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Barry Manilow Comes Out as Gay! Top Ten Reactions


Robert Paul ReyesJohn Kerry Fist-Bumps Snoop Dogg: I Think We All Need Some Weed! Video! - John Kerry has the charisma of a head of lettuce that`s been rotting in a dumpster for a couple of weeks, and he has the hipness factor of a nursing home resident sporting a Christmas sweater.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Bikini-Clad Mariah Carey Walks Pooch in the Aspen Snow: Video! - That kind of desperate stunt is enough to make most people stop watching Miley Cyrus` latest sexy video for a moment, so they can appreciate Mariah`s well-persevered 44-year-old body.
Robert Paul ReyesCharlie Brown Xmas Special Clobbers X-Factor Finale in Ratings: Video - Good Grief! Even the round-headed kid Charlie Brown gets more respect and better ratings than the X Factor. "
Robert Paul Reyes'Duck Dynasty' Family Stands by Suspended Patriarch: Video - "Duck Dynasty" is all about the power, strength and comfort of a family unit, albeit a zany redneck family. I`m thrilled that the "Duck Dynasty" stars are standing behind their patriarch; if Phil Robertson isn`t reinstated, they should all walk.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: A & E Suspends 'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch For His View On Gays - Phil Robertson, ineloquently and inartfully, expressed a view that is held by a majority of evangelicals, and he shouldn`t be punished for exercising his constitutionally protected freedom of expression.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Dramatic Rise And Tragic Fall of Lady Gaga - Gaga is a disposable pop confection, her expiration date was yesterday, and she reeks to high heaven.
Robert Paul ReyesDuck Dynasty's Christmas Album Outsells Britney Spears' 'Britney Jean' Album - For a pop princess Britney Spears is getting a little bit long in the tooth. The pop tart has lost the blue and pink-haired youngsters, her next stop Vegas where blue-haired old ladies rule is the perfect place for her.
John G. KaysThe Miniseries 'Bonnie & Clyde' Has Total Disregard For the Chronological Sequence of Events! - Alright, so I made a mistake, Part 2 of the miniseries Bonnie & Clyde (directed by Bruce Beresford) does cover the Platte City, Mo. shootout fairly accurately, but what`s this about the star-crossed, doomed outlaws taking a sunny vacation to Panama City, Florida, with Texas Ranger Frank Hamer on their trail?
Robert Paul ReyesMiley Cyrus' #GETITRIGHT Video Destroys Christmas: Twerking Abomination! - The barbarians aren`t at the door, they`ve broken into your home and they are twerking up a storm. It`s all over, Christmas is dead.
Robert Paul ReyesDarth Vader Posts Selfie on Instagram: Video - Now that everyone from 70-year-old Geraldo Rivera to Darth Vader has posted a selfie online, maybe this vile and narcissistic fad has finally run its course.
John G. KaysThe History Channel`s '9/11 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction' Gives You Both Sides! - The History Channel`s The 911 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction?, recently rotated again (and which I thought to record this time), is a good overview to the still, ever lingering doubts and debates that surround what really happened on September 11th, 2001.
Robert Paul ReyesRoseanne Barr Vows Never to Work in TV Again: God Let's Hope So! - Roseanne Barr is on a downward spiral to irrelevance, let`s hope To God she`s true to her word and stays away from TV forever.
Robert Paul ReyesThe 2013 Kardashian Christmas Card Is An Illuminati Abomination - The sights and sounds of Christmas are in full effect: There`s a Santa in every mall, snow on the ground, choirs singing Christmas carols, and the Kardashians have revealed their annual Christmas card.
Robert Paul ReyesABC's 'Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular' Bombs Spectacularly! Video! - Listen girlfriend, everything you put out from your latest album ArtPop to this satanic collaboration with the Muppets is pure unadulterated crap!
Robert Paul ReyesThe Killers' Drummer: I Saw A UFO! Video! - The Killers need to play up the UFO angle, they should release a few drones that look like UFO`s during one of their concerts, I tell you they will be bigger than One Direction!
