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Frank Ocean's 'Moon River' Minimalist Masterpiece

We all need a respite from the tragic news of the school shooting in Florida, relax my friends and listen to these three different takes of Moon River.

Maria GrellaOprah Winfrey signs deal with XM Satellite radio estimated at $55 million - Winfrey joins Howard Stern after 'shock jock' signed with Sirius in 2005
Saly AlhadyInternational perspective of Valentine's Day - Valentine, this mysterious saint who gave February 14th this holy shadows of love, he painted this day with the red color of romantic emotions and marked it with lover's roses.
Laurie SalemAmerican Idol Kelly Clarkson Snubs...America? - When Kelly Clarkson was announced as the winner for Best Female Pop Vocal, it was expected that included in her list of thank you's was the very entity that launched her careeer in the first place. The audience listened as she expressed
Garrett GodwinBlast to the past--remember these TV shows? - Going to the movies, going out on a date, or hanging out with friends aren't the only thing to do on weekends. If you were looking for some excitement, then you probably stayed home and watch television. Every weekend, there
Grammy Awards--a hit or miss? - Madonna, looking as glamorous and fit as ever in feathered blonde hair and lavender leotard, took to the stage and performed her underplayed but club hit, "Hung Up". The first presenters then appeared, as Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder did an awkward batter before singing an acapella verse of Wonder"s classic, "Higher Ground" in honor of Coretta King Scott and victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Maria GrellaMichael Buble's 'It's Time' Album Review - This is definitely not your grandparents swing music! Michael Bubl""s album, It"s Time, is a compilation of songs from yester-year with a modern touch. Despite minor quarks, the album flows well and has a romantic feel to it, a perfect background for Valetine"s Day.
Sean StubblefieldIn The Name of The Father - In the documentary entitled Trek Nation, the son of Gene Roddenberry seeks to better understand his father by exploring the Star Trek phenomenon
Maria GrellaThe Great Suburban Showdown At The Garden - Billy Joel Sees Shades Of Green As MSG Record Breaks
Saly AlhadyA poem titled My accidental love - It was a day like any other day, but I was busy more than usual because I have many stuff to do before evening, so I was moving fast to finish my duties but my stomach complained because it was12 and I haven't eaten any thing since the morning,
Todd WoodT. Wood's Sport Show host, Todd Wood sits down with Trick Daddy - Blessed with the chameleon-like ability to flip from a booty-shakin party starter to head-bussin hooligan to insightful educator, Miami bad boy Trick Daddy has been one of the most prolific southern talents
Maria GrellaConfessions On A Dance Floor - Warning: Confessions On A Dancefloor may cause one to submit themselves to dance, while experiencing pure listening pleasure. If you are not looking
John GoodinArt Imitates Life...The 40 Year Old Virgin - The box office big-timer of the month has been The 40 Year Old Virgin, a rather formulaic comedy centered on sex and a clumsy every-man protagonist with a heart of gold. A little further down the top-10 list, sitting comfortably with the most consistent sales performance of all, is a quaint little documentary called
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Barbara Bain, Angela Bassett, Chris Cooper, Ted Danson, Peter Graves, Samuel L. Jackson, Catherine Keener and Jeremy Piven Will Be Presenters at the 12th
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Press Release for the Local Buzz Magazine - The Stuart-based Local Buzz has joined the Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP).
Joey O\'DonnellWho Do Americans Idolize - Yesterday, when I was reading the Week in Review in the New York Times, I came upon an editorial that brought up an excellent point. The point, in a nutshell
Maria GrellaAnything To Win - "Anything To Win", a documentary program showcasing althetes who committed themselves to becoming champions, airs Tuesdays at 9 PM (ET) (PT) on the GSN.
Maria GrellaThe Phantom Of The Opera Haunts Broadway As The Longest Running Musical - The honor of being the longest running musical in Broadway history is still attributed to Andrew Lloyd Weber, but for a different story.
Maria MarchiselloSophisticated Men To Strike New Pose - Cond" Nast prepares to launch Men's Vogue, a new magazine for the sophisticated man.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)The Happiest Grouch on the Treasure Coast - Attention " Residents of the Treasure Coast, as a result of Groucho"s Comedy Club opening at its newest location at Club Med, Sandpiper, 4500 S.E. Pine Valley Street, Pt. St. Lucie the entire Treasure Coast is now under a laugh advisory.
Matthew KentLocal Buzz Magazine announces new Sales Manager for publication - Publisher says William Oquendo's experience in sales 'will make him invaluable'
Maria GrellaMovin' Out Has Moved On - When Movin’ Out settled into the Richard Rodger’s Theatre three years ago, no one quite knew what to make of it. It wasn’t a musical in the traditional sense, yet it was more than just an elaborate dance performance. With no lines
Terry Sumerlin (Mentor/Columnist)A Little Seasoning - The week before Christmas is usually one of the busiest times of the year at J.B.'s Barber Shop. It seems that everyone wants to look nice for family, photos and parties.
Melissa AustriaWild Coyote Nightclub Hits the Scene - (Stuart, FL) - Treasure Coast is welcoming a new club for the locals, tourists and anyone who likes to get wild. The new hot spot offers great entertainment
Leon (Producer) LeonJudyth Piazza chats with Glenn Swift Editor of Kettley Publishing - Glenn was a life-long resident of Vero Beach, Florida before moving to the
Sean StubblefieldWriters Blocked - Science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon is quoted as saying that 90% of anything is crud. Usually, that maxim describes a phenomenon that occurs naturally, as a matter of course.
Gretchen RossGretchen Ross interviews Anthony Rapp from the Broadway Musical RENT - The show opened at the New York Theater Workshop in the East Village in 1996, and created an immediate sensation - the combination of the quality of the production and the untimely and tragic death of its young creator, Jonathan Larson, created an energy that launched it into the theatrical stratosphere.
Maria GrellaMovie Review: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire offers a mysterious and murderous plot; forced into danger, Harry soon discovers one of his protectors has an ulterior motive. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry plays host to the Triwizard
Maria GrellaAshlee Simpson's Redemption - During an MTV performance, Milli Vanilli suffered a humiliating stumble when their vocal tracks began to skip and it was revealed to the audience that they weren’t singing live.
Maria GrellaMovie Review: The Corpse Bride - In Tim Burton’s world, everything is gray, slightly gruesome and quite wonderful. His latest picture, The Corpse Bride, will undoubtedly raise comparisons with his other
S Renee GreeneDressed for Distress - Need ideas for Halloween costumes? The tradition of dressing in costume for Halloween has both European and Celtic roots.
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