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Teen Student Shows Up For Senior Prom in a Casket! Video!

Alexandrea Clark arrived to her senior prom in a hearse on Saturday at Americus Sumter High School, and said there was a good message behind it.

Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)This is Your World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol 8 - I'm Judyth Piazza and this is your world now...Crazy Cat on Feline Frenzy...Wives Offered for Rent in India...and German Authorities Hunt for a Fugitive Bear...all this and more brought to you by thesop.org.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)This is Your World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol 7 - I'm Judyth Piazza and this is your world now...Dr. Boob MD Busted...Dog Poop Prowler Back on a Leash...and a N.Y. Woman Needs a Porn Break...all this and more, brought to you by thesop.org
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)This is Your World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol 6 - I'm Judyth Piazza and this is your world now...18 Grads Arrested for Underage Drinking...Japanese Bomb Squad Finds Suspicious Beer...and a Man Charged with Eating a Crack Laced Sundae...All this and more straight ahead, brought to you by thesop.org.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)This is Your World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol. 5 - I'm Judyth Piazza and this is your world now...Teen Charged with Stealing Cars...Rocks Thrown from an Overpass...and a Shoplifter Lacks Bite...All this and more, straight ahead, brought to you by thesop.org.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)This is Your World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol 4 - I'm Judyth Piazza and this is Your World Now. Toy Company Ceases Popular Internet Films...A Woman Finds a Strange Man in Her Bed...and a Student Fakes Enrollment...All this and more, straight ahead, brought to you by thesop.org.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)This is Your World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol 3 - I'm Judyth Piazza and this is Your World Now. Man Charged with Stealing Five Newstands...Thieves Cheaper by the Dozen...and a School Bus Driver Gets Smoked Up...All this and more, brought to you by thesop.org.
Rasha LambaThe Princess Diary - Princess Diana was an unforgettable person; the princess that will remain in everyone’s heart’s and minds and be with us forever. She died as unfortunate death years ago in an accident as explained by the investigating team charged to the case.
R.J. SmithIs it Still Possible to Find a Pirates Gold? - Often in these times of corporations and modern warfare, we forget that some places in this world are still virtually untouched by our evil developmental hands.
Natassia DonohueCoffee, Please, Bitter and Sweet - Coffee in hand, my bald headed companion takes a seat next to me. It has been a long day of job-hunting, and he is ready to relax for the night, before resuming the task tomorrow.
R.J. SmithAn Editorial -- Marijuana found in countries abroad, prices vary - First off, I would like to thank the hordes of anonymous stoners from all over the world that made the continuation of this report possible. I would also like to welcome the readers of the Web site goldenseed.co.uk to the growing list of sites this column is now reaching. To the rest of you, welcome back. Here’s hoping last week was a stony one. Now, without further crap from the writer, on with the report.
R.J. SmithThe Weekly Marijuana Crop Report - Marijuana. It is the breakfast of champions. The herb of the gods. The hot filling in the apple pie we like to call the American dream. Without it, children everywhere would starve, babies would cry, the skies would turn black, and the rivers would flow with the blood of the innocent.
SOP newswire2Speculative: Jack the Ripper - A New Look at the Story - Five brutal murders by an uknown God-sent Angel or The spawn of Satan-- Jack the Ripper.
Rasha LambaGoverment says U.F.O's are a Mania - After years of army investigation, the fact about the existence of U.F.O's (Unidentified Flying Objects) is supported with strong evidence of thier presence, and that these things are coming and going always.
Laurie SalemBreast milk banks: an idea taken to the extreme? - Our society is accustomed to having things at our fingertips. We shop online, we can pay bills by phone, and we can even stop and play live television in our homes (courtesy of TiVO). We also have at our disposal facilities that harbor a few of the many necessities we need; blood banks
Sean StubblefieldStar Crossed Lovers - Polygamy, bigamy and teachers engaging in sexual relations with students under the legally approved age of 18. These are topics in recent news.
Sean StubblefieldAny Similarity To Actual Persons - It seems to me that our society typically looks at our reality and world events like we are watching a movie. As if this thing we call life were seen as part of a TV show" not quite real
R.J. SmithPraying Can Make You Worse - A recent medical study has shown that the effects of praying may be more harmful than good.
Miraya BerkeMyspace: Good or Bad? - Myspace is a fun website as long as you are smart and stay safe.
R.J. SmithThe Marijuana Subculture - Somewhere in random basements and smoky backrooms all over the world, a new subculture has emerged. It has taken a foothold in some small way on every facet of the global media. Its influences reach farther than anyone
R.J. SmithGeneration X - It has been a long and wild ride for the generation labeled as "X". We have suffered through war then peace then war again, all the while clinging to the false hope that we are different from the others and when we take the reins, things are going to change.
Juliet MaruruGabriel Mathieu de Clieu- A major role in the history of coffee. - A man's devotion toa sapling tree that contributed immensely to the growth of the coffee industry in the Americas.
Saly AlhadyThe Curse of the Tutankhamen - There are many tales about the Ancient Egypt and the cruses of the mummies especially the occurrences surrounding the strange events following the opening of Tutankhamen's tomb.
Laurie SalemHelp Wanted? - Having noticed the rapid approach of the end of my college career, I have noticed the urgency in procurring post graduate employment. I have spent the last few weeks calling around for information about jobs that st
Sean StubblefieldValentine's Day: I Love You This Much - February 14. A holy day. Valentine's Day! Joooy! Aren't you excited?! Of course you are. It's expected of you. This is the oh-so-happy day set aside when we (are supposed to) officially acknowledge, express and celebrate the love we have for our significant others.
Andrew ChienGrand Theft Auto video game causes uproar - Attorney files lawsuit, wants company to return profits
Sean StubblefieldSeeds of Hate: Sowing What You Reap - Heil Hitler! Proud to be white, 13 year old girls Lynx and Lamb Gaede are born and raised White Nationalists (or separatists) who are also activists for the Aryan cause. Known musically as Prussian Blue, these twins from Bakersfield, California sing Pro-White folk and pop music...
Sean StubblefieldThe White Man's Way - Racial and gender bias in contemporary stories
Saly AlhadyDo You Have Dreams About a Previous Life? - Every one of us has dreams, maybe daily or in separated times and some people see dreams when they under stress in their lives.
Noopur ShrivastavPOEM - Put me to Sleep, Mom. - Days are tough,And dark nights leap on me,I am growling in pain,Please, put me to sleep.
Maggie YbarraThe Bread Whisperer - With a three hour window to grow or die in, the tragic rise and fall
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