushmore from the Canadian Side - Please pull to the rear for general admission.
SOP newswire2A New GM - New cars and a new GM...
SOP newswire2Sarah Palin Says: Read My Lipstick! - Sarah Palin Says: Read My Lipstick!
SOP newswire2Good Bye Michael Jackson from The SOP and Judyth Piazza - Good Bye Michael Jackson from The SOP and Judyth Piazza
SOP newswire2The Syria-North Korea Nuclear Deal - The Syria-North Korea Nuclear Deal
SOP newswire2Happy Birthday America! - Happy Birthday America! From The SOP
SOP newswire2U.S. Troops Pull out of Baghdad and Iraqis Rejoice! - Free at last, Free at last...
SOP newswire2Happy National Sovereignty Day Iraq - U.S. troops pulled out of Baghdad and Iraqis rejoice!
SOP newswire2Michael We Will Miss You - Michael We Will Miss You. You will forever be the King of Pop.
SOP newswire2Iran We Are With You - Iran We Are With You
SOP newswire2Study Shows Weed Alters Your DNA - Research at University of Leicester highlights cancer risk from cannabis smoke.
SOP newswire2Why Generation Y? - The Silent Generation are people born before 1946.
SOP newswire2Barack Obama wants to add you to his Facebook - Do you have a Facebook account?
SOP newswire2It's a Dirty Job...But Somebody has to do it! - Sometimes I feel that I have the worst job in the world. Ya...right?
SOP newswire2The Difference Between Men and Woman - Look at the difference between men and woman. How true is this???
SOP newswire2"You're fired Jack!" - "You're fired Jack! The lab results just came back, and you tested positve for COKE."
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Florida Joggers Have It Made - Jogging in Florida is the quickest way to lose weight.
SOP newswire2Nancy Pelosi Standing Strong! - I stand by my statement...I won't have anything more to say about it!
Bruce H.G. Calder (Editor)Obama responds to Dijongate - President Obama is in trouble for ordering a burger with dijon mustard.
SOP newswire2Happy Mother's Day! - Happy Mother's Day!
SOP newswire2How Do You Know If You Have The Swine Flu? - How Do You Know If You Have The Swine Flu?
SOP newswire2The U.S. Supreme Court: Fair and Balanced - The U.S. Supreme Court: Fair and Balanced
SOP newswire2WTO Is The Only Way To Go! - WTO Is The Only Way To Go!
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