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Dude Eats Scrambled Eggs in Middle of Busy Street

Death to all performance artists.

Robert Paul ReyesBurger King Spa Opens in Finland! Heaven on Earth? - A Burger King in Finland has made the idea of enjoying a Whopper in a sauna a reality by opening the world's first Burger King spa.
Robert Paul ReyesFirefighters Rescue Woman Stuck in Tree - Firefighters and first responders are used to getting calls about a cat stuck in a tree, but it's not often that they respond to a call about a grown-as* woman getting stuck in a tree.
Robert Paul ReyesBigfoot Visits UFO-crazy Town in New Mexico - Bigfoot exists and has left footprints to prove it, according to one resident of Dulce, a small town in New Mexico also ripe with claims of UFO sightings.
Robert Paul ReyesDomino's Pizza Employees Save Loyal Customer's Life - On Sunday, a team of employees at the northeast Salem Domino's store were talking about how long it had been since they'd heard from one of their regular customers, Kirk Alexander.
Robert Paul ReyesSquirrel With No Hind Legs Does Handstand to Get Around: Video - My dad stumbled upon this weird little guy while walking our dog. It apparently was born with no hind legs or tail and now gets around by dong a handstand and walking on its front legs. Funky stuff.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Plans to Pole Dance for her 100th Birthday - If you ask a centenarian what she wants for her birthday you'd expect her to answer "the sweet oblivion of death" or "leak-proof adult diapers." But a Virginia grandmother shocked her family members by declaring that she wanted to perform a pole dance in celebration of her 100th birthday.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Tries to Use Prop Movie Money to Buy Jar of Mayo - Cheektowaga Police say a cashier`s suspicions were confirmed when a woman tried to pay for jars of mayonnaise with fake money.
Robert Paul ReyesFlorida Woman Finds 250-pound Alligator Swimming in Backyard Pool - A Florida woman arrived home to a shocking and unusual scene: a massive 9-foot alligator swimming in her pool.
Robert Paul ReyesFemale Chinese Live-streamers Banned From Seductively Eating Bananas - Chinese live-streaming video websites announced female broadcasters are being banned from seductively eating bananas as part of a crackdown on pornography.
Robert Paul ReyesLadies, Would You Buy Edible Nail Polish That Tastes Like KFC? Video! - Fast food giant KFC announced a new twist on its 'Finger Lickin' Good' slogan -- edible nail polish designed to taste like chicken.
Robert Paul ReyesBest Bar in the World: Dogs Serve as Bartenders! - This is a doggone good publicity stunt, it's guaranteed to attract beer and pooch lovers from all over England.
Robert Paul ReyesThieves Steal $60 Bibles From Christian Bookstore - Police are hunting for a pair of thieves who stole nearly $500 worth of Bibles from a Christian bookstore in Massachusetts.
Robert Paul ReyesD.C.-area Residents Help Lost Baby Beaver at Metro Station: Video - It`s not a call that humane officers in D.C. get every day: a baby beaver roaming around the fountain near a Metro station.
Robert Paul ReyesPet Store Thief Tried to Hide Baby Python in Pants: Video - Pinellas County deputies said Travis Treder went into Animal House Pet Center, located at 950 34th St. N, and put a baby python down his left front pocket.
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! Cat Has Three Tails! Video! - This bizarre footage appears to show a cat with THREE tails casually wandering around a garden.
Robert Paul ReyesIs It a Jellyfish or a UFO? Watch Video & You Decide! - The ocean is magical. It`s also really vast and scary and shockingly uncharted. But we`re going to focus on the `magical` part -- like this crazy glowing jellyfish everyone is swooning about.
Robert Paul ReyesAlligator Rings Doorbell: Video - Neighbors of a South Carolina home captured video of an alligator climbing on the front door as if it was attempting to ring the doorbell.
Robert Paul ReyesMoron With Selfie Stick Shuts Down Rollercoaster - A roller coaster at Disney's California Adventure was shut down for more than an hour after a rider was seen carrying a selfie stick.
Robert Paul ReyesNew York Pizzeria Creates Box Made Entirely of Pizza - A New York City pizza joint has taken a giant step forward on behalf of pizza-lovers everywhere, creating a box made entirely of pizza.
Robert Paul ReyesNow Your Pet Can Poop at the JFK Airport Pet Potty - The airport last week opened a pet potty complete with fake grass and a red fire hydrant in Terminal 4. And the single-stall bathroom, which is decorated with paw prints and lined with Epoxy and waterproof turf, is already making jet-setting pet owners purr.
Robert Paul ReyesExternal Wall Peels From Side of Chinese High-rise - Huge chunks of a Chinese high-rise's external wall peeled off the side of the building and plummeted 15 stories to the ground below.
Robert Paul ReyesSwimming With Friendly Sharks: Video - A diver off the coast of Florida captured video of his encounter with a group of large silky sharks that allowed him to get close and even stroke their backs.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet PuiPui the Fashionista Bunny - A bunny in Japan has gained an online following for modeling a series of stylish outfits handmade by its owner.
Robert Paul ReyesBaby Skunk Escapes Animal Tracker: Video - A clever baby skunk impressed a group of animal trappers with its ability to evade capture.
Robert Paul ReyesBritish Mailman Terrified of Cat - Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night is going to stop an American mailman from the swift completion of his appointed rounds, but this British postal worker is so wimpy that he's terrified of a pussy cat with a penchant for snatching the mail when he pushes it through the slot.
Robert Paul ReyesMonkey Steals Tourist's Cellphone - A tourist filming herself feeding monkeys in China learned a costly lesson when one of the primates grabbed the smartphone from her hand and ran off with it.
Robert Paul ReyesRaccoon Bites Man: Video - This video vividly illustrates what happens when you approach a pack of raccoons and invite one to eat a morsel of food from the tip of your finger.
Robert Paul ReyesChicken Eats Lizard: Video - A Slovenian chicken owner was shocked to discover one of the birds feasting on an unusual snack -- a snake-like glass lizard.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Caught Walking Her Dog While Driving - A very upset Stockton woman claims she confronted a dog owner who was walking her dog while driving a car.
Robert Paul ReyesPuppy Perplexed by Escalator: Video - A confused puppy in China was caught on camera misunderstanding the concept of an escalator and attempting to walk in the wrong direction.
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Subcsribe to theSOP's Crazy World audio podcast.
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