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Shock Video! Mariah Carey is so Fat She Can Barely Dance!

A recent Mariah Carey performance is making the rounds on the internet after fans noticed that she wasn't dancing on stage.

Denise KaminskyCarson Grant's Audition Philosophy - On a winter Sunday afternoon boarding the Staten Island Ferry, the weather was unseasonable warm with the effects of El Nino on the northeastern waters of the Hudson Bay.
Denise KaminskyChating with Terry West, Author and Filmmaker - Filmmaker Terry West has been a professional author and filmmaker for about a decade. He was a drama major in college and appeared in films usually out of practicality. If an actor didn’t show up, Terry would jump right in there.
Michael BergeronClerks 2 DVD Review - Gets 10 stars - Clerks 2 is the sequel to the independent film produced by Kevin Smith, and is the story of Dante Hicks, Randall Graves, and the ever famous, Jay and Silent Bob.
Michael BergeronPulse on DVD review - This movie is about as scary as the idea of going hunting with Dick Chaney. If you are not a fan of violence, gruesome death, or anything scary, then Pulse is your cup of tea because it has none of that.
Michael BergeronGrand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP - Through software available for download on the official Liberty City Stories site, players can import music onto their PSP and listen to their custom tracks on the game radio.
SOP newswireMANOWAR reveals first parts of the cover for the upcoming CD GODS OF WAR ! - MANOWAR has started to give away parts of the CD cover for the upcoming new album GODS OF WAR, which is set to be released on February 23, 2007 in Germany ( February 26 for the rest of Europe and April 3 for the USA/Canada ).
Denise KaminskyInterview with actor Mike Lane about the film Fear of the Dark - Fear of the Dark was originally released independently in 2001 by Light and Dark Productions. The movie was distributed in 2006 by Brain Damage Films.
Inactive WriterX-Tina: Missed Her Memos? - In an awkward attempt to grow with her fan base, Aguilera has seen us through a series of surprising, even frightening, aliases. Her most recent one seems to be
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Alan Rowe Kelly, Director/Producer/Writer - Alan Rowe Kelly began an artistic career as a make up artist/hair stylist in Manhattan's fashion/commercial industry. Spent years behind the camera styling photo shoots for fashion magazines.
Denise KaminskyInterview with Brian Jude of Dragonrider Productions - Brian Jude grew up in the '70's and '80's in the Jersey Shore area - Long Branch and Howell, to be exact. I moved to northern New Jersey to go to college at Montclair
Denise KaminskyChating with Michael Todd Schneider on Maggot Films - Michael realized he wanted to be an FX artist and he considered Tom Savini's Bizarro (aka: Grand Illusions) to be his bible since kindergarten.
SOP newswire2UGGs Are Back and Everlasting! - Ladies and gentlemen, just when we prepare ourselves for a sweet goodbye to an old friend, trends come back again and slaps us fashion mavens with surprise.
Garrett GodwinChristmas: The Season for the Underdogs - The holidays are not only a time of giving and spending time with your family, it is also an important time for movies as two of them are all about the human spirit.
Garrett GodwinBig Screen Hits of 2006 - The year 2006 is coming to an end. On the big screen, it has been a year of sequels that involve good versus evil, the rebirth of two beloved heroes and the reunion of two great onscreen couples.
Julia BottlesTis the Season to be Holly - Hollywood's awards season lead up to the Academy Awards is upon us. Although the shows are often sharply criticised for their superficiality, they hold value in as markers of popular social, political, and economic opinions.
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Judyth Piazza chats with Patrick Warburton, Seinfeld - Well, I would say do your actor"s workshops and showcase. Do plays, do theater. It"s a lot of fun, it"s the best training. And it"s something I haven"t done in a long time and " I somewhat, if not a lot -- miss.
Inactive WriterAh, Tis the Season... - It was early December in Los Angeles; the weather was 75 degrees and sunny, and the air filled with the distinct feeling of loneliness and surefire distance.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)FREAK13's Chester Moore Has Some Exciting News - Playing a wild mix of metal, punk and hints of reggae the band deliver a killer set that reflect's Lehman's horror roots and takes fans on a journey to Crystal Lake.
Find of the Week: Concealer as Foundation? - A recent trip into the city of Chicago found me scurrying along the sidewalk amongst the hundreds of other weekend window shoppers, waiting for my friends to call and take me from this crazy whirlwind into a much safer (and warmer) flat.
Volume Pants, Tent Dresses, Oh MY! - You've seen them before, and they aren't going anywhere for a while; pocket and tent dresses are becoming a staple for any fashion-savvy chica next Spring.
Gretchen RossNorth Carolina Native Lands Role in DeNiro Film The Good Shepherd - Brendan Bradley is on his way to the big time. A Durham, North Carolina native and recent graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Bradley earned a part in Robert DeNiro’s new film The Good Shepherd.
SOP newswireGood Luck Symbols - The Hottest for 2007 - After giving up on New Year's resolutions that fall short by noon on Jan. 1, Americans now alter their one-day improvement plans to include the charmed life of the Lucky.
Are the Fashion Aware...Selfish? - Fashion is an interesting concept indeed. Vogue published an article in their recent November issue on why we feel compelled to scrimp
Welcome to the Rain Dog Cafe - There"s a little coffee shop right off of Michigan Ave., next to an auditorium and across the street from Buckingham Fountain. The caf" offers a customer more than a shot of espresso.
Janera FedrickSound Machine Earns Invitation to Battle of the Bands - Durham, N.C.- N.C. Central University’s band will be participating in the 2007 Honda Battle of the Bands Invitational Showcase in Atlanta,
Send in the Jeans: When Casual Chic is Just Jeans - Depending on the job, interviewers may demand the classical suit-and-tie look, or be as lax enough to look the other way when a prospective employee comes in with a hoodie and a pair of well-fitted jeans.
Denise KaminskyInterview with Director Alan Rowe Kelly on The Blood Shed - The Blood Shed was originally scheduled to shoot on weekends over a 12-day period, beginning in March 2006 and wrapping at the end of April.
Sean StubblefieldDisplaced Artifacts Refined - There is a certain tragic-ness about a talented actor whose talents are wasted or misused— either by the actor or by a director, because the actor is cast in a role that fails to utilize or engage that talent to its best and fullest extent, or because the role isn’t commiserate with that talent, or because a director provides poor direction for that talent. Unfortunately, such tragedy often befalls Rachael Cook
Janera FedrickGift Ideas for your Significant Other - It"s about time to figure out what to get your significant other for Christmas. The dilemma: You want to get them the best gift ever, but at the same time you don"t want to but a hole in your
Denise KaminskyInterview with Casey Safron, Director of Wasted Sunshine - Wasted Sunshine is dramatic comedy, following Danny Moore, a devout Alcoholics Anonymous member, on a visit to see his alcoholic, retired DA father, Victor Moore.
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