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Christmas Just Ain`t Christmas Without the One You Love

The above title contains the lyrics to one of my favorite Christmas songs as I find the meaning to hold true.

Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Adam Levine Named People's Sexiest Man Alive: Video - Adam Levine, foppish pop star, noted narcissist, and coach on NBC`s talent reality show The Voice " has been officially named People`s Sexiest Man Alive.
Robert Paul ReyesJennifer Lopez Does Her Own Amazing Stunt for Commercial - The diva has a hair stylist do her hair, a make-up expert apply her mascara, a pedicurist scrape her corns, a dental hygienist floss her teeth, a massage therapist rub away the pains and aches, and a flunky wipe her huge ass after using the little girls room, hmm maybe that`s a job for two flunkies.
Robert Paul ReyesJean-Claude Van Damme's Epic Split Goes Viral! Van Damme is God! Video! - If a 50-something (hell, if anybody) tried pulling off this stunt, he would split his pants, soil his drawers and die of a heart attack.
Robert Paul ReyesAlec Baldwin Anti-Gay Bigot Gets Free Pass From Media: Video - Anti-homosexual expletives are Baldwin`s default outlet when expressing his outrage and frustration. Evidently in spite of his public support of gay rights, he feels that the worst thing person can be is a homosexual or lesbian
John G. KaysPBS` 'JFK: One P.M. Central Standard Time' Documents How Walter Cronkite Revolutionized TV Journalism! - As I type these words (as empty as they may be against the motion of History`s perpetual rotation), an affirmation comes to mind of how Walter Cronkite must have felt when he took command of the television airwaves (from NYC), at 12:40 PM (CST, such as Dallas), to announce (initially, just on the radio) three shots were fired at President Kennedy`s motorcade in downtown Dallas.
John G. Kays'Capturing Oswald' on the Military Channel Fails to Erase Misgivings About Dallas Police Performance! - Yet the account is incomplete. Was it the movie ticket woman, Julia Postal, the one who called the police, or was it the usher and concession stand employee, Don Burroughs, who called the cops. Or did they both call them? I had always heard that neither of them saw Oswald enter the theater.
Jay ForteExtreme Commercialism: Rethinking How to Celebrate The Holidays - They`re back - The holidays. From mid to November to early January, many faiths and traditions celebrate. It has indeed the potential to be the most wonderful time of the year " a message that much of the music of the season shares with us.
Robert Paul ReyesHoney Boo Boo's Sister, Anna, Farts During Interview With Steve Harvey: Video - Steve Harvey`s eyes bugged out in shock when Anna let one rip; homegirl may have the body of a Hollywood starlet, but she has the smelly butt of a hillbilly.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan's Selfie Reveals Her Slutty Nature - A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this selfie screams out one word: Skank
John G. Kays'JFK: The Final Hours' Will Project You Back in Time to Kennedy`s Texas Trip! - JFK: The Final Hours, produced for the National Geographic Channel, is the freshest, most original special I`ve seen so far for the 50th Anniversary of JFK`s Assassination in Dallas. That is, I`m learning new details about Kennedy`s visit to Texas which I wasn`t aware of before, even though I`ve traversed these grounds hundreds of times before.
John G. KaysReelz TV`s 'Killing JFK: 50 Questions Answered' Is Like A College Finals` Cramming Session! - While I`m a very seasoned student of JFK`s Assassination (with 50 years of study under my belt), I found a Reelz TV (I`m a loyal fan now) special, Killing JFK: 50 Questions Answered, to be a good review for that (Mother of all) unsolved cold cases. It was like a college finals` cramming session...
SOP newswireWord Search Divas - A review of 'Word Search Divas' by Jewel Kats and A. Borgolotto.
Robert Paul ReyesBrad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Diss Obamacare: Video - Obama should be impeached for lying about Obamacare!
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Mick Jagger Hit On Katy Perry When She Was Only 18! - Come on Jagger, hit on somebody your own age. How about Phyllis Diller? Wait, she`s dead? So what, you`d still make a good couple.
Robert Paul ReyesNewsflash: Chris Brown Admits He Has Anger Management Issues - Chris Brown`s main claim to fame is going Ike Turner on Rihanna, beating her face to a bloody pulp back in 2009.
Robert Paul ReyesBritney Spears' Hits Blasted To Fight Somali Pirates - If tanker crews want to finish off the pirates once and for all they should hire Miley Cyrus to twerk on the deck of their ships. If that doesn`t make them commit suicide, nothing will.
Robert Paul ReyesRock Icon Lou Reed Dead at 71 - RIP Lou Reed! We have lost an original and unique voice who spoke for millions!
Robert Paul ReyesPug Dressed as Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Goes Doggone Viral: Video - A pooch dressed as a wrecking ball looks cute, a nude Miley riding a wrecking ball looks like a silly bit**!
Robert Paul ReyesJames Taylor Flubs National Anthem At World Series, Recovers Like A Pro: Video - Taylor`s heavenly music has given us countless hours of enjoyment; he is entitled to have a Senior Moment every now and then.
Robert Paul ReyesKim Kardashian & Kanye West Engaged! Video! - A reality show bimbo who loves only herself is going to marry a gay rapper who loves only himself.
Robert Paul ReyesKim Kardashian's Disgusting Butt Selfie: God Have Mercy On Us! - Kardashian specializes in a sub-genre of selfies: The butt selfie. As soon as she popped out her baby, she was back to doing what she loves the most: Taking selfies of her freakishly large ass.
Robert Paul ReyesAlison Gold's 'Chinese Food' Video Makes Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Seem Like Masterpiece! - The song starts with Alison bragging that after "ballin`, clubbin` and huggin," she`s worked up an appetite for Chinese food.
Robert Paul ReyesDwarf Hollis Jane Felt Degraded Performing With Miley Cyrus - Hollis Jane is a little person with a big heart, and she doesn`t need Miley Cyrus to make it big in show business.
Robert Paul ReyesYo! Sandra Bullock Raps! Check It Out Y'all! Video! - During a recent appearance on a British talk show hosted by Jonathan Ross, the screen legend proved that she can rock a micro-mini skirt and rap.
Robert Paul ReyesJonas Brothers Cancel Concert Tour! Anybody Care? Video! - The Jonas Brothers are getting a little bit long in the tooth; they have already been replaced by younger boy bands like New Direction and The Wanted.
Robert Paul ReyesCarrie Prank Terrifies Cafe Patrons: See Scary Video! - Had there been real customers in that café, at least one of them would have been an evangelical who would have responded by hurling hot coffee in the face of the demon-possessed witch. "
Robert Paul ReyesWhite Rabbit Reveals Snow White's Portal To Spiritual & Physical Bliss: Video - Portal to Nirvana!
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Jack Osbourne Dresses Baby Pearl Like Ozzy Osbourne: Video - For the love of God, somebody please call Children`s Services!
Robert Paul ReyesHulk Hogan Spoofs Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Video: God Help Us! - Curse you Miley Cyrus for unleashing this insanity!
Robert Paul ReyesQueen Latifah Offers 'I Quit' Girl Marina Shifrin A Job: Videos - I`d love to hire Marina to dance for me; I ain`t talking a lap dance. I just want to see Marina`s quirky, seductive dance moves.
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