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Blue Dogs with Red State Values Fight Pelosi's Spending Orgy!

Blue Dog Democrats are helping to coalesce opposition to Pelosi`s fascist rule in the U.S. House. Go,you Blue Dog Democrats, GO!

John Lillpop Blue Dogs with Red State Values Fight Pelosi's Spending Orgy! - Blue Dog Democrats are helping to coalesce opposition to Pelosi`s fascist rule in the U.S. House. Go,you Blue Dog Democrats, GO!
John LillpopTo Hell with Trillion Dollar Stimulus: Just Force Democrats to Pay Their Taxes! - As the Obama experiment continues to fall apart, one tax cheat at a time, the American people continue to wait patiently for answers.
John LillpopBREAKING NEWS--Another "F" for Obama: Performance Czar a Tax Cheat! - Yet another Obama nominee is in deep dodo because of tax issues.
John LillpopANOTHER Tax Cheat at the Right Hand of CHANGE? - Note, please, the enormity of the Daschle tax cheat numbers: The dude paid $101,943 in back taxes and interest for three years!
John LillpopJoe Biden: "We Are Off and Running, But It Will Get Worse!" - With Joe Biden hanging out around the White House, we the people get the Joker for the rock-bottom price of $208,100 a year.
John LillpopIs a "Kennedy-free" Senate Possible in Our Lifetime? - Kennedy has given America 48 years of service,including several days while he was stone sober due to Lent or a bar room bet.
John LillpopPortland Mayor Sam Adams and His Boy Beau - The mayor's former beau is a gent named Beau Breedlove, an almost perfect name given the sordid circumstances.
John LillpopInaugural Security on Steroids: "Hooker Free" Zones - Daft community organizers in D.C. have instituted a "Prostitution Free" zone just for the Obama-bash next Tuesday.
John LillpopObama Bails Out Osama! - During the campaign, Obama ruthlessly lashed out at the Bush Administration for wasting American lives and treasury in Iraq while failing to capture OBL.
John LillpopDemocrat Senator Calls Illegal Aliens "Freeloaders and Scam Artists" - Amazing discovery: A Democrat Senator who has shown remarkable wisdom, foresight, and clarity concerning illegal aliens.
John LillpopDemocrats Continue to Hog Crime Headlines! - Blago's crime was getting caught, a real no-no in Illinois politics and in mobster gangs run by Democrats elsewhere.
John LillpopChaos in the U.S. Senate: Senator Al Franken? Roland Burris Not? - Democrats plan to seat a known pornographer, failed comedian, and bankrupt talk-show host from Minnesota while rejecting a highly qualified black man.
John LillpopObama's Non-intelligent Choice for CIA - Panetta's absolute lack of experience in the intelligence profession can be a comfort only to terrorists and evil doers intent on doing America harm.
John LillpopBill Richardson Self-Deports from Obama Cabinet! - This time the culture of corruption was invaded by a Spanish-speaking, La Raza-inspired bully from New Mexico, AKA, the "Great Brown Hope."
John Lillpop Spread Al Gore's Wealth to Fight Global Warming! - After accepting his Oscar and preaching "Think Green" to a sinful world, the bloated former Veep then jumped on another jet and zipped back to Nashville, Tennessee.
John LillpopIs Barack Obama Planning to Invade Illinois? - The greatest threat to domestic tranquillity is probably embodied in the criminal mind of Governor Rod Blagojevich,renegade
John LillpopAnother "Blago-eruption?" Egad, This Is Exciting! - Blagojevich is a DEMOCRAT, which in no way excuses his felonies, but does help explain the medical root cause of his crimes. Liberalism is a mental disease!
John Lillpop"Sweet" Caroline? - Thanks to JFK, Caroline has enjoyed a life of opulence and privilege. However, unlike her father, she has given nothing back.
John LillpopA Trifecta of Corrupt Democrats - All in all, 2008 was a record year of corruption from the political sector. Did I mention that they are ALL Democrats?
John LillpopRevisionist History: Applies Only to Republicans? - Liberals are quick to repeat the juvenile charge that "Bush Lied, People Died," but refuse to hold Democrats accountable.
John LillpopNew York Governor Paterson Fails to See Humor in SNL Skit - In the SNL skit aired last Saturday, Paterson was portrayed by Fred Armisen as totally unqualified to serve as governor.
John LillpopWhat If the ACLU Had Existed Christmas Eve, 0000? - Upon entering Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph would have been urged to abort Baby Jesus because of overpopulation and energy conservation.
John LillpopSan Francisco's "Proud Tradition" - Proud Tradition is the term used to describe San Francisco's deliberate violation of federal law when it comes to shielding illegal alien felons.
John LillpopAmerica Must NOT Trust Any Democrat from Illinois! - America can simply not afford to allow a politician from Illinois to occupy the White House!
John LillpopBREAKING NEWS: Democrat Governor of Illinois Arrested! - Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday at his home on corruption charges, including allegations that he solicited bribes to fill the vacated Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama.
John LillpopObama's Director of Speechwriting Getting a Feel for New Job - In addition to his many talents, young Favreau is also a "hands on" type, especially when alcohol is available in sufficient quantities.
John LillpopFilling Hillary's Shoes - Governor Paterson reportedly intends to name Bill Clinton to succeed Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate.
John LillpopBill Richardson's Unrequited Support - Why is the CHANGE fanatic discriminating against a plump brown male in favor of an over the hill, over 60, white feminist?
John LillpopJanet Napolitano for DHS? Of Mexico? - Are we talking about the same Napolitano who believes that "Minute Man" refers to the sexual staying power of some border patrol agents?
John LillpopIs Rahm Emanuel the Best Omama Can Do to Implement CHANGE? - With a righteous wind at his back and not-so-righteous ACORN fraud engineers at his side, President-elect Barack Obama set out to
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