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Old Ladies Crazy About Old Cowboy Who Rides a Robotic Horse

But I have to tip my hat to the Crazy Cranford Cowboy, a crazy old coot who tools around town atop a robotic horse is a pimp in my book.

Robert Paul ReyesIf You Found Stash Of Pot In A Painting Would You Turn It Over To The Cops? - If I bought a cheap painting, and discovered that it contained four pounds of marijuana, I'd call my fellow "art lovers" and we'd party like it's 1999 all over again.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Dons Wig, Fake Breasts And Clown Pants To Rob Bank - The cops should let this clown keep his fake breasts and blond wig -- he's gonna be somebody's wife in prison.
Robert Paul ReyesDastardly Crime: Vandal Snaps Off Penis From Statue Of Angel - Joop's comment is classic: Snapping off an angel's stone penis is just not done. Amen, brother, Amen!
Robert Paul ReyesCrazy Couple Would Rather Sweat Like Pigs Than Turn On Air Conditioning - Stan Cox of Salina, the 54-year-old author of 'Losing Our Cool,' contends using less air conditioning is good for the environment and for people's overall health.
Robert Paul ReyesStolen Statue Of Elvis Presley Found In Company Of Angels - A statue of Elvis Presley stolen from a diner was found leaning up against angel statues in a cemetery.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Loads Gun With Wad Of Toilet Paper And Shoots Cougar Wife - Police in North Carolina said they arrested a man who allegedly loaded his gun with a wad of toilet paper and shot his wife in the back.
Robert Paul ReyesMoron Cop Hooks Up With Midget Porn Star - Police in Massachusetts said an officer resigned after leaving his patrol to meet "the world's smallest porn star" and adding a laser sight to his pistol.
Robert Paul Reyes600-Pound Lady Fattest Woman To Have Given Birth - A 600-pound New Jersey woman has been declared the Fattest Woman to Have Given birth by Guinness World Records.
Robert Paul ReyesCupcakes For Men: Thumbs Up Or Down? - Arrick's butch cupcakes are selling like hotcakes, but once the novelty factor wears off he will go out of business.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Wine Rack Bra: Enhances Boobs And Allows Ladies To Smuggle Wine - The $29.95 Wine Rack holds enough wine to boost the bearer's bust by up to two sizes with a drinking tube attached to the right cup giving women a way to sneak sips of wine on the sly.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Has Lost Will To Live: Parrot Stolen - Lady pleading for return of her stolen "son," a 30-year-old parrot.
Robert Paul ReyesEgghead Scientists Crack Mystery: Chicken Came Before The Egg - BRITISH scientists believe they have cracked the answer to the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Robert Paul ReyesBacklash Against Vuvuzelas - Cyprus police announced on Friday that they would confiscate any vuvuzelas taken into the island's football stadiums because the tuneless plastic horns were "dangerous".
Robert Paul ReyesDastardly Dudes Pummel Porky Pig - Police in suburban Chicago say two Six Flags Great America employees visiting the park on their day off allegedly assaulted a worker dressed as Porky Pig.
Robert Paul ReyesLadies, How Often Do You Change Your Hairstyle? - A British salon chain owner says a study he commissioned suggests British women change their hairstyles more than 100 times during their lives.
Robert Paul ReyesLOL: Chupacabra Turns Out To Be Coyote-Dog With Parasites! - A Texas animal control officer said a hairless creature that sparked chupacabra rumors was a canine-coyote hybrid with mange.
Ron G AnselmA Little Humor to Brighten Your Day - We all can use a little humor daily to forget about the bad times our country has gone through with the downed economy, war in the Middle East and hearing about
Robert Paul ReyesMovie Theatre Seats Have Gotten Bigger To Accommodate Big Butts - Seats in U.S. theatres have gotten bigger during the last century to accommodate the expanding size of the members of the audience.
Robert Paul ReyesCrocodile Dumb-Dee: Idiot Of The Year - An Australian man dubbed 'Crocodile Dumb-dee' for trying to ride a huge crocodile after a drinking spree described Wednesday how he just wanted to play with the animal.
Robert Paul ReyesMan Crashes His Vehicle While Taking Off His Shoes - Pennsylvania State Police said a man who crashed his SUV while taking off his shoes was charged with careless driving.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Sues McDonald's, Claims There Was A Bone In Her Burger! Scam? - A McDonald's customer sued the fast-food giant in Cook County Circuit Court on Tuesday for allegedly serving her a double cheeseburger that contained a bone or bone fragment.
Robert Paul ReyesIslamic Edict In UAE Condemns Vuvuzelas - An Islamic edict in the United Arab Emirates has decreed that vuvuzela trumpets that blare above 100 decibels are religiously forbidden, a local daily reported on Friday.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Settles Noise Dispute By Flashing At A Five-Year-Old Boy - A CANADIAN woman has sparked controversy after settling a neighbourhood noise dispute by flashing her breasts at a five-year-old boy.
Robert Paul ReyesMud Day Should Be A National Holiday - Michigan's Wayne County marked local holiday Mud Day with hordes of children playing in a mud pit created from 200 tons of dirt and 20,000 gallons of water.
Robert Paul ReyesRunning Of The Bulls Organizers Ban Satanic Vuvuzelas - I agree that vuvuzelas are more of a threat to our physical and mental well-being that running with angry bulls trying to gore you to death.
Robert Paul ReyesColumbian Authorities Seize World Cup Trophy Made Out Of Cocaine - Columbian Cops seize a replica tournament trophy made entirely of cocaine.
Robert Paul ReyesChaos At Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Japanese competitive eating champion Takeru 'Tsunami' Kobayashi was arrested on Sunday after an altercation at the premier hot dog munching contest in New York.
Robert Paul ReyesFinland Wins Wife-Carrying World Championship For Second Year In A Row - Finland for the second year in a row took first place at the annual Wife-Carrying World Championships held in the central Finnish town of Sonkajaervi, organisers said Saturday.
Robert Paul ReyesLeprechaun Gone Wild In Boulder Parking Lot! - Colorado police said they responded to a report of a man in a leprechaun outfit jumping between cars in a parking lot.
Robert Paul ReyesMayor's Pants Fall Off As He Is Speaking To School Kids - The lord mayor of Leicester, England, has lost so much weight his pants fell down during an educational event for schoolchildren, attendees said.
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