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Old Ladies Crazy About Old Cowboy Who Rides a Robotic Horse

But I have to tip my hat to the Crazy Cranford Cowboy, a crazy old coot who tools around town atop a robotic horse is a pimp in my book.

Carolee Kaufold Real Women: More than meets the eye - A women's touch can cure any aliment. A hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. She can make a romantic evening unforgettable. They can bring out the best in their husband, children and friends.
Sean StubblefieldAnti-Socialist Demediocracy - Why does our society seem to shun greatness? Why is the pursuit or embracing or admittance of our own excellence treated with fear, shame and guilt?
Carolee KaufoldCreate a Commercial Advertising Your Life - We all have within us a tremendous capacity to change the lives of others. Document the difference you have made.
John LillpopOklahoma: Illegal Aliens NOT OK in OK! - The toughest and most sweeping immigration legislation in America has passed both Houses of the Oklahoma legislature and has been signed into law by Gov. Brad Henry.
Garrett GodwinWhy The World Does Need Superman - Though he is a comic book character, the Man of Steel has become much more than that.
John LillpopIs the Best America Can Do (Pinky) Reid? - Fraudulently called a war funding bill, Pinky's legislative triumph is eliciting a tsunami of
John LillpopVictoria Rowell Shares a Touching Story About Foster Care - This is the final part of a three part special series dedicated to promoting public awareness about National Foster Care Month which, along with Mother's Day, is in May.
John LillpopDr. Sheryl Crow's Ingenious Plan for Global Warming - Who would have imagined that the svelte, beautiful, and musically gifted Sheryl Crow would be capable of
Syeda AbbasFurther Adventures of Thing One and Thing Two - It was the first hint of spring after a very hard winter. The Things naturally could not resist the soft balmy air, the cloudless sky, the thin golden sun.
John LillpopSen. Lieberman: Act NOW to Save America! - Earlier this year, Senator Joe Lieberman hinted that he might consider switching political parties if his Democrat colleagues moved in a manner
Sean StubblefieldThe Face of E-ville - Cho Seung-Hui. What was he thinking?
John LillpopLiberal Double Talk - This decision marks a dramatic departure from four decades of Supreme Court rulings that upheld a woman's right to choose and recognized the importance of women's health.
Angela BLet Love Win - Commentary on Virginia Tech Shooting - This morning in the car, I found my eyes being drawn to what from a distance appeared to be a new graffiti marking on the side of the street.
John Lillpop April 15: Day of Mourning or Sacred Holy Day? - Many Americans seem perplexed about the difference between conservatives and liberals. Some have even concluded that there are
John LillpopTriangulating Hate Speech Into Employment and Financial Opportunities - Because life in these United States is as close to Heaven as God sees fit to permit, liberals and the main stream media are at a loss
John Lillpop More Harmful to Black Americans: Don Imus or Crystal Gail Mangum? - What a sad commentary that the world continues to spin out of control because of an "inflammatory" comment made by a 70-year-old hippie
John LillpopWar and Peace Guru for Liberals? - Most modern liberals believe that military force is an old fashioned and outdated method for conflict resolution, and one that should be consigned to the dustbin of history.
John LillpopDirector of A Christmas Story Snuffed by Drunken Illegal Alien - I wonder if our beleaguered president is aware of the latest horror story involving an illegal alien, too much alcohol, and the slaughter of innocent Americans?
John Lillpop Pelosi Power?? - Speaker Nancy Pelosi's much ballyhooed middle east mission to
John Lillpop Liberalism and Hypocrisy Joined at the Hip! - Being a liberal requires hypocrisy on a grand scale!Anyone doubting the hypocrisy of liberals should consider the following:
John Lillpop Too Old to Remember 1986? - A fellow blogger has cluttered cyberspace with views contrary to mine on the subject of illegal aliens.
John LillpopHail Be Unto Cesar! Chavez, That Is. - Unlike retarded Democrats in modern times, this man understood that invading illegal aliens would suppress wages and diminish the standard of living for all working class people.
John LillpopAn Apt Analogy for the Bush Amnesty Scheme - George W. Bush, for reasons known only to his therapist and pet snake, is intent on destroying America. His number one objective seems to be allowing enough peasants to come here
John LillpopShould Ann Coulter Be Burned at the Stake? - Put Away the kindling wood and gasoline! Does anyone in the PC-muddled world really appreciate the satirical genesis behind Ann Coulter's
Natassia DonohueWhen Your Chance to be Heard Comes, Will You Take It? - It is my greatest fear that one-day, years from now, our children and grandchildren will know nothing but to hate and be hated.
John LillpopHoward Dean's Version of Get out the Vote - Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean announced a new program to counter the
Garrett GodwinWhat is Love? - Love is more than an emotion as well as a feeling. Love is how we treat other people in our lives whether at home, school, work, church, or anywhere we go.
John Lillpop Erectile Function Is an Inalienable RIGHT - ED, pervasive among men in their 50s and 60s, has spawned a new family of medicines devised to treat the debilitating loss of performance in life's most vital game.
Will RobertsWhich came first, The Frog or the Prince? - When it comes to wet weather, with no chance of a rain delay, the U.S. Postal service typically gets first place rivaled only by Noah's ability to drive a nail in the pouring rain or Moses’ parting of the Red Sea.
John LillpopPoliticians In Recovery Give Real Alcoholics a Bad Name - Mayor Newsom Joins Patrick Kennedy and Mark Foley victims club
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