Robert Paul ReyesLady Gaga's 'ArtPop' (ArtPoop?) Flops! Video! - Lady Gaga and her music label squandered millions promoted her crap album. Lady Gaga needs to take a long vacation, and listen to Adele`s albums non-stop, and maybe she will get a clue.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Brian The Dog, Beloved 'Family Guy' Character Killed Off: Video - Brian is more human than canine, he sips martinis, engages in witty repartee, although he does retain some pet-like qualities.
Robert Paul ReyesKaty Perry's Racist Geisha-Themed Performance At American Music Awards: Video - Katy Perry dressed up as a geisha for her rendition of Unconditionally during the American Music Awards and some of the viewers thought her act was racist.
Robert Paul ReyesMonster Kitten Steals Show From Miley Cyrus At American Music Awards: Video - Last night at the American Music Awards Miley Cyrus was dressed like an instructor at a Jazzercise class in a 3rd rate cruise ship bound for the Aleutian Islands.
Robert Paul ReyesRodney Dangerfield Website Goes Live For His 92nd Birthday: Video - Dangerfield embodied his tag line I can`t get no respect ", he looked like a sad sack everyman who never took first place, but get plugging away.
SOP newswire2See Steve Tyrell Live November 26 - December 31 - Steve Tyrell for a six-week holiday engagement,November 26 " December 31, 2013. His new show, titled Wordsmiths
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Adam Levine Named People's Sexiest Man Alive: Video - Adam Levine, foppish pop star, noted narcissist, and coach on NBC`s talent reality show The Voice " has been officially named People`s Sexiest Man Alive.
Robert Paul ReyesJennifer Lopez Does Her Own Amazing Stunt for Commercial - The diva has a hair stylist do her hair, a make-up expert apply her mascara, a pedicurist scrape her corns, a dental hygienist floss her teeth, a massage therapist rub away the pains and aches, and a flunky wipe her huge ass after using the little girls room, hmm maybe that`s a job for two flunkies.
Robert Paul ReyesJean-Claude Van Damme's Epic Split Goes Viral! Van Damme is God! Video! - If a 50-something (hell, if anybody) tried pulling off this stunt, he would split his pants, soil his drawers and die of a heart attack.
Robert Paul ReyesAlec Baldwin Anti-Gay Bigot Gets Free Pass From Media: Video - Anti-homosexual expletives are Baldwin`s default outlet when expressing his outrage and frustration. Evidently in spite of his public support of gay rights, he feels that the worst thing person can be is a homosexual or lesbian
John G. KaysPBS` 'JFK: One P.M. Central Standard Time' Documents How Walter Cronkite Revolutionized TV Journalism! - As I type these words (as empty as they may be against the motion of History`s perpetual rotation), an affirmation comes to mind of how Walter Cronkite must have felt when he took command of the television airwaves (from NYC), at 12:40 PM (CST, such as Dallas), to announce (initially, just on the radio) three shots were fired at President Kennedy`s motorcade in downtown Dallas.
John G. Kays'Capturing Oswald' on the Military Channel Fails to Erase Misgivings About Dallas Police Performance! - Yet the account is incomplete. Was it the movie ticket woman, Julia Postal, the one who called the police, or was it the usher and concession stand employee, Don Burroughs, who called the cops. Or did they both call them? I had always heard that neither of them saw Oswald enter the theater.
Jay ForteExtreme Commercialism: Rethinking How to Celebrate The Holidays - They`re back - The holidays. From mid to November to early January, many faiths and traditions celebrate. It has indeed the potential to be the most wonderful time of the year " a message that much of the music of the season shares with us.
Robert Paul ReyesHoney Boo Boo's Sister, Anna, Farts During Interview With Steve Harvey: Video - Steve Harvey`s eyes bugged out in shock when Anna let one rip; homegirl may have the body of a Hollywood starlet, but she has the smelly butt of a hillbilly.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan's Selfie Reveals Her Slutty Nature - A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this selfie screams out one word: Skank
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