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'Honey Boo Boo' Canceled: Mama Dated a Sex Offender!

June Shannon's reality show career is as dead as the roadkill she enjoys devouring.

Robert Paul ReyesHoney Boo Boo Child Attends Drag Show At Gay Hamburger Joint: Video - Nothing goes together like Honey Boo Boo Child, hamburgers and a drag show!
Robert Paul ReyesFreaks Come Out At Night! Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Birthday Pantless! Video! - Happy Birthday LiLo!
Robert Paul ReyesMiley Cyrus We Get It! You Are A Skank! Enough Already! - We get it Miley: You are no longer a chaste Disney princess but a rank Babylon whore.
Robert Paul ReyesLinda Ronstadt Fighting Parkinson's, Unable To Sing: Video - Linda Ronstadt enjoyed enormous success in the 70`s, and at the zenith of her career she was the highest paid woman in rock.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Rosanna Arquette Has Married An Investment Banker Video! - Still it`s disillusioning and depressing that Rosanna Arguette has married an investment banker. An investment banker, for God`s sake? I`ve lost my will to live!
Robert Paul ReyesDavid Cassidy Arrested For Drunk Driving: Video - Time is cruel; eventually it catches up with all of us! Enjoy your time in the sun Justin Bieber!
Robert Paul ReyesCan John Lennon's Tooth Be Used To Clone Dead Beatle? Video! - Let`s hope no dentist has kept a tooth from Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber as a souvenir.
Robert Paul ReyesMiracle: Dick Van Dyke's Car Engulfed In Flames! Video! - I was surprised when I read this news report, I thought Dick Van Dyke had been dead for at least a couple of decades, but the octogenarian is still alive and kicking
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber Song 'Slave 2 The Rhythm' Leaks Online! Listen - Anybody who expresses admiration for this ungodly collaboration is putting his soul in danger of eternal damnation.
Robert Paul ReyesParis Hilton: I'm Not An Airhead! Video! - The pop tart`s simple mind is the least of her faults; she should be more concerned about her reputation as a skanky party girl.
Robert Paul ReyesOprah Winfrey Falsely Accuses Sales Clerk Of Racism: Video - Oprah Winfrey is just miffed that the sales clerk didn`t recognize her, Oprah probably expected the clerk to genuflect when she entered the boutique.
Robert Paul ReyesAmanda Bynes Reunited With Her Pooch: Video - Thirty minutes with the adorable canine will do Amanda Bynes a lot more good than 30 days in rehab.
Robert Paul ReyesEydie Gorme, Dies At 84 - Eydie Gorme is the antithesis of the modern pop star. There`s no record she ever wore a dress made out of meat, her vocals didn`t need to be enhanced by auto-tune, she never flashed her nether regions, and she never had a public feud with another singer.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan Parties With Max George of 'The Wanted' 'Till 7am: Video Some Rehab! - Did anyone expect Lohan to become a den mother to a British Boy Scout troop upon her release from rehab?
Garrett GodwinMegan Fox Pregnant With Second Child - A representative for Megan Fox confirmed to US Weekly that the Hollywood vixen and husband Brian Austin Green are expecting their second child.
Robert Paul ReyesRacist Paula Deen Turns Down 'Dancing With The Stars' Offer: Video - DWTS isn`t the appropriate forum for a racist, or an extremely obese woman who is too old to walk more than a few feet a time, let alone dance.
Robert Paul ReyesPopTart Paris Hilton's Malibu Mansion Robbed For 7th Time: Video - Oh, the trials and tribulations of a bimbo celeb!
Robert Paul ReyesHoney Boo Boo & Her Sisters Love Playing Farting Games: Video - The Honey Boo Boo house has been declared a toxic waste site by the EPA, and Honey Boo Boo`s rear end has been declared a weapon of mass destruction by Homeland Security.
Robert Paul ReyesHoney Boo Boo Clan Love Roadkill: Video - If a rendering truck spilled a load of animal parts in Honey Boo Boo`s hometown of McIntyre, Georgia, before you could say A dolla makes me holla " the Honey Boo Boo clan would be loading up their pickup with the yummy spoils.
Vanessa VerdugaA Brilliant and Delicious Deviousness: Devious Maids Review - At what point did Hollywood, and its alignment of expert critics, decide it was an authority on Latino...
SOP newswireCinderella's Magical Wheelchair by Jewel kats - A review of Jewel Kats' empowering book for children with physical disabilities - a modern Cinderella story.
Robert Paul ReyesSpike TV Introduces '10 Million Bigfoot Bounty' Reality Show Video! - Bigfoot is a mythological creature, you know like The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Horror, The Horror! Geraldo Rivera, 70, Tweets Semi-Nude Selfie! Video! - A septuagenarian has absolutely no business taking a topless pic of himself.
Robert Paul ReyesRae Dawn Chong Eviscerates Oprah Winfrey: Video - The fact that Oprah`s cable network has been an unqualified disaster, gives me hope for the future of humankind.
Robert Paul ReyesShould Lindsay Lohan Be Locked In A Coffin To Cure Her Of Drug Addiction? Video! - I`m old school and I believe in tough love, and if I were the director of a rehab center I would love the hell out of Lohan by locking her in a coffin for days at a time.
Robert Paul ReyesFans Pelt Rihanna With Bags Of Chips For Being Late: Video - Getting pelted with bags of chips sounds as menacing as getting lashed with a wet noodle 50 times.
Robert Paul ReyesOne Direction: Boy Band From Hell! Video! - One Direction is an abominable boy band from England, and if you`ve never heard of them, or better yet heard them, consider yourself blessed.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza interviews Andrew Heaton, Vice President of Rainsworth Productions - Judyth Piazza interviews Andrew Heaton, Vice President of Rainsworth Productions on The American Perspective Radio Program
Robert Paul ReyesStevie Wonder To Boycott Florida Over George Zimmerman Verdict! Boycott Wonder? Video! - Boycott Stevie Wonder?
Robert Paul ReyesJenny McCarthy Will Replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck On 'The View': Video - A couple of years ago I gave up sex for good after hearing Behar, Goldberg and Barbara Walters chat about female sexual gratification.
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