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Outrage: Sarah Silverman Attacked Donald Trump Because He Asked If Her Boobs Were Real

When Silverman first started out in comedy she had that nerdy Jewish girl thing going for her, and she was adorable if not very funny.

SOP newswire22009 Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation Winter Dance and Acting Classes - Junella Segura-Cooper is a professional choreographer/ artist developer who's been in the music business for over 19 years.
Robert Paul ReyesParis Hilton Goes On Shopping Spree To Help Global Economy - Paris Hilton: 'It's really scary about the economy right now. So the way I'm playing my part in helping is doing a lot of shopping wherever I go.'
Robert Paul ReyesChristian Bale (Batman) Goes Ballistic - Christian Bale goes on a profanity-laced tirade against film crew.
John LillpopRooting for Helen Thomas! - During the Bush presidency, I perceived Helen Thomas to be arbitrary, petty, biased, combative, disrespectful and anti-American.
SOP newswireBuddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson Fondly Remembered - On February 3, 1959, a small plane crashed in a corn field in Iowa, killing 3 Rock 'n Roll Super Stars, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson.
Garrett GodwinGo Now - This is Garrett Godwin, and it is time to Go Now, where I give you what`s going on in the world of entertainment. So, let`s get started, shall we?
Robert Paul ReyesKelly Clarkson Sets Record - Kelly Clarkson is a great role model for young girls.
Robert Paul ReyesJessica Simpson Not A Fat Pig: Press Should Leave Her Alone - Show Biz reporters should make fun of talentless bimbos like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and leave semi-talented, hardworking celebs alone.
Garrett Godwin Law & Order: Criminal Intent Pushed Back Once Again - The premiere date for Law & Order: Criminal Intent has been pushed back once again. Originally scheduled for this month, the show will begin
Robert Paul ReyesNewsflash: Lindsay Lohan Looks Like A Skeleton - "Lindsay Lohan revealed the shocking extent of her recent weight loss as she shopped for clothes at the weekend.
Robert Paul ReyesIs The World Ready For Another Paris Hilton Sex Tape? - The hotel heiress has dabbled in both singing and acting, but its her amateur sex tapes that he garnered her the most most fame and sales. First there was the
SOP newswireJudyth Piazza's IMDB Ranking Shot Up 239% This Month. - Thank you so much for your support of Judy and The Student Operated Press. Because of your loyalty and devotion, Judy's IMDB ranking shot up 239% this month.
John LillpopWill Sean Penn Latin Pals Cost Him an Oscar? - How was the demented lefty supposed to know that pink and red simply do not mix in Latin culture?
John LillpopVirgin Mary Huge in Chile - In some backward, remote nations, staying abreast of Virgin Mary and all her many charms is an important part of the local culture.
SOP newswire2Notorious B.I.G Movie: Easy Mo Bee Produces New Tracks - Easy Mo Bee, Grammy Winner of Platinum Ice Records Produces New Tracks for the Movie Notorious B.I.G.
Robert Paul ReyesBoy George Sentenced To 15 Months In Jail - "Singer Boy George has been jailed for 15 months for falsely imprisoning a male escort in his flat in east London.
Robert Paul ReyesGolden Globes Kicks Paris Hilton To The Curb - Paris Hilton has no discernible talent, she has failed miserably as a singer and actress. Nevertheless in her heyday Hilton received thousands of bucks to
Garrett GodwinBarack Obama Makes His Debut in The Comic Books - They`ve brought us The Great Escape, The Fugitive, and most recently The Dirty Dozen. Now, FOX`s Prison Break is taking an permanent break
Robert Paul ReyesStan Lee Unveils The World's First Gay Superhero - High school basketball star Thom Creed hides his developing superpowers along with his sexuality.
Robert Paul ReyesParis Hilton's Web Site Hacked - If you hook up with Paris Hilton common sense dictates that use a rubber to prevent getting an STD. If a young lady has a penchant for
Robert Paul ReyesParis Hilton: I've Only Slept With Two People - "I`ve only ever done it with a couple of people. People make up stories, but mostly I just kiss. I think it`s important to play hard to get. Nobody wants the
Garrett GodwinJennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Welcomed Their Second Daughter - E! News has confirmed that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed their second daughter Tuesday at Los Angeles. The couple has been
Robert Paul ReyesCancer-Ridden Patrick Swayze Needs Support of His Fans - "Patrick Swayze said he was scared, angry and `going through hell` with pancreatic cancer, but a year after being diagnosed, he was determined to keep going.
Robert Paul ReyesOprah So Fat She's Embarrassed To Appear On Cover Of Her Magazine - "Winfrey admitted in this month`s edition of O magazine that her entire body hadn`t been featured on the cover last year because she was embarrassed by
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan and Billy Mays Would Make A Perfect Match - Assuming that Lohan and Ronson have had their last catfight, what`s next for the former actress and wannabe singer?
Robert Paul ReyesParis Hilton Exhibition Draws Large Crowds - Ike Ude, the multi-talented artist, has an exhibition featuring paintings, sculptures and photographs of Hilton on display in the Stux Gallery.
Robert Paul ReyesMystery Surrounding Death of John Travolta's Son - "Actor John Travolta`s 16-year-old son was found dead on Friday in the Bahamas.
Robert Paul Reyes Americans Would Love To Have Sarah Palin As A Neighbor - " If they had to live next door to a celebrity, American adults would most like to be neighbors with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and
Robert Paul ReyesAussies Condemn Paris Hilton For Shopping Spree - "Paris Hilton thinks she`s a savior via her shopping addiction and is here to help along struggling economies world-wide. Nobel Prize contender!
Robert Paul ReyesBritney Spears New Year's Resolution: Don't Bite My Nails - It`s that nervewracking time of the year when we make up our list of New Year`s resolutions. We conveniently forget that we didn`t keep last year`s list
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