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Quintavious Johnson, 12, Blows Away the Crowd on 'America's Got Talent' Video!

Quintavious may look like Steve Urkel from "Family Matters", but he sounds like Luther Vandross singing at the Apollo.

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Robert Paul ReyesCarly Rae Jepsen Throws Worst First Pitch In Baseball History: Video - Call Me Maybe? I doubt Jepsen will be getting any more calls from baseball executives.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Lindsay Lohan To Star In Reality Show For Oprah Winfrey's Network - A serious journalist wouldn`t interview Lindsay Lohan; the pop tart doesn`t have anything of substance to offer to the talk queen`s audience.
Robert Paul ReyesIs There Anything Jennifer Lopez Won't Do For Money? - Shame on you Jennifer Lopez, I will never again buy your records, attend your movies or purchase the products you endorse.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Chase Von Interviews Lovely Virtuoso Multimedia Artist Apachula! - Chase Von: Apachula, I love your name! And I want to thank you for making time to share yourself with our readers here at the Student Operated Press.
Robert Paul ReyesPhotographer Calls Suri Cruise, Daughter of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, B-Word! Video! - The photographer called 7-year-old Suri little bit** for good measure. As usual I will take the contrarian view, and commend the photographer for putting the little brat in her place.
Vanessa VerdugaThe Actor's Process - Every actor, over time and with experience, finds his/her own "process" for connecting to a character and story
Tiffany RothmanFarce: A Type of Comedy - Farce is one type of comedy and, in some respects, it resembles an efficiently operating machine in which the various parts work in well timed coordination.
Robert Paul ReyesHelen Mirren To Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes: Don't Be Up Your Own Bum! Video! - Young starlets would be well-advised to emulate this classy lady, and treat every word she utters as a pearl of wisdom.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Mariah Carey Caught Lip Syncing At BET Awards Show: Video - Did the diva cheat? You be the judge!
Robert Paul ReyesCher: Tom Cruise Is On My List Of Top Five Lovers! How Gaydiculous! Video! - Dude it`s time to come out of the closet: Enough with the sham Scientology marriages, the next person you marry should be a man.
Robert Paul ReyesWestboro Baptist Church To Picket Taylor Swift: Video - Girlfriend try to restrain your libido, in a few years when your audience grows older, you can be more adventurous in your romantic life.
Robert Paul ReyesAlyssa Milano Maxim Cover: Sizzling Hot! Video! - Nobody rocks the short shorts and flannel shirt look like Alyssa Milano!
Robert Paul ReyesJason Mecier Creates Portrait Of Amanda Bynes Using Sour Patch Kids: Video - I`m still waiting for his Lindsay Lohan portrait made out of stolen jewelry and ecstasy pills.
Robert Paul ReyesJim Carrey Refuses To Support Movie He Stars In: Kick-Ass 2: Video - Carrey needs to get his ass kicked, plain and simple.
Robert Paul ReyesKim Kardashian & Kanye West Name Their Baby Girl 'North': Sheer Vanity & Stupidity - With such narcissistic parents one can only hope against hope that North won`t grow up to be an insufferable monster.
Robert Paul ReyesASL Interpreter Upstages Wu-Tang Clan at Bonnaroo: Video - When the Wu-Tang Clan hits the stage they are like dervishes on crack.
Robert Paul ReyesKid Rock Disses Justin Bieber: Video - Justin: When a rock stud like Kid Rock compares you to Vanilla Ice, dude you now your time is almost up.
Robert Paul ReyesSofia Vergara's Bootilycious Selfie Rocks The Internet: Video - It`s nice to see a selfie by a reasonably normal actress, as her selfie proves Sofia Vergara still looks fabulous at 40.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan Smoking During Rehab - If I could I would smuggle cocaine or weed to the clueless celeb, I`m going through withdrawal not having anything interesting to write about my favorite pop tart.
Robert Paul ReyesChristie Brinkley Still Looks Hot At 59 - Brinkley you are a beautiful and classy lady.
Robert Paul ReyesHere Comes Honey Boo Boo's Scratch & Sniff Stunt Reeks: Video - Some critics claim that 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' stinks to high heaven, that may or may not be true but this publicity stunt certainly reeks.
SOP newswire2The Most Shocking Film About Youth Ever Made: "The Toy Soldiers" - Riding Hood Motion Pictures is proud to announce pre-production has begun on their newest picture from the controversial award winning writer and director, Erik Peter Carlson.
Robert Paul ReyesAmanda Bynes Apologizes To Drake For Hating On Him: Video - Word of advice for Amanda Bynes: Buy a thesaurus.
Robert Paul ReyesTish Cyrus Files For Divorce From Billy Ray Cyrus: Video - It`s sad that Cyrus` marriage has come to an end, but angels in heaven will rejoice and Americans will dance a jig if the country crooner retires from the music industry.
Robert Paul ReyesKeith Richards Still Drinks And Smokes Pot: Thank God! Video - The beautiful fact that 69-year-old Keith Richards is still smoking weed and drinking alcohol lets me know this world hasn`t gone completely to pot.
Vanessa VerdugaLet's Assemble Our Justice League Team by Keeping the Superhero Message Alive and Well! - Hello good citizen! While my real name is Vanessa Verduga, by night I am Justice Woman, committed to fighting injustice within the legal system and in contemporary society.
Robert Paul ReyesJustin Bieber Snaps Pic of Fan's Bra Thrown on Stage - Bieber`s music is vapid and irritating, I`m betting he will accumulate a hell of lot more bras than Grammys.
Robert Paul ReyesSpace Cadet Justin Bieber Going To Space: Video - The fare is not cheap at $250,000, but many of us would chip in to pay Bieber`s fare if he didn`t return to Earth.
Robert Paul ReyesAmanda Bynes Mortified By Mugshot, Gets Nose Job! Video! - There is no shame in Amanda Bynes` game, celebs and bloggers should can the faux sympathy and concern, and cover her only for the purpose of mockery.
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