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Old Ladies Crazy About Old Cowboy Who Rides a Robotic Horse

But I have to tip my hat to the Crazy Cranford Cowboy, a crazy old coot who tools around town atop a robotic horse is a pimp in my book.

Robert Paul ReyesWoman Caught Smuggling Pound of Cocaine In Her Vagina - A woman at John F. Kennedy Airport was arrested after officials discovered she was attempting to smuggle cocaine through a vaginal insert.
Robert Paul Reyes'Politikats' Turns Politicians Into Cat Scratching Posts - For Donald Trump a litter box would be more appropriate, in fact I might be tempted to take a dump on a litter box with Trump`s face on the bottom.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Carrying Garden Gnome Terrorizes England - A man in England sparked a number of police calls after drivers confused a gnome that he was carrying along a local roadway for a child.
Robert Paul ReyesBald Man Steals $800 Worth of Rogaine - Police in Cincinnati, Ohio are searching for a man in connection with a series of thefts involving hair regrowth and memory supplements.
Robert Paul ReyesLopsided Sydney Bus! Is Oprah Winfrey Onboard? - Footage of a lopsided bus in Sydney, Australia, is going viral online with social media users blaming the unusual tilt on a heavy object -- 'yo mama.'
Robert Paul ReyesFirefighters Shake Cat Free From Top of 65-foot Tree - Firefighters in China were called to rescue a cat that stranded itself at the top of a 65-foot-tall tree and shook the feline free.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Hijacks Bus After Being Told to Stop Smoking - A woman was arrested after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said she hijacked a bus when the driver told her to stop smoking.
Robert Paul ReyesTumbleweed Invasion From Hell Terrorizes Australian Town: Video - A fast-growing tumbleweed dubbed 'hairy panic' has engulfed a street in a rural town in Australia, clogging up homes, gardens and garages.
Robert Paul ReyesStoner Cat Finds Nirvana in a Bed of Catnip - Stoner Cat would be a perfect pet for Snoop Dogg
Robert Paul ReyesBrussels Says Infrastructure Plan Eaten by Hungry Mice - During a special hearing set up to tackle the issue of gridlock traffic,the former head of the city's infrastructure agency said original plans to fix the problem were 'apparently eaten by mice'.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Rides 'Walking Unicycle' Made With Wooden Legs! Why? Dear God Why? - A Florida man showed off his balancing skills by riding a unique unicycle that featured a set of wooden legs in place of a wheel.
Robert Paul ReyesGerman Mayor's Facebook Screenshot Reveals He Was Looking at Porn - A German mayor accidentally busted himself for viewing porn by posting a screenshot of his desktop on Facebook and said he was merely researching BDSM.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman, 81, Rams Purse Snatchers With Her Car! Bravo! - A pair of purse snatchers in Pennsylvania were met with some unexpected resistance as an elderly woman rammed into their getaway car in an attempt to reclaim her belongings.
Robert Paul ReyesPlease Help Cops Catch This Stupid Criminal: Video - The Jacksonville County Sheriff's Office posted a video on YouTube of the hapless crook falling from the ceiling of the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Jacksonville and ending up on his backside.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Caught With 32 Grams of Meth In Her Vagina - Police in Texas said a woman who seemed suspicious during a traffic stop was found to be concealing more than an ounce of methamphetamine in her vagina.
Robert Paul ReyesDrunk Monkey Armed With Kitchen Knife Chases Bar Patrons: Video - Brazil may be the land of hot women, unfortunately you also have to deal with drunken men and crazy monkeys.
Robert Paul ReyesCanadian Dude Builds Outdoor Theater Out of Snow - Graham Whatmough has literally put his love for film on ice by constructing an outdoor movie theatre, made completely out of snow.
Robert Paul ReyesCouple's Kinky Night With Handcuffs Ends in Real Arrest - The rumor that the Arkansas couple was Bill and Hillary Clinton is patently false, it's probably been decades since Slick Willy has done anything kinky with his wife.
Robert Paul ReyesWife Battered Husband After She Found Dildo Among His Belongings - Fortunately the wife didn't beat her hubby with the giant dildo, or she would have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
Robert Paul ReyesIt's So Cold New York City Canceled Central Park Ice Festival Due to Cold Weather - Temperatures will dip so low, it will be too cold in New York City for the annual Central Park Ice Festival.
Robert Paul ReyesHow Far Would You Go to Pay Off Your Student Loans? - A new poll shows some graduated student loan borrowers would willingly go to extremes to pay off outstanding student debt. That includes pain, suffering and, possibly, a move to Syria.
Robert Paul ReyesFirefighters Burn Down House Infested With Cockroaches - They say that if you see one cockroach, there are way more where that came from. But what happens if you see hundreds of cockroaches? Well, call the fire department, because your place needs to be torched.
Robert Paul ReyesPossum Found Hiding in Toilet Paper Dispenser - A possum was found living in a toilet paper dispenser by staff at a local park.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Falls 60 Feet And Lands on Bed in Department Store - A woman in Manchester fell 60 feet from a balcony in a department store before landing on a bed that cushioned her fall.
Robert Paul ReyesNewest Internet Celebrity: Felix the Cat Who Lives in a British Train Station - Felix the Huddersfield Railway Station cat has gone global following the news in the Examiner of her promotion to Senior Pest Controller this week.
Robert Paul ReyesGirl Scout Cookies Help In Identifying Suspect - A California police department said a man accused of leading officers on a motorcycle chase was arrested thanks to a discarded box of Girl Scout cookies.
Robert Paul ReyesNZ Minister Gets Dildo in Face After TPP Signing - Mass protests over the TPP in New Zealand did not pass by without tomfoolery; a day after thousands took to the streets of Auckland, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce was hit with a sex toy thrown by a woman, while speaking at Waitangi.
Robert Paul ReyesVictorian Mousetrap Traps Mouse While on Display at Museum - A British museum said the mousetrap that caught an invading rodent recently wasn`t there for pest control, it was a 155-year-old piece on display.
Robert Paul ReyesPhoto Booth Thief Found After Machine Took His Photo - Police in Illinois were able to identify the suspect in a photo booth theft after the machine was activated during the robbery.
Robert Paul ReyesTomfoolery at Burger King - Police in California said Burger King employees who smashed the eatery`s windows were acting on the instructions of a prankster.
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