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Johnny Depp is Box Office Poison: Video

Depp faces a critical juncture in his life, his options are limited: Retire, commit hari kari, star in a reality series or become a gigolo.

Robert Paul ReyesAmerican Idol Madness: Nicki Minaj To Mariah Carey: Simmer Down, Sir! Video - Minaj: Girlfriend, it`s you who needs to simmer down, sir.
Robert Paul ReyesNicki Minaj Blames Other Judges For Dismal 'American Idol' Ratings: Video - Where have you gone Simon Cowell, a desperate nation turns its eyes to you.
Robert Paul ReyesOctomom Breaks Lease, Leaves Behind Rental Reeking Of Urine - The Manson Family, The Jersey Shore reality stars, Honey Boo Boo and her clan and a gang of cannibals would have left the rental in better shape.
SOP newswire2Sarah Book Publishing Author, C.J. Klinger to Appear on The American Perspective - Radio talk show host and journalist, Judyth Piazza looks forward to interviewing Sarah Book Publishing Author, C.J. Klinger on The American Perspective Radio Program today.
Robert Paul ReyesOzzy & Sharon Osbourne Divorcing? Say It Ain't So! Video - Sharon and Ozzy have been through a lot together, and I pray that they stay together until Ozzy`s heart or liver finally gives out.
Robert Paul ReyesFrank Bank: Lumpy Rutherford Of 'Leave it to Beaver' Dies: Video - Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford: Wally`s fat friend who loved giving Beaver "The business."
Robert Paul ReyesPippi Longstocking (Tami Erin) Beats Male Roommate Over Pizza: Video - Pippi Longstocking, you pigtailed, freckled monster!
Robert Paul ReyesBanish Justin Bieber From Civilization For His Anne Frank Comment: Video - For Justin Bieber to leave such a self-serving message in the guestbook at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is such a horrendous error in judgment, that it will take him a lifetime to live it down.
Robert Paul Reyes'Accidental Racist' By LL Cool J & Brad Paisley Worst Song Ever! Video - No sh** the song wasn`t perfect; it`s only the worst song in the history of Western Civilization.
Robert Paul ReyesPop Tart Lindsay Lohan Demands Adderall In Rehab: Video - Lindsay Lohan is unclear on the concept of going to rehab, the medical professionals attempt to wean drug addicts off street drugs and harmful prescription drugs.
Stan PopovichWhen The Press Gives Celebrities A Difficult Time - Many celebrities and entertainers sometimes have to deal with embarrassing media reports which can cause a lot of problems. Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with these kinds of media reports.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan Plans To Attend Drug Paradise Coachella Before Rehab: Video - Lilo attending Coachella makes as much sense as a kleptomaniac, say Lindsay Lohan, visiting a jewelry store.
Robert Paul ReyesGwyneth Paltrow: Using Botox Made Me Look Crazy Like Joan Rivers: Video - Gwyneth Paltrow is the hottest 40-something actress in Hollywood, she doesn`t need Botox or plastic surgery.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Attacks Boyfriend Because He Wouldn't Stop Singing 'Thrift Shop': Video - I`m gonna pop some tags...
Robert Paul ReyesKelly Ripa Hasn't Seen Regis Philbin Since He Left Show: Video - A decade co-hosting a talk show with Pilbin is comparable to a decade doing hard time in a prison in Turkey.
Robert Paul ReyesReebok Dumps Rick Ross As Spokesperson Over Date Rape Song: Video - The media are afraid to criticize rappers for their rampant and blatant misogyny, homophobia, and glorification of violence and materialism, lest they be labeled "racists."
Robert Paul ReyesPsy Of 'Gangnam Style' Fame Is Played Out! Give It Up Dude! Video - Psy, Americans are sick and tired of you and the horse dance you rode to fame. Enough already disappear!
SOP newswire2SOP Writer and Author of Juniper Crescent, Tony Graff to be on The American Perspective - Radio talk show host, Judyth Piazza will be interviewing Sarah Book Publishing author, Tony Graff on The American Perspective Radio Program.
SOP newswire2Veronica Clarke Author of Stormy Night to be on The American Perspective - Judyth Piazza to interview Veronica Clarke Author of Stormy Night on The American Perspective Radio Program
Robert Paul ReyesMama Pimps Honey Boo Boo Child: Video - Honey Boo Boo has genuine talent, and I can`t wait until she`s 18 and escapes her fat mom`s clutches.
Robert Paul ReyesCher Not Dead! Like Keith Richards and Cockroaches She's Immortal: Video - Cher is older than dirt, but the gay icon isn`t quite dead yet.
SOP newswire2`Judy, Judy, Judy`: 10 Things You Didn`t Know About Cary Grant - You might certainly know his face, his name, and charm but one can never exhaust themselves of random facts to know about this timeless Hollywood figure.
Robert Paul ReyesHalle Berry, 46, Pregnant With Second Child! Video! - Congrats on your pregnancy, can`t wait to see pics of the bouncing baby boy.
Robert Paul ReyesAmanda Bynes Is Bonkers! Video! - Dr. Robert Paul Reyes recommends that Bynes delete her Twitter account, stop reading gossip sites, stop publicly flirting with rap stars, and get in touch with a good psychiatrist.
Robert Paul ReyesNicki Minaj 'Crack Juice' Comment Ilustrates American Idol's Descent Into Gutter: Video - We reject Nicki Minaj and everything she stands for: Illuminati imagery, outlandish wigs, lack of talent, profanity, and crack juice.
Robert Paul ReyesArtist Jason Mecier Creates Lindsay Lohan Portrait Made Out Of Trash: Video - The garbage Lohan actually looks better than the real Lohan whose face has been ravaged by alcoholism, drug use and dubious plastic surgery.
SOP newswire2Gail Watson, Author of "The Four Pawsketeers" Up Close and Personal - What happens when you take two four-legged creatures from central Texas and combine them with two four-legged creatures in the Rio Grande Valley, aka "The Land Down Under"?
SOP newswire2Confessions of an American Sikh: New Memoir Exposes Billion Dollar Cult - New memoir exposes billion dollar cult, demystifies allure of india and educates readers on misunderstood sikhism
Robert Paul ReyesDear God, Is Lindsay Lohan Pregnant? Video! - Lindsay Lohan in the film "Labor Pains" was funny; LiLo pregnant in real life would be a tragedy.
Robert Paul Reyes'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' A Hit All Over The World! Video! - American TV viewers have a long history of making hits out of hillbilly shows like "Hee Haw" "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Andy Griffith" and of course "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."
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