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Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Fail! LiLo Edited Panties Pic!

LiLo has plenty of free time, she should take a photoshop class at her local community college.

John G. KaysHBO`s 'True Detective' Blows It Out of the Water; the Mini-Series Is Back! - True Detective is another grand slam for HBO! I was late to the game; didn`t hear about it until Sunday afternoon, but I got to record episode 2 (Seeings Things), which I viewed twice on MLK day, but I came to find out, my sister had taped episode 1 (The Long Bright Dark), so I got to see it too.
Robert Paul Reyes'Shipping Wars' Star Roy Garber Dies at 49, Mom Will Adopt Muffy the Cat: Video - Fans of Garber and Muffy will be glad to know that the feline will live with his mother.
Robert Paul ReyesElias Phoenix, 7, The Next Elton John? Video! - Elias Phoenix is only seven years old, but the precocious child has the energy, talent, and charisma of a seasoned performer.
Derek SandersThe Steam Machines: Valve Makes an Attempt at Console Gaming - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo may have some competition in the console market.
SOP newswire2"Thrill Killer" Alyssa Bustamante Up Close and Personal - Arthouse film loosely based on convicted 15-year-old "Thrill Killer" Alyssa Bustamante, finally gets release more than 3 years after completion.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Lindsay Lohan Demands Cops Escort Her On 10-Foot Stroll! Video! - The only time the cops should escort Lohan is when she`s doing a perp walk to her latest stint in jail.
Robert Paul ReyesDemon Baby Scares Bejesus Out of New Yorkers! Scary Video! - Enjoy this video as this robotic demon baby scares the Bejesus out of innocent New Yorkers.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Christine McVie Rejoins Fleetwood Mac: Video - The age and drug and alcohol ravaged faces of the Rolling Stones add poignancy and gravitas to their performances, but it`s not a pleasant experience to witness women who were beautiful and lithesome in their prime shake their creaky butts on stage.
Robert Paul ReyesDavid Cassidy Arrested For Drunk Driving! Again! Video! - Maybe Danny Bonaduce, another Partridge Family graduate who`s survived hard times, can talk some sense to Cassidy.
Derek Sanders5 Nintendo Franchises That Could Use a Comeback - While these games were not large blockbuster titles, they often had other qualities that made gamers pay attention.
Robert Paul ReyesInsane Clown Posse sues the DOJ, FBI: Video - But for the Justice Department to brand Juggalos as a gang is Orwellian nonsense, and an outrage that she be condemned by everyone from fans of classical music to rap music.
SOP newswire2Are We Famous Yet - In this age of reality TV and competition shows, where everyone chases the dream of instant stardom
Robert Paul ReyesJeopardy Host Alex Trebek Spits Some Rhymes: Master of the Rap Game! Video! - Now that I have experienced Alex Trebek rap an entire Jeopardy category, my life is complete. Thanks Trebek from dropping that funky sh**!
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan's Boyfriend Kicks Her To The Curb - We shouldn`t feel too sorry for LiLo, she`ll find someone else to latch on to, after all she`s not happy unless she is corrupting fresh meat.
Robert Paul ReyesRobin Thicke: Anathema & Affront To Western Civilization: Video - I thought I would never again see such blight on American pop culture as Alan Thicke, and then his talentless son became famous for Blurred Lines ", the most misogynist song in the history of pop music.
Robert Paul ReyesMichelle Jenneke's Bikini Instagram Pic Goes Viral - This article has nothing to do with sports in general or the Olympics in particular; it`s an excuse to share a photo of a beautiful young woman.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Beyonce Samples Challenger Disaster In New Video - Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z may be welcomed with open arms in the White House and by the powers that be, but they are anathema to ordinary Americans.
Robert Paul ReyesJohn Kerry Fist-Bumps Snoop Dogg: I Think We All Need Some Weed! Video! - John Kerry has the charisma of a head of lettuce that`s been rotting in a dumpster for a couple of weeks, and he has the hipness factor of a nursing home resident sporting a Christmas sweater.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Bikini-Clad Mariah Carey Walks Pooch in the Aspen Snow: Video! - That kind of desperate stunt is enough to make most people stop watching Miley Cyrus` latest sexy video for a moment, so they can appreciate Mariah`s well-persevered 44-year-old body.
Robert Paul ReyesCharlie Brown Xmas Special Clobbers X-Factor Finale in Ratings: Video - Good Grief! Even the round-headed kid Charlie Brown gets more respect and better ratings than the X Factor. "
Robert Paul Reyes'Duck Dynasty' Family Stands by Suspended Patriarch: Video - "Duck Dynasty" is all about the power, strength and comfort of a family unit, albeit a zany redneck family. I`m thrilled that the "Duck Dynasty" stars are standing behind their patriarch; if Phil Robertson isn`t reinstated, they should all walk.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: A & E Suspends 'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch For His View On Gays - Phil Robertson, ineloquently and inartfully, expressed a view that is held by a majority of evangelicals, and he shouldn`t be punished for exercising his constitutionally protected freedom of expression.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Dramatic Rise And Tragic Fall of Lady Gaga - Gaga is a disposable pop confection, her expiration date was yesterday, and she reeks to high heaven.
Robert Paul ReyesDuck Dynasty's Christmas Album Outsells Britney Spears' 'Britney Jean' Album - For a pop princess Britney Spears is getting a little bit long in the tooth. The pop tart has lost the blue and pink-haired youngsters, her next stop Vegas where blue-haired old ladies rule is the perfect place for her.
John G. KaysThe Miniseries 'Bonnie & Clyde' Has Total Disregard For the Chronological Sequence of Events! - Alright, so I made a mistake, Part 2 of the miniseries Bonnie & Clyde (directed by Bruce Beresford) does cover the Platte City, Mo. shootout fairly accurately, but what`s this about the star-crossed, doomed outlaws taking a sunny vacation to Panama City, Florida, with Texas Ranger Frank Hamer on their trail?
Robert Paul ReyesMiley Cyrus' #GETITRIGHT Video Destroys Christmas: Twerking Abomination! - The barbarians aren`t at the door, they`ve broken into your home and they are twerking up a storm. It`s all over, Christmas is dead.
Robert Paul ReyesDarth Vader Posts Selfie on Instagram: Video - Now that everyone from 70-year-old Geraldo Rivera to Darth Vader has posted a selfie online, maybe this vile and narcissistic fad has finally run its course.
John G. KaysThe History Channel`s '9/11 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction' Gives You Both Sides! - The History Channel`s The 911 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction?, recently rotated again (and which I thought to record this time), is a good overview to the still, ever lingering doubts and debates that surround what really happened on September 11th, 2001.
Robert Paul ReyesRoseanne Barr Vows Never to Work in TV Again: God Let's Hope So! - Roseanne Barr is on a downward spiral to irrelevance, let`s hope To God she`s true to her word and stays away from TV forever.
Robert Paul ReyesThe 2013 Kardashian Christmas Card Is An Illuminati Abomination - The sights and sounds of Christmas are in full effect: There`s a Santa in every mall, snow on the ground, choirs singing Christmas carols, and the Kardashians have revealed their annual Christmas card.
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