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Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume Sparks Social Media Outrage! Bit** Please!

To hell with political correctness and Caitlyn Jenner, God Bless Spirit Halloween for offering a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume.

Robert Paul ReyesMariah Carey's New Drink 'Butterfly' As Awful As Her New Album! - Mariah Carey`s latest CD "Me, I am Mariah, The Elusive Chanteuse" absolutely bombed and I predict that her drink will meet the same fate.
Robert Paul ReyesSamuel L Jackson Recites 'Pulp Fiction' Speech on Graham Norton Show: Video! - In the classic 1994 movie "Pulp Fiction" Samuel L. Jackson plays a hitman with a penchant for reciting scripture before blowing away his targets to Kingdom Come.
Robert Paul Reyes'Me, I Am Mariah, The Elusive Chanteuse ' CD Bombs! End of Mariah's Career? Video! - `Me, I Am Mariah`, really? Well girlfriend it turns out you`re nobody! Get off your pedestal, can the diva act, and be grateful if you can still sell out a small club.
John G. KaysNBC Dateline`s 'The People VS O.J. Simpson' Perfect for Throwback Thursday! - I reluctantly recorded NBC Dateline`s THE PEOPLE vs O.J. SIMPSON-What the Jury Never Heard, thinking it would probably be a snoozer. After watching it this morning, it turns out I was wrong about that. It was well done and I learned quite a few new things.
Robert Paul ReyesGrumpy Cat Will Star in a Lifetime Christmas Movie: Video - Grumpy Cat will star in the Lifetime movie called " Grumpy Cat`s Worst Christmas Ever ", and it promises to be horribly good.
Robert Paul ReyesSir Mix-a-Lot Performs 'Baby Got Back' With Seattle Symphony: Video - Go old school fool, and get down with Sir Mix-a-Lot and the Seattle Symphony.
SOP newswire2Grieving Transgender Father's Love For His Late Daughter Turns 'Black Hat' Into Success - Set to be shot later this year in Abbeville and Lafayette, Louisiana, Black Hat " " a live action feature which will include 11 minutes of anime - received another powerful accolade two weeks ago.
Robert Paul ReyesEpic Nicolas Cage Prank: Video - Nicolas Cage is known for his prolificacy, appearing in at least one film per year nearly every year since 1980, and his flicks have one thing in common: They suck!
John G. KaysPart One of CNN`s 'The Sixties' Had Some News Footage I`ve Never Seen! - The 1960s could have been my major when I was in college, but I went ahead and recorded the first part (the series has ten parts) of CNN`s The Sixties (The World on the Brink) anyway, hoping I could, at least, pick-up some new information. I thought the one hour special, covering mainly the years of Kennedy`s Presidency, before his assassination (I mean), was well done.
Robert Paul ReyesDemi Lovato Believes in UFOs, Aliens and Mermaids! Video - Lovato also thinks she`s a great singer, so I guess you have to take her every utterance with a grain of salt.
Robert Paul ReyesItaly's Singing Nun, Sister Cristina Scuccia, Wins 'The Voice'! Sacrilege? Video! - When I watched the video of the Scuccia performing Flashdance " I wasn`t inspired to recite a "Hail Mary" or to light a votive candle, I had visions of doing the nasty with the hot as hell sister.
Robert Paul ReyesAnn B. Davis, Alice from the 'Brady Bunch' Dead at 88: America Mourns! Video! - As a child I had a remarkable resemblance to Greg Brady, I had a crush on Marcia (Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!), and I worshipped the original MILF Carol, but my favorite "Brady Bunch" character was the maid, Alice.
Robert Paul ReyesBruce Springsteen Performs 'Tumbling Dice' with The Rolling Stones: Video - The Rolling Stones are ugly as hell and older than dirt, but if you have tickets to one of their concerts consider yourself blessed beyond measure, the next gig these septuagenarians play may be in hell.
Robert Paul ReyesKate Upton's Armpit Photoshopped out of Harper's Bazaar Photo - If God Almighty himself were the photographic editor for Harper`s Bazaar, he wouldn`t photoshop Kate Upton`s images. You simply can`t improve on perfection.
Robert Paul ReyesCharlize Theron and Gwyneth Paltrow Need to Get a Clue - Charlize Theron is under fire for likening intrusive media coverage to rape.
Robert Paul Reyes'Clueless' Star Stacey Dash Joins Fox News: Video - Stacey Dash has joined the roster of FOX News contributors.
Robert Paul ReyesJourney Frontman Steve Perry Performs for First Time in 19 Years: Video - Welcome back Steve Perry, you have been sorely missed!
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Vile Robin Thicke to Release New Album! - If Thicke`s new album is a hit, there is no hope, absolutely no hope, for Western Civilization.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: EMT Jams to Rihanna Song While Driving an Ambulance - A New Jersey paramedic who was caught on camera voguing to a Rihanna song while driving an ambulance may have delighted the Internet, but didn`t entertain his bosses.
Robert Paul ReyesAmanda Bynes Shares Pic of Herself with her 'Beautiful' Sister on Twitter - Amanda Bynes posting a photo of herself with her sister, and calling her "beautiful" is a major step in her recovery.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Molly Kate Kestner, 18, the American Adele? Video - Oh My! George Takei is spot on; Molly Kate Kestner is the American Adele. We desperately need an American version of Adele to counter the likes of Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj.
Robert Paul ReyesCharles Barkley Refuses to Apologize for Making Jokes About Fat Women! Amen! - America is the wussiest nation on the face of the Earth; we apologize at the drop of a hat for the silliest of reasons.
Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Things Jay Z May Have Said to Set Solange Off: Video - Pimps up, ho`s down! My girl Beyoncé and my bodyguard are going up to my penthouse; you can take another elevator down to the basement!
Robert Paul ReyesSolange Knowles, Beyonce's Sister, Goes Hoodrat on Jay Z: Video - Solange should have been humbled and grateful that Jay Z let her ride in the same elevator; homegirl should have used the freight elevator to carry Beyoncé`s purse and Jay Z`s briefcase.
Robert Paul ReyesEminem's Special Mother's Day Tribute: Video - Eminem celebrated Mother`s Day in his own way this weekend, by releasing a brand new track.
Robert Paul ReyesLea Michele Posts Twitter Birthday Tribute To Cory Monteith: Video - Lea Michele yesterday posted a moving tribute to her late boyfriend Cory Monteith on Twitter - because the day would have been his 32nd birthday.
Robert Paul ReyesBearded Lady Conchita Wurst Wins Eurovision Song Contest: Video - You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a pop guru to predict that Conchita Wurst aka Tom Neuwirth will never be more than an oddball curiosity.
Robert Paul ReyesJames Franco Posts Semi-Naked Selfies on Instagram! Why, Dear God Why? - James Franco has spoken out to defend his recent spate of near-naked selfies on social media.
Robert Paul ReyesJennifer Lawrence: People are Going to Get Sick of Me! We're Already There! - We are sick to death of hearing about Lawrence getting wasted at Hollywood parties. I know Lawrence is only 23, but she seriously needs to consider taking a long break from show business.
Robert Paul ReyesGwen Stefani, Pharrell sing 'Hollaback Girl' on 'The Voice'! Video! - Judging by the lyrics a hollaback girl is a psychotic cheerleader who is sick and tired of hollering back chants and is on a mission from God to beat down anybody talking smack about her.
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