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Robert Paul ReyesAncient Egyptian Bust Resembles The King Of Pop - There's an eerie sight in Chicago's Field Museum. An ancient Egyptian bust that's a dead ringer for Michael Jackson.
Robert Paul ReyesBilly Mays' Death Linked To Cocaine - Cocaine use was a 'contributory cause' in the heart attack death of infomercial star Billy Mays in June, the Hillsborough County, Fla., medical examiner's office reported.
R.J. SmithChoose Your Own Adventure, The lol Version - This is an experiment in writing. I missed the old books, couldn't find them anywhere, so I decided to write my own. I hope you have fun playing through.
Robert Paul ReyesMichael Jackson Rules The Pop Charts - Rapper Fabolous ruled the Billboard 200 album chart for the first time in his career on Wednesday, but a Michael Jackson's hits collection sold more copies and becomes the year's second-best selling album.
Robert Paul ReyesThe King Of Pop's Chimp Bubbles To Pen Tell-All Book - Bubbles the chimp, Michael Jackson's one-time protégé, is set to release a tell-all memoir about his time with the late music icon.
Devinder SharmaThe Indian TV Landscape - The state of the Indian TV today - It takes all to make the Indian TV.
Robert Paul ReyesAmy Winehouse's Dad Makes A Record - Amy Winehouse's dad, Mitch, is a taxi driver. But he's started recording an album of Frank Sinatra covers, along with a sprinkling of his own songs
Devinder SharmaIntroduction to Bollywood - The international entertainment industry has woken to the reality of Bollywood and cinema goers curious about Indian films this short article provides a bird`s eye view of Bollywood.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! William Shatner Channels Sarah Palin - Shatner is a pimp (that's a compliment), and he is beloved by people of all ages. He isn't afraid to tackle any role, and recently he took on the challenge of channeling Sarah Palin.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Omer Bhatti Michael Jackