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Old Ladies Crazy About Old Cowboy Who Rides a Robotic Horse

But I have to tip my hat to the Crazy Cranford Cowboy, a crazy old coot who tools around town atop a robotic horse is a pimp in my book.

Robert Paul ReyesPolitician Raffles Breast Implant! Will Ladies With Tiny Boobs Propel Him To Victory? - An opposition candidate in next month's Venezuelan legislative elections is holding a breast implant raffle to fund his campaign, he said in a newspaper interview published Friday.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Humongous Chinese Baby Internet Star - A 10-month-old boy has been named the 'Michelin baby' after ballooning to the weight of a six-year-old, Chinese state media has reported.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Embrace Your Inner Nerd, Buy A Snazzy Napper - For those morons who think that they just don't look ridiculous enough wearing the Snuggie, now there's the Snazzy Napper.
Robert Paul ReyesOfficer, I Said Bong, Not Bomb! - Two men at the center of a bomb scare on a Washington state ferry said the incident was a misunderstanding stemming from a conversation about a 'bong.'
Robert Paul ReyesLady Takes Off Her Clothes And Beats Up Rival For Her Boyfriend's Affections - A WOMAN stripped off naked in front of dozens of people having breakfast at a popular Darwin restaurant yesterday.
Robert Paul ReyesNew York City Under Siege: Bedbugs Infest Empire State Building - Officials say a bedbug infestation in New York has even reached the city's most iconic building, as bedbugs were found in an area of the Empire State Building.
Robert Paul ReyesSign Of End Times? Vuvuzela Added To Oxford Dictionary Of English - The ever-present hum of the vuvuzela during this year's soccer World Cup catapulted the plastic trumpet to prominence and now it has earned a place in the Oxford Dictionary of English.
Robert Paul ReyesYou Will Stay Longer With Your Bank Than With Your Lover - British people generally stay with their bank for longer than they stay with their partner, according to a survey released on Saturday.
Robert Paul ReyesParents Offer Their Evil Daughter's Services As Free Babysitter - The parents of a Texas 16-year-old caught violating her curfew took out a newspaper ad offering their daughter's services as a free baby sitter.
Robert Paul ReyesFinally A Dating Site For Ugly Folks - The creator of TheUglyBugBall.co.uk said the British dating site is the world's first to cater exclusively to people who 'weren't blessed with great looks.'
Robert Paul ReyesBritish Police Warned To Wear Appropriate Underwear - Officers in an English police department have accused their superiors of wasting time and treating them like children with new rules on appropriate underwear.
Robert Paul ReyesCall A Woman Fat And Ugly: Get A $429 Ticket - Police in a Wisconsin town said they issued a $429 ticket to a man who allegedly told a fellow grocery store customer she was 'ugly and fat.'
Ron G AnselmMorning Comedy Break - Ever wonder where some of the people that are act like comedians but really are not a comedian get their talent for being funny?
Robert Paul ReyesGoogle Street View "Dead Girl" Is Alive And Well - Google Street View has captured images of drunks, prostitutes, pimps, the infamous horse-boy and other riff-raff. Now it has captured the image of a little girl who appeared to be dead.
Robert Paul ReyesMost Stupid Bank Robber In The World? - Police in Florida said a man accused of robbing a bank was easy to catch due to his alleged getaway vehicle -- a white pickup truck with lightning bolt designs.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Let A Bum Borrow Your American Express Card? - A New York advertising executive gave her American Express Platinum card to a beggar after she realized she had no cash but wanted to help him.
Robert Paul ReyesMommie Dearest From Hell Abuses Her Blind Son - A Canandaigua mother and her live-in boyfriend are facing charges for endangering the welfare of a child after they wrote derogatory words on the woman's blind child's forehead.
Robert Paul ReyesTree Trimmer Terrorized By Africanized Bees - A Florida tree trimmer who was attacked by Africanized honeybees said he returned to finish the 'nightmare' job and accidentally took down a live power pole."
Robert Paul ReyesWorld Record Hamburger: 185 Pounds! Perfect For Rosie O'Donnell - A Michigan restaurant owner says going for a Guinness world record for the largest commercially available hamburger was a matter of patriotism.
Robert Paul ReyesMemory Medallion: Dead Can Speak From The Grave - A Pennsylvania company says its 'Memory Medallion' product for tombstones allows cellphone users to access text, video and Web sites about the deceased.
Robert Paul ReyesWant To Increase Your Brain Power? Have S[e]x! - S[e]x apparently can help the brain grow, according to new findings in rats
Robert Paul ReyesDudes: Dress In Red To Catch A Woman's Eye - Men wanting to catch the eye of women should dress in red, a color which new research shows makes them more alluring to the opposite sex.
Robert Paul ReyesWear A Wet T-shirt: Go To Jail - Janet Lovett said she was at the Tavares splash park with her husband and 7-year-old son when park staff asked her to leave because her white T-shirt was wet.
Robert Paul ReyesLittle Girl Kicks Burglar In The Nuts, Wimp Runs Away - A 12-year-old British girl said she discovered a burglar in her family's kitchen and drove him off with a swift kick in the groin.
Robert Paul ReyesJackass Lady Dies From Silicon Injection To Butt - Mayra Lissette Contreras died after receiving injections of silicone to the buttocks. Autopsy results are still pending, but she is thought to have died from respiratory problems after the operation.
Robert Paul ReyesRobber Finds Jesus, Robs Shoe Store Two Hours Later - Florida police arrested a man who they said was convinced not to rob a store by a manager who told him to 'seek Jesus,' but then went on to rob a nearby store.
Robert Paul ReyesBlack Teen Beats Up White Man For Listening To Rap Music - A 14-year-old faces a hate-crime enhancement charge after Palm Bay police said he carried out a racially motivated attack on a 22-year-old man for listening to rap music.
Robert Paul ReyesHero Cheerleader Nabs Thief - A 16-year-old, 110-pound varsity cheerleader in Oklahoma says her tackle and takedown of a 6-foot-tall suspected thief at a local mall was 'an instinct thing.'
Robert Paul ReyesPETA Lettuce Lady Demonstrates For Animal Rights In Jordan - PETA Lettuce Lady was arrested for demonstrating without a permit in Jordan.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Kacee Larson, 17, Has Hit 5 Deer In One Year - A 17-year-old from Conrad (Kacee Larson) is convinced she is approaching a painful record. In the last 12 months, she said she has hit five deer while driving her family's vehicles.
Subcsribe to theSOP's Crazy World feed.
Subcsribe to theSOP's Crazy World audio podcast.
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