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Will Says...

A BIG Gorilla Maze!

Maze of a gorilla, created by Yonatan Frimer

Yonatan FrimerCaricature of Ahmadinejad's New Drone, The 'Ambassador of Death' - Maze cartoon caricature by Yonatan Frimer of Iranian president Ahmadinejad exclaiming that his nuke program is for peace and introducing his new drone, the "Ambassador of Death".
Will RobertsWill Says... Manners Matter! Keep a lid on it! - Folks, I'm a little embarrassed to bring this out in the open, I would rather keep a lid on it.
Will RobertsWill Says... Sharron Angle, the RIGHT Angle at the RIGHT time? - My plan: Given the tone of these elections, and Tea Party dress code, let's bump it up to... OCT 31st, Halloween.
Will RobertsWill Says... Take my Heisman Trophy, please! - Which is worse, getting busted for something you have done wrong. Or knowing you were doing something wrong in the first place and doing it anyway.
Will RobertsWill Says... Independent for sale... Only one honest buck! - My political friends said if I disagree with one more thing Obama does, I will go from independent to Republican, and if I disagree with Republicans one more time, I will be a democrat.
Will RobertsWill Says... 10 & 2 while driving. Not 10 & TEXTING! - I just pulled into traffic and as I did a car coming on my left, going very fast gave me the bird, he was texting.
Will RobertsWill Says... Jesus saw the burning BUSH... Not the Burning Book Terry Jones! - This pastor from Florida wants to have a book burning of the Koran on 9/11.
Will RobertsWill Says... Well, it's hunting season and us voters are on the menu - Lock up your women and children... This year it's predicted that the blood will run RED!
Yonatan FrimerObama and His Stance on the Ground Zero Mosque and East Jerusalem - Maze cartoon that highlights the Ground Zero Mosque, East Jerusalem, and Obama's stance on those.
Will RobertsWill Says... Politics is like a waltz, only now we have two LEFT feet! - Will Says... Politics is like dancing a waltz, only now we have two LEFT feet, cause the RIGHT wants to dance a FOX Trot.
Yonatan FrimerSeptember 11th Attacks on the WTC and the Ground Zero Mosque Debate - Maze cartoon by Yonatan Frimer of the 9/11 attacks and the ground zero mosque.
Yonatan FrimerMaze Cartoon of a Maze - Maze cartoon of the maze for applying to a stimulus package. Created by Yonatan Frimer
Will Roberts@WillRogersUSA Says... First the Dream Police, Now the Recycling Police? - Boy I feel like I am beating a dead horse here. Did you see that some cities have recycling police.
Will RobertsWill Says... Manners Matter! Slater slated for stardumb! - Today`s manners matter is a little broad... Just plain Bad Manners.
Will Roberts@WillRogersUSA Says... NEW Tan Block Oil SB1080 - I'll start in Arizona, but based upon the way this issue is spreading it will be no time before every state will want my product.
Will RobertsRepublicans Concocted this Oba-lette! - Not that I don't trust these little guys... But every egg from now on has to take a test. Q: which came first, the chicken OR the FDA?
Yonatan FrimerPalestinian Authority as Hungry Hippo eating Foreign Aid like melons - Maze of hungry hippopotamus as Palestinian Authority, eating a whole melon of Foreign Aid in one chomp. By Yonatan Frimer
Will RobertsWill Says... Gulf Coast Seafood is Squeaky Clean! - Will Says...YOU have to be kidding BP! "If your seafood has been affected by the oil spill it will smell like WINDEX"
Yonatan FrimerRecession's Effect on Jobs, Bullet Thru Queen of Hearts, An Illustration - Maze cartoon by Yonatan Frimer of a bullet ripping thru a queen of hearts, representing the recessions effect on jobs.
Will RobertsWill Says... Mama Grizzly Bear ( Palin )says... Att-ACK! - Will Says... Now that Cathy Guisewite`s "Cathy" cartoon is retiring, who will be the witty voice of the everyday woman?
Will RobertsWill Says... Manners Matter! First impressions - They say that you have 30 seconds to make your first impression. Nowadays you can see everything in 10, and give the rest back in change.
Will RobertsWill Says... Republicans: Dumbo says, he wishes he was a Donkey! - This immigrant thing is getting out of hand Republicans. One of your people is suggesting camps to detain, then deport!
Suren HosseinGulf of Mexico Oil Leak - Serious questions remain about the possible long-term environmental effects of the oil that remains in the Gulf.
Will RobertsWill Says... Forget the Tea Party, I'm starting a Toga Party! - Will Says...Fads come and go, thank goodness! If you are old enough you were there when these happened...
Will RobertsWill Says... An Apple a day... You know the rest - An Apple a day... You know the rest. But I was just thinking... How did we find out if a fruit was good or bad way back in the beginning of time?
Will RobertsWill Says... My wife is pregnant! - So, my wife is pregnant, and I had to go to the doc's office today and a girl drawing blood said...
Will RobertsWill Says... Politicians, If they only had a brain! - My RIGHT ear I lend to the Republicans. My LEFT ear to the Democrates...
Will RobertsWill Says... You are what you tweet! - "Teach a woman to fish, she will eat for a day. Teach her to tweet and she may never cook again." "~Kat Caverly"
Will RobertsWill Says... Arlington Cemetery has dead beats working there! - Sometimes my job is very hard to do... I am in the biz of makin folks laugh, and our Goverment is in the biz of makin folks cry.
Will RobertsWill Says... Manners Matter! HEY, WHAT, and HUH! - Lately I have noticed a lot of people, when you are talking to them well respond with the following words: HEY, WHAT, and HUH!
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