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Jewelry Store's 'Throw Rocks at Girls' Billboard Creates Backlash

Anybody who jokes about throwing rocks at girls has a caveman mentality, boycott Spicer Greene Jewelers in Asheville.

Robert Paul ReyesRobber Uses Banana in Store Robbery - Police in Philadelphia released security camera footage of a robber pocketing a banana at a store and using the fruit to simulate a gun to rob the shop.
Robert Paul ReyesPervert Panty-pilfering Pooch Strikes Again! - A British dog who had a pair of panties surgically removed from his stomach failed to learn his lesson and is still snacking on thongs, his owner said.
Ron G AnselmThis is Your Brain; this is Your Brain on Crack, any Questions? - As the plot thickens even further that funny white powdery substance that looks like finally granulated white sugar did really test positive for cocaine. Whoops, Artis...You`re Busted!
Robert Paul ReyesHoly Crap: Apartment Complex Spray Paints Dog Poop Pink! - A French apartment complex is literally highlighting the problem of left-behind dog mess by spraying the poop piles pink.
Robert Paul ReyesIrish Dude Called Officer 'Gay',and Then Exposed His Buttocks - If anyone is gay, I suspect it`s the dude with the penchant for flashing his buttocks at other guys.
Robert Paul ReyesAcer Introduces Selfie Sombrero! The End is Near! Selfie-Hat an Abomination! - Glittery and hot pink, the revolving sombrero spins 360-degrees and has an integrated Acer Iconia A1-840 tablet which enables struggling selfie takers to find their best angle.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Loch Ness Monster Visit England? Video! - A British photographer taking scenic pictures at Lake District National Park captured the image of a strange object resembling the legendary Loch Ness Monster.
Robert Paul ReyesHomeowner Discovers Inebriated Intruder Cooking Corn on the Cob on his Stove - A resident discovered a drunken elderly intruder whipping up a latenight snack on his stove after being awoken by a loud bang coming from his kitchen.
Robert Paul ReyesCops Found Suspect Asleep When They Answered Burglary Call - Sarasota County Sheriff`s deputies say they found a sleeping suspect when they answered a burglary call Monday.
Robert Paul ReyesShoplifter Used Walmart Wheelchair for Getaway - Call it a slow-speed chase. Police caught up with a woman who rode away from a Michigan Wal-Mart with the store`s motorized wheelchair - and $600 worth of stolen merchandise.
Robert Paul ReyesGrandma Quilts Giant Penises - I don`t want to seem crude or insensitive, but if this old hag got laid she wouldn`t be quilting giant penises.
Robert Paul ReyesZombie Breaks Into Woman's House and Bites Her on the Face: Video - A woman was arrested after breaking into a house, pushing a woman down the stairs, pulling her hair, biting her on the face, saying she was playing `the zombie game`.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Dude Downs Bottle of Jack Daniel's in a Few Seconds! - A Welsh man who posted a YouTube video of himself downing 23.6 ounces of Jack Daniels bourbon in 13 seconds said he now deeply regrets the stupid stunt.
Robert Paul ReyesCop Pulls Over Driver with Cardboard License Plate - A Massachusetts woman received a traffic citation after trying to fool state police into thinking her cardboard license plate was real.
Robert Paul ReyesBigfoot Located in Mississippi? - The discovery of a giant footprint and some gray hair doesn`t amount to a close encounter with Bigfoot; it may only mean that Rosie O`Donnell was vacationing in the area.
Robert Paul ReyesUgliest Woman in America Steals Sexual Pleasure Aids from Walmart! - Kia Porter, pictured flipping the bird in this selfie is hands down the ugliest woman I have ever seen in my life. Knocking boots with her would be a nightmare, even with the help of every sexual pleasure aid in Walmart`s shelves. I hope Porter stole a garbage bag to cover up her simian-looking face.
Robert Paul ReyesFace of Jesus Found on Moth: Video! - A Georgetown woman says a moth that showed up at her home with a pattern that resembles the face of Jesus is a sign from above.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Hovers Over Melbourne For Two Hours - Even watching golf on TV is more interesting than a light in the sky, get a clue folks!
Robert Paul ReyesOnly Half of Women Can Locate Vagina on Medical Diagram of Female Reproductive System - Half of 26 to 35-year-olds were unable to correctly identify a vagina on a medical diagram of the female reproductive system, a new survey has found.
Robert Paul ReyesInebriated Chinese Dude Gets Stuck in ATM Booth - A drunk Chinese man got wedged underneath an opening in a glass wall of an ATM.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Takes Dog to Bar, Loses Dog, Calls 911, Ends Up in Jail - A Jupiter woman took her dog to the bar, police said, and when she got drunk, the dog ran away.
Robert Paul ReyesStripper Mom of Missing Child Tells Cops: I Have to Get Up on Stage! - A 29-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday after police say she hung up on a deputy who was trying to find her missing daughter.
Robert Paul ReyesBulging Biceps Burglar Bums Booze, Bamboozles Bungling Cops - He`s a man with the bulging biceps. The Broward County Sheriff`s deputies said he`s stolen bottles of booze from six liquor stores across Florida two counties.
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! Dude's Testicals Bigger Than Basketballs! Weigh 100 Pounds! Video! - Be careful what you wish for, if your testicles are as small as peas; don`t pray for bigger balls, you might be stricken with scrotal lymphedema.
Robert Paul ReyesBritish Bloke Fakes Kidnapping to Enjoy Night Out Without Girlfriend! - A man in England was fined for wasting police time after telling his girlfriend he was kidnapped so he could stay at a party with his friends.
Robert Paul ReyesRare Blue Lobster Caught Off Maine Coast: Video - A blue lobster was caught off the coast of Maine over the weekend a 1-in-2 million find.
Robert Paul ReyesBomb Expert Called in to Defuse Plastic Toy Lightsaber - A plastic toy lightsaber discarded on a road in Alaska caused a bomb scare, prompting local police to dispatch a bomb expert.
Robert Paul Reyes$10,000 in Marijuana Seized from Virginia Man Named Stoner - A Virginia man whose last name is Stoner faces numerous drug charges after police seized over $10,000 in cannabis plants from his home.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Beats Man Bloody After He Farts on Her Face! - A South Carolina man's drunken flatulence earned him a swollen right eye after he allegedly passed gas on a woman's face.
Robert Paul ReyesIndian Boy with Hands Larger Than His Head: Video - Let`s give Kaleem a big hand for dealing with his unique condition with grace and patience.
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