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Jimmy Kimmel Chokes Up Discussing Cecil the Lion: Video

The cowardly dentist has gone into hiding, what delicious irony the hunter has become the hunted, it would be poetic justice if he was tracked down, skinned alive and beheaded.

Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan's Raunchy Leggings Ad - Lohan lustily poses in the leggings, clutching a strip*er pole in one shot and wearing a ripped pair that reveals much of her leg. The garments will run between $60 and $132."
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: The Horror! The Horror! Amy Winehouse Raps! - Amy Winehoue has mastered the genres of jazz and soul, but the crackhead chanteuse is out of her depth trying to rap.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Josh Sands, Creator and Founder of the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy - Judyth Piazza chats with Josh Sands, Creator and Founder of the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy on The American Perspective Radio Program.
Robert Paul ReyesDavid Letterman: Creep Of The Century - Letterman's on-air confession of having sexual relationships with women who worked for him was creepy to the max.
Robert Paul Reyes"So You Think You Can Dance" Scandal: Dancer Exposes Lady Parts - It's an outrage that this nameless contestant tried to undermine a family show, if she wanted to let her freak flag fly high she could have auditioned for countless of dubious reality shows.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Gaga Named Billboard's Rising Star Of 2009 - Lady Gaga will be honored as "Rising Star" at the 2009 Billboard Women in Music event Friday in New York.
Robert Paul ReyesDoes Amy Winehouse Want To Settle Down And Have A Family? - Amy Winehouse's pal Kelly Osbourne claimed last week that the troubled pop star wants to 'have a family, settle down and be left alone'.
John G. KaysMacKenzie Phillips` Sorted Tale Will Be The 'Story Of The Year' For 2009! - I will be so bold as to declare that this will be deemed "the story of the year for 2009.` You will hear all the leaves are brown " blasting out of car stereos and from the notebooks of "New Professionals` cruising the stalls of Starbucks.
Robert Paul ReyesPop Tart Britney Spears Gets Joint Custody Of Her Kids - Britney and KFed will be splitting custody of their two kids through the end of the year, according to TMZ.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan Booted From Hotel - Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have blowup fight in New York City.
Robert Paul ReyesMadonna's Bro Makes Fun Of The Material Girl - Madonna's brother is a catty little bit**. Normally we don't care for that, but since he's directing his insults toward his sister, we're thrilled.
Robert Paul ReyesNewsflash: Paris Hilton Buys A Book - While shopping for books (seriously, she was), Paris Hilton's bright pink princess Barbie Bentley was the recipient of a parking ticket.
Robert Paul ReyesMika: Lady Gaga Doesn't Have Man Parts - Technicolor tunesmith Mika has paddled into the Lady Gaga gender debate by announcing his eccentric pop pal is all WOMAN.
Robert Paul ReyesDrugs Destroy Amy Winehouse's Teeth - We've all seen those pics of meth heads with decaying teeth, but Amy's choppers make those meth heads look like models for teeth whitening products.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: 2006 Performance By A Normal-Looking Lady Gaga - This is a video of Lady Gaga performing "Hollywood" at the "Bitter End" in January of 2006. Witness Stefani Germanotta before she became "Lady Gaga": A pantless blond drag queen of dubious gender identity.
SOP newswire2The Merry-Go-Round Man - His father was the one with the connections, yet he had gotten a worse job than the seven other boys he had helped get in,
Robert Paul ReyesNew Michael Jackson Song To Be Released: The King Lives! - This is the opening salvo of an onslaught of new Michael Jackson material, and I predict the new single will be a hit.
Robert Paul ReyesAmy Winehouse Spits On Teen Bully - Winehouse, 26, showed she can put a middle school bully in her place, spitting on and insulting her goddaughter's supposed torturer.
Robert Paul ReyesTop 10 Most Irritating Celebrities - We`ve seen as much of the pop tart as her gynecologist, and we are as sick of her as her psychiatrist.
SOP newswire2Sedgwick & Cedar and Koe Rodriguez Announce Exclusive Photo Collaboration With Joe Conzo, Ernie Paniccioli and Jamel Shabazz - The limited edition designs by S&C 73 will include signatures and special hangtags for each collection of the 3 photographer`s historic work behind the lens.
SOP newswire2"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" Invites Applications From Producers - "THE MINI-SUBMARINE" is a new novelette for an exciting film, a romantic thriller of espionage and adventure which takes place in Stockholm archipelago.
Robert Paul ReyesMichael Jackson Refused To Collaborate With Madonna - Madonna has claimed that Michael Jackson was too shy to ever collaborate with her.
Robert Paul ReyesKermit The Frog And Lady Gaga: Not An Item - Lady Gaga and Kermit the Frog shared a smooch at the VMAs red carpet, and immediately the rumors started. Lady Gaga may be used to all sorts of allegations swirling around her, but Kermit eschews controversy.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Paul Francis Sullivan, I'll Believe You" - Paul Francis Sullivan and Ted Sullivan are movie enthusiasts and Emmy nominees for their television work.
SOP newswire3Newest UN Goodwill Ambassador: Gisele Bundchen - Gisele B√ľndchen of Brazil has been designated a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo: Lady Gaga's Controversial MTV Performance - Anti-suicide advocates have slammed Lady Gaga's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, blasting her for "romanticizing suicide" with her gory stage performance of song "Paparazzi."
Robert Paul ReyesNewlywed Game Goes Gay - George Takei & Brad Altman will be the first gay couple to appear in the Newlywed Game.
Tony GraffPop Culture Saturated With Violence - As much as we don't want to admit it, we are a culture that likes violence
Robert Paul ReyesLady Gaga And Madonna Have Little Talk - Lady GaGa met up with Madonna on Monday night at a Marc Jacobs fashion show in New York.
Robert Paul ReyesPatrick Swayze Dirty Dancing In Heaven - Patrick Swayze died Monday after battling pancreatic cancer for almost two years. He died at the relatively young age of 57.
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