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Will Says...

Blue Dogs with Red State Values Fight Pelosi's Spending Orgy!

Blue Dog Democrats are helping to coalesce opposition to Pelosi`s fascist rule in the U.S. House. Go,you Blue Dog Democrats, GO!

John LillpopSan Francisco Liberals Help to Outlaw Gay Marriage in California! - Politicians and educators in San Francisco sabotaged their own cause with stupid behavior.
John LillpopCan Obama Survive Joe Biden? - Chronicling the misadventures of Joe Biden could bring uproarious hilarity to an otherwise horrific story.
John LillpopWhat's REALLY On Hillary's Mind Election Eve '08? - The only change Biden will bring is a loss of about 50 IQ points in Obama's staff!
John LillpopMighty Marxists from Little ACORNs Grow! - The Obama tree bears ACORN that is foul and rotten. Do not partake thereof, lest ye be smitten with a most painful death!
John LillpopJohn Murtha Grovels for Votes, Money! - John Murtha should be in confinement where doctors can silence the old fool until the Grim Reaper hauls his worthless old carcass off for final disposal!
John LillpopSupremes Asked to Review Obama Citizenship. Where Is Hillary? - Democratic attorney Philip Berg is nothing if not persistent and bone headed stubborn. He is also an ardent Clintonista!
John LillpopBrother Barack: Why Not "Spread the Wealth" Among Kin Folk? - While Barack Obama harasses working class Americans like Joe the Plumber about the Marxist need to "spread the wealth," the Messiah conveniently ignores a hideous wealth schism
John Lillpop More Than $150,000 Wardrobe Needed to Hide Biden's Goofy Persona! - Biden responded to "unfair" intrusions into Obamamania with the first nervous breakdown broadcast on HD television during prime time.
John LillpopHanging Around With Liberals Can Be Lethal! - You will surely pee your pants laughing when you see the mannequin that shows Barack Obama hanging from a noose!
John LillpopJoe Biden: Honest Questions Beyond My Pay Grade! - Biden flashes that vile smile just to show that the constant ramming of his feet into his mouth has not knocked out all his front teeth.
John LillpopThe Barney Frank Wish List for Reallocating Defense Funds - "Can Cloning Solve the Under Population Crisis Among Gays and Lesbians?"
John LillpopHow Long Should a Messiah Rule? - After eight years of Bush, it will take at least sixteen years to restore America to the idyllic state that Bill Clinton left in 2000.
John Lillpop"Spread the Wealth," Thinking Caused Economic Meltdown - Pity pot communists in Washington, D.C., caused the economic meltdown which has terrorized America and the entire world for several weeks.
John LillpopJoe Biden: Expect a "Disaster" If Obama Elected - The real disaster will be if the American people are foolish enough to elect a non-citizen communist.
John LillpopThinking of Voting for Obama? Have an Unfiltered Camel Instead! - The good news is that breaking an addiction to liberalism is far easier and less traumatic than giving up smokes.
John LillpopObama the Elitist Should Listen to Joe the Plumber - Barack Obama and the Marxists who support him in the Democrat Party do not really understand Joe's message.
John LillpopObama Lacks Character, Judgment to Be President - What if, God forbid, another terrorist attack were to happen while President Barack Obama was presiding over the United States military?
John LillpopAnother ACORN from the Obama-Biden Tree of Deceit and Fraud? - Barack Obama may have been cavalier about Biden's unethical abuse of the written word because of similar skeletons lurking about in the Messiah's own closet.
John LillpopCulture of Corruption Snares Another Democrat While Pelosi Snoozes! - What about the integrity of the House and doing the business of the people, Rep. Emanuel? Is that just too much to expect from a Democrat?
John LillpopHEADLINE NEWS: Barack Is Cool, But He Is NOT God! - OBAMA is not God! His political views are not Holy! People can and do disagree with Obama and want to hold him fully accountable.
John LillpopShut Up, Harry Reid! - Harry Reid could do America and the world a great favor by sitting down and keeping his ignorant mouth shut!
John LillpopNancy Pelosi Chokes on the Big One! - Perhaps your motto should be revised to, "It will take an intelligent and capable woman to clean the House."
Will RobertsYes we can, YES we did and YES we included the entire human race! - Yes we can, YES we did and YES we included the entire human race! The tracks are now laid and folks, you are welcome to walking in them all you want, as long as you promise not to step backward.
Will RobertsWill Roberts the cowboy hits Denver, on a mission to rope a little Democratic Doggies - Well, I finally made it! Over a year of back and forth politics and debate as to who will represent each party going into the November 2008 presidential elections.
SOP newswire2SOP Reporter Will Roberts Wrangles the DNC - SOP Reporter Will Roberts Heads to Denver to give us live coverage of the Democratic National Convention right here at the SOP.
SOP newswire2DNC Elects Standing Committee Leadership for 2008 Democratic National Convention - The Executive Committee's vote took place during the panel's recent meeting in Denver, site of the four-day Convention in August.
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