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Old Ladies Crazy About Old Cowboy Who Rides a Robotic Horse

But I have to tip my hat to the Crazy Cranford Cowboy, a crazy old coot who tools around town atop a robotic horse is a pimp in my book.

Robert Paul ReyesTwo Morons Lock Themselves Inside Police Van - Police in Pennsylvania said they arrested two men who broke into a police van to take gag pictures and accidentally locked themselves inside the vehicle.
Robert Paul ReyesJail Stops Providing Free Underwear: Jailbirds Must Buy Briefs Or Go Commando - A Florida sheriff said men booked into his county's jail are no longer being provided underwear free of charge, but they do have the option of purchasing pairs.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Ends Argument Over Borrowing A Razor By Conking Boyfriend With Frying Pan - Florida officials say a domestic beef over razors in the shower ended with a woman's arrest for allegedly hitting her boyfriend on the head with a frying pan.
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! Dude Dressed As A Gorilla Attacked By Kid Dressed As A Banana - Police in Ohio are searching for a violent banana they say attacked a man dressed as a gorilla.
Robert Paul ReyesDrunk Dude Takes Van Full Of Drunks On A Wild Ride - A man is accused of giving a bus full of drunks a ride to remember after he had a few too many drinks himself Thursday night.
Robert Paul ReyesLA Police On The Hunt For Infamous 'Baby Stroller Bandits' - Los Angeles police said they are searching for two women dubbed the 'baby stroller bandits' for allegedly stealing wallets from shopping mothers.
Robert Paul ReyesTrue Romance: New Bride Gets Drunk, Dances With Other Man, Bites Hubby! - Police in Florida said a woman was arrested on a domestic violence charge hours after her wedding for allegedly biting her new husband.
Michael WeidenhamerCrueLympics: Should Pole Dancing be an Olympic Sport? - Pole Dancing is now being considered for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. It`s a strange idea, but it is being talked about and the notion does raise questions.
Robert Paul ReyesMoron Bank Robber Identified By His 'Die Pig Die' Tattoo - Police in Wisconsin said they were able to identify a bank robbery suspect by the 'Die Pig Die' tattoo on his neck.
Robert Paul ReyesMoron Brothers Fight Over Bottle Of Shampoo, Land In Jail! - Authorities in Wisconsin said an incident starting as an argument about shampoo ended with the arrests of two brothers for disorderly conduct."
SOP newswire2UFOs Visit UFO Exhibition in Istanbul Turkey? - A mobile exhibition was organized in Istanbul Turkey covering UFOs and the history of UFOs. The exhibition which is traveling to different parts
Robert Paul ReyesNYC Pizza Run: Great Idea For Those Who Hate Running - Athletes brought a new meaning to eat and run, participating in a 2.5-mile New York City race with three pizza-grabbing stops, the event organizer said.
Robert Paul ReyesRobbers Mistake Bag Of Donuts For Bag Of Cash - Perhaps only Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O'Donnell would be content with booty of donuts, and not cash.
Robert Paul ReyesHot Topless Drunk Driver Brings Joy To Many - Police in Florida said a bare-breasted drunken driving suspect crossed double solid lines and tried to evade police while traveling 20 mph under the limit.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Arrested After He's Overheard Saying He's Wanted By The Cops - Authorities in Delaware said a man wanted in Maryland was arrested at a motel after fellow patrons heard him talking on his phone about being sought by police.
Robert Paul ReyesDefecating Mail Carrier Won't Be Fired - U.S. Postal Service officials said a mail carrier photographed defecating in an Oregon yard will not be fired but has been moved to a different route.
Robert Paul ReyesMexican Officials Discover Fully Stocked Bar In Jail - Mexican police have dismantled a fully-stocked bar -- complete with two billiards tables -- that had been operating inside a jail.
Robert Paul ReyesMeek Bank Robber Complies With Demand To Take Off His Hood - Authorities said they got a clear picture of an Ohio bank robbery suspect's face when he complied with the facility's 'no hats, no hoods' policy.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Steals 18-Pack Of Beer To Impress Women - Authorities in Florida said a man who stole an 18-pack of Bud Light from a 7-Eleven store told deputies he took the beer to help him get women.
Robert Paul ReyesCreep Steals Girl's Pink Bike Hours After His Release From Jail! - Police in California said they arrested a man seen riding a stolen pink bicycle mere hours after his release from jail.
Robert Paul ReyesPoindexter Glasses-Wearing Nerdy Burglar: Dumbest Criminal Of 2011 - Seattle police said a nervous and near-sighted burglar was foiled when he dropped his glasses.
Robert Paul ReyesTwo Brats Kicked Off School Bus For Passing Wind In Unison - Calling a flatulence attack by two middle school students an obscene gesture, school officials in Ohio decided to kick the kids off their school bus.
Robert Paul ReyesGood News Story: Grandma Beats Burglar With Her Cane - An Illinois grandmother who found a man burglarizing her house confronted him and beat him with her cane, police said.
Robert Paul ReyesHomeless Dude Found Living On Roof Of Waffle House - Witnesses at a Waffle House restaurant in Georgia said police and firefighters were called when an air conditioning repair man found someone living on the roof.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Doesn't Get Gift For Mother's Day, Clobbers Boyfriend With Pot! - New York police said they arrested a woman accused of using a cooking pot to strike her child's father when he failed to give her a Mother's Day present.
Robert Paul ReyesMoron Bank Robber Demands $80 - An Iowa man who allegedly robbed a bank with a note demanding $80 has pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree robbery.
Robert Paul ReyesThief Looks Like A Fool With Pants On The Ground - A thief trying to run with two cases of shoplifted beer from a Lake Wales, Fla., convenience store tripped and fell in the parking lot, security video shows.
Robert Paul ReyesHapless Lady Endures Humiliation Beyond Comprehension - Police called to a flat in Berlin by neighbours who said it sounded like someone was using an electric drill through the night smashed down the door to find a vibrator had switched itself on and was jiggling around on the floor.
Robert Paul ReyesBoozy Moron Takes Stolen Lawn Mower On A Joyride - Nikolaus Trombley, 22, is accused of stealing a riding lawn mower from East Lyme High School in the middle of the night on Tuesday, driving it to his father`s house a couple of miles away to cut the grass
Robert Paul ReyesMoron On Bicycle Robs Drive-Through Dunkin' Donuts - Police in Connecticut said a bicycle-riding robber threatened a clerk at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through and pedaled away with a cash drawer.
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