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Old Ladies Crazy About Old Cowboy Who Rides a Robotic Horse

But I have to tip my hat to the Crazy Cranford Cowboy, a crazy old coot who tools around town atop a robotic horse is a pimp in my book.

Robert Paul ReyesMom Gives Birth To Colossal 12-Pound Premature Baby! Ouch! - I wish the mother and her little bundle of joy nothing but the best.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Strips And Smokes In Non-Smoking Area At Denver International Airport - The KDVR Web site doesn't include a pic of Jenny, so I don't know if I would have been more offended by her smoking or her decision to take off her clothes.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Swears Potato Chip Looks Like Jesus Christ! - Carol, being a religious woman, sees a hole in a potato chip that looks like Jesus, Snoop Dogg would bet his stash that it looks like Bob Marley, Paris Hilton would tweet that it looks like cocaine.
Robert Paul ReyesCops Find Woman With No Clothes On Sitting In Parked Car - There is no good explanation for a woman sitting in a parked car without a stitch of clothing on. The best the deputy could have hoped for was a ridiculous explanation.
Robert Paul ReyesBeautiful Lady Punches Her Boyfriend For Rejecting Her Advances - A mugshot rarely brings out the best in anyone, but in her booking photograph Inez looks angelic, innocent and pure. A man would have to be gay or insane to reject her advances.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Steals Crane And Leads Cops On A Chase, A Really Slow Chase - This may be a humorous story, but Clone inconvenienced hundreds of people and it`s a miracle he didn`t hurt anybody. I hope the judge throws the book at this moron
Robert Paul ReyesStudents Take Off Clothes And Ride Through Car Wash In Grocery Cart - I wish that the drunken students had chosen the hot wax cycle, that may have been enough pain to make them give up drinking.
Robert Paul ReyesBritish Supermarket Tesco Sells Bottle Of Wine To Girl, 7 - This precocious child knows that her mom loves her some cheap wine and fattening chocolates.
Robert Paul ReyesStop The Insanity: Cops Free Customer From Handcuffs At Sex Shop - The fool won`t incorporate anything more kinky than Wesson oil in his sex life.
Robert Paul ReyesIntruder Turns Out To Be Turkey - The bird was released by the cops, but the homeowner should have been arrested for being such a chicken.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Argues: Swimming Au Naturel In Public Beach Is Performance Art! Hogwash! - To argue that swimming naked in a public beach is art is quite a stretch. If that's performance art then I should be able to argue that punching Scully for exposing himself in front of children is art criticism.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Saws Off Foot & Burns It To Continue Receiving Unemployment Compensation - Hans should kick himself in the arse with the one good foot he has left.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Canadian Drunk Dude Serenades Cops With 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - To hell with "Kumbaya", nothing will bring us together more than holding hands and singing the Queen classic hit.
Robert Paul ReyesWho Says Postal Service Is Useless? Postal Worker Delivers Pot To Resident! - Veronica Denise Johnson, 49, of Marathon, Fla, may be the only postal worker in America who is performing a useful service.
Robert Paul ReyesThieves Grab Gold Necklace From Blinged-Out Baby! Heroes Or Villains? - The bad guys in this incident aren't the thieves, it's the moron who put an expensive gold chain around the neck of a toddler.
Robert Paul ReyesTallest Man In America Needs $15,000 For New Shoes - Send a donation to Igor? Yeah right after I send $5,000 to a Nigerian prince so he can pay ransom to a warlord who is holding his blind cancer-stricken 7-year-old daughter as a hostage.
Stan PopovichGetting Help for Your Bipolar Disorder - Here are some techniques a person can use to help manage their fears and bipolar disorder.
Robert Paul ReyesJustice: Cops Force Thief To Reattach Door He Stole! - If this incident had happened in America, the ACLU would have sued on behalf of the thief, they would argue that the man was forced to do hard labor before he was was guilty in a court of law.
Robert Paul ReyesLiquor Salesman, 71, Fights Off Dastardly Thugs With Bottle Of Tequila - Whitehead probably gulped that sample bottle of tequila after his frightening ordeal.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Cuts Off His Hand! He's In Need Of A Helping Hand! - This man has issues, as they say, and he really needs a helping hand.
Robert Paul ReyesInsanity: Lady Postpones Wedding To Pay For Pet Lizard's Chemotherapy - I pray that Fisher will never accidentally step on George and kill him; sweet Lizzie would kick him to the curb, and he would be lucky if she didn`t` kill him.
Robert Paul ReyesCopper Thief Breaks Into Prison - The thief deserves praise for his remarkable boldness, his successful caper will be talked about for a long time.
Robert Paul ReyesPlanking Girls Gone Wild - The twits shouldn't have been on top of the police van, they belonged inside a paddy wagon.
Robert Paul ReyesDon't Text While Walking: Lady Falls Into Lake Michigan While Text Messaging! - The Fire Department, the Police Department, and the United States Coast Guard assisted in the rescue effort. Good God Almighty, this foolish woman should be billed for the rescue effort.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Buy Camel Milk Ice Cream That Tastes Like Saffron Or Date? - A word to the wise: Stay the hell out of UAE
Robert Paul ReyesBK Employees Grab Robber When He Enters Through Drive-Through Window - This gentleman is taking Burger King's slogan a bit too literally, you can't have it your way and just help yourself to Burger King's money.
Robert Paul ReyesBoy, 8, Takes His Sister, 5, For A Drive: Crashes Into A Tree - The parents should spank the 8-year-old brat so hard he won`t be able to sit in the driver`s seat or anywhere else for a few days.
Robert Paul ReyesCops Show No Mercy: Arrest Suspect While He's Sitting On Toilet - The police did the right thing, Ross was carrying a concealed weapon.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Claims She Found A Feather In A McNugget! Truth or Bullfeathers? - If I found a feather in a box of McNuggets I would be relieved that McNuggets are really made from chicken.
Robert Paul ReyesDeadly Shooting At A Gas Station Over Price Of Condoms - What a tragedy: The foolish customer will never get to use the condoms, and the store clerk will most likely spend at least a couple of years in prison for accidentally killing an oxygen thief.
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