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Lindsay Lohan Skimped on Community Service, Judge Rules

If the disgraced starlet is truly sorry for her criminal behavior, she will perform a legitimate community service by jumping off a cliff.

Robert Paul ReyesDavid Byrne Rocks Biz Markie's 'Just a Friend': Video - There isn`t a single red-blooded American who hasn`t sung Just a Friend " at a Karaoke bar, at an informal gathering or in his shower.
Robert Paul ReyesJeopardy Villain Arthur Chu Must Be Stopped By Any Means Necessary: Video - I can accept a world where a 1st class moron like Joe Biden is the Vice-President of the United States, and I can accept a world where a talent-challenged and criminally-inclined teen like Justin Bieber makes millions, but I cannot and will not accept a world where a rogue geek makes thousands while making a mockery of game show etiquette.
John G. KaysIn True Detective, Episode VI (Haunted Houses), Does Marty Realize the Task Force Was Behind Dora Lange? - In my thinking, I`ve been making lots of mistakes in my retention of the plot of HBO`s True Detective (and in my analysis); well, I partially forgive myself, since Nic Pizzolatto is a very canny television screenplay writer.
Robert Paul ReyesHangar 1: New History Channel Show Devoted to UFO Tomfoolery - I had no interest in unidentified flying objects until I got an Internet connection in 1996, and I was astounded to discover how much bandwidth is devoted to flying saucers, alien anal probes and other such nonsense.
Robert Paul ReyesJustin Bieber: The Most Hated Teen in America: Video - I guess some things like genital warts and annoying Canadian pop stars aren`t that easy to get rid of.
John G. KaysIn 'True Detective, Episode V (The Secret Fate of All Life),' Are Potts and Kittles Really Trying to Set Up Marty Hart? - True Detective, Episode V (The Secret Fate of All Life) is causing me problems; well, I decided to re-watch Episode IV (What Goes There), thinking that would better prepare me for what goes down in V. This is what I ended up doing, then I felt as if it was okay to view V again, hoping for clearer comprehension.
Robert Paul ReyesObama Must Deport Justin Bieber! Video! Sign the Petition to Deport Bieber! - Obama: For God`s sake deport Justin Bieber Now!
Robert Paul ReyesFlorida Town Names Vanilla Ice 'Outstanding Citizen of the Year! Video! - All right haters: Stop, Collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new award, not a Grammy, but an Outstanding Citizen of the Year " award.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Cosby the Entertainer Epitome of Wholesomeness, Bill Cosby the Real Person a Moral Cesspool - This alleged sexual predator and crass hypocrite must not be allowed to return to NBC in a new sit-com. Boycott anything having to do with Bill Cosby!
Robert Paul ReyesBarbara Walters' Disgusting Confession: I Have a Vibrator named 'Selfie'! Video! Sign of the End Times! - Barbara Walters` hands shake so much, that at least she doesn`t have to spend any money on batteries to power her vibrator.
Robert Paul ReyesAlleged Sexual Predator Bill Cosby Must Not Be Allowed to Return to NBC - Cosby may be an icon and an institution, but we must all be held accountable for our transgressions.
Robert Paul ReyesMichael Keaton Interested in Beetlejuice Sequel: Video - Not to put too fine a point on it but Keaton looks like an anorexic zombie, and he wouldn`t even need any makeup to reprise his role in Beetlejuice II. "
Robert Paul ReyesComedian Elaine Stritch, 89, Opens Twitter Account: Video - The octogenarian comedian said the hardest part was hooking up her typewriter to her TV.
SOP newswire2Filmmaker's Passion and Grieving Father's Love Fuel Media Firestorm - The film will star Jodelle Ferland (Twilight: Eclipse, Tall Man, Silent Hill) as Dandi.
William GiorgioFlappy Bird - The Takedown and the Legacy - A look at the Flappy Bird takedown, the game itself, and the game it supposedly copied.
Robert Paul ReyesClint Eastwood Saves Choking Man's Life: Video - Clint may be an octogenarian, but he can still make someone`s day.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan Banned From NYC Clubs: Video - Lohan is absolutely mortified that she`s been turned away from the coolest clubs in the Big Apple -- how long before her outrageous behavior will land here in the only place that won`t turn her away: Jail?
SOP newswire2Douglas Reese: 'Cleaners' Manages to Turn Boring Action into Mesmerizing Ritual - Douglas Reese`s beginnings as a filmmaker can actually be traced back to the most mundane of all genres " home movies.
SOP newswire2Horror Author, Deno Sandz Releases "ICABOB SHAW" - Well-Composed, Outside the Realm of Devilish Imagination, Traditionalism Inherited, Its Beyond Evil`s Anagoge, A Dark Guardian, An Un-Holy Spirit, Non-Stop Fear.
Derek SandersIf Capcom Goes Bankrupt, Who Else Could Handle Their Franchises? - With Capcom having financial trouble, if they close down, who could carry on the video game series they make?
SOP newswire2Shane Ryan, Caught Between Arthouse and Controversy - Filmmaker Shane Ryan asked these questions, as he has gone through some experiences similar to Alyssa`s in his own life (apart from the murder of course), and he has distilled his answers into a film called My Name is A by anonymous.
SOP newswire2Jennifer Scott with "Eyes Upon Waking" - Taren in Eyes Upon Waking is played by Jennifer Scott, a veteran American actress whose first (uncredited) appearance in a film dates back to 1984 (Sixteen Candles) but whose career really took off only in recent years
Robert Paul ReyesJay Z Enjoyed Beyonce's Slutty Grammy Awards Performance: Video - Beyoncé and Jay Z may be BFF`s with Barack Obama and his wife, but ordinary Americas are repulsed by Jay Z`s lyrics that glorify materialism, homophobia and the gangsta lifestyle, and Beyoncé`s slutty behavior on stage.
John G. KaysIn 'True Detective (The Locked Room),' Do Potts and Kittles Suspect Either Cohle or Hart of Complicity? - (In True Detective, Episode 3 [The Locked Room]) who is the Tall Man? The Tall Man, with facial scarring, had been seen around these roving tent revivals, with Joel Theriot as the preacher with some huge chops (played superbly by Shea Whigham).
Robert Paul ReyesBoy George Releasing First Album in 18 Years: Video - Boy George`s first album in 18 years, This Is What I Do, will get its North American release March 25.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Cosby to Star in New NBC Sitcom: Video - Let`s hope and pray that Cosby`s new sitcom won`t strive for relevance and trendiness by featuring kids with a gangsta attitude.
Robert Paul ReyesShocker: The Captain & Tennille Divorcing! Say it Ain't So! Video! - The Captain & Tennille have no children, but they have plenty of hits that will live on forever.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan Attends Sundance Film Festival: Video - The 27-year-old actress came to the independent cinema showcase Monday to announce that she will produce and star in a film called 'Inconceivable`that is set to start shooting in March."
John G. KaysHBO`s 'True Detective' Blows It Out of the Water; the Mini-Series Is Back! - True Detective is another grand slam for HBO! I was late to the game; didn`t hear about it until Sunday afternoon, but I got to record episode 2 (Seeings Things), which I viewed twice on MLK day, but I came to find out, my sister had taped episode 1 (The Long Bright Dark), so I got to see it too.
Robert Paul Reyes'Shipping Wars' Star Roy Garber Dies at 49, Mom Will Adopt Muffy the Cat: Video - Fans of Garber and Muffy will be glad to know that the feline will live with his mother.
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