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Secretary DeVos: America's Students Deserve Freedom to Choose Their Education Options

We propose that students should be free to learn in ways that work for them, no matter where they pursue their education or how they learn.

SOP newswire2Do your child's textbooks promote peace? - Perhaps it is time to monitor not just your child's homework but the very textbook he or she may have been prescribed.
SOP newswire2Drinking In College: Most Students Do It - College is a time when many young people across the nation endure rigorous classes in order to obtain a good job that will increase their chances of survival.
Donald C. MartinTwelve Month Checklist for Applying to Graduate School: 3 Months Before Applying - It's almost time to submit your graduate school application(s). Here are some more tips for you. Keep up the good work!
SOP newswire3Obama Discusses Education - Remarks by the President on the "Educate to Innovate" Campaign and Science Teaching and Mentoring Awards.
SOP newswire2Somali Elders Validate the Community`s Struggle to Adjust to Life in the West - Among the many graduating students of this year from Minnesota State University were Mohamed-Rashid Mumin and Hussein Wehelie.
SOP newswire2New York City School Approves Christmas - Liberty Counsel is pleased to announce that Christmas has returned to the Minoa School District.
Tony GraffGaming Now Breaches Education Realm - Quest 2 Learn, a game-based educational system, is now being tested in New York school.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Dr. Donald C. Martin, Roadmap for Graduate Study - With two earned graduate degrees and nearly 30 years of hands-on experience in graduate enrollment and student services, Dr. Donald C. Martin has counseled, encouraged, and inspired thousands of graduate students.
Vivek K. DwivediIndian Literary and Critical Theories in English: A Comparison - Indian literary and critical theories in English, at least those that have had an extended impact, have tended to be anti-imperialistic.
SOP newswire2Everyday is Unlucky in Some Schools - Today is 2009's third Friday the 13th--a day so foreboding to some that they curtail activity to duck misfortune. No other year in this decade has brought more than two F13s.
Donald C. MartinTwelve Month Checklist for Applying to Graduate School: 6 Months Before Applying - You are now only six months away from applying for grad school. Keep up the good work! Here are some tips/suggestions for you. Keep up the good work!
SOP newswire2Study Data Does Not Show Comp Sex Ed Reduces Pregnancy or STDs - A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study of sex education concluded that comprehensive sex education programs (CSE programs
Donald C. MartinTwelve Month Checklist for Applying to Graduate School: 9 Months Before Applying - Before applying to graduate school, there are some very important first steps. Here are suggestions for what to be doing 9 months before sending in your application(s).
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Joseph 'JJ' Jones, Project Extreme Contribution - Joseph Jones was born on July 8, 1978, in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Born of Paulette Yates, his father is unknown to his family genealogy.
Donald C. MartinTwelve Month Checklist for Applying to Graduate School: 12 Months Before Applying - One of the biggest mistakes prospective graduate students make is not doing good research before making application.
SOP newswire2Once a Sorority Girl, Always a Sorority Girl - Admittedly, the film 'Sorority Row', to be released in September this year, is not a ringing endorsement of the network.
Roya Rohani Rad, MA, PsyDDivorce: Literature Review of Procedural Concerns and Issues - There are many aspects to procedural aspects of divorce. This paper gives a brief description of some of the literature review of what they are.
SOP newswire2Penn. High School Drops Anti-Islam - The Pennsylvania chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-PA) announced today that a high school in that state has dropped an anti-Islam video listed for use in one of its classes.
Matthew VosslerThe Judgment of Paris - What happens when spitefulness, vanity, greed, lust, and anger all join forces? We can learn a lot about ourselves today by studying myth and history.
SOP newswire2Competition for Middle & High School Students: "Doors to Diplomacy" 2010 Web Project - To qualify, middle school and high school students will work in small teams with teacher-coaches. Projects must be completed by March 15, 2010, and winners will be announced in May 2010.
Lalit GoelThe Paradgm Shift - If we want to make significant, quantum change, we need to work on our basic paradigms with an open mind; create a paradigm shift.
SOP newswire2Obama Takes Page Out of Reagan and Bush Sr.'s Play Book: Speech on Education - There seemed to be a lot of hunger for this message, and thanks to all of the teachers, school administrators, parents and students who participated.
Joey LiamThe Undying Art of Writing: Still Thriving in the Age of Computers - Writing is not a thing of the past; neither can it be considered a lost art. Everywhere we turn our eyes, we see the very products of
M. QuinnThe Necessity of a Comprehensive Study on Racism - The necessity of addressing the subject of racism within American society is undeniably apparent in our daily lives.
Ron G AnselmHow Old is Too Old to Return to School? Or, Is There Really an Age Limit? - A little insight on adults returning to school at any age.
Roya Rohani Rad, MA, PsyDAssertiveness: Physiological Aspects of Being a Human - There are three types of behavioral patterns that people use to relate to each other: Agressive, passive, and assertive.
Roya Rohani Rad, MA, PsyDHealthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships: What are the Consequences? - We are all trapped in webs of relationships. Our surroundings affect us, and we affect our surroundings, one way or another, directly or indireclty.
Rouben AlikianSchool Thug Life (Part 3) - The continuation of Mein Kampf against the forces of education arrayed against the laboring students.
Roya Rohani Rad, MA, PsyDDo I Have Self Actualization - Self Actualization is a process not something that can be acheived over night. It is a process that includes self discovery, full quality
Roya Rohani Rad, MA, PsyDHow to Change Negative and Harmful Acts - Free will gives us the option of making many changes in life. We can get rid of unwanted behaviors, thoughts,
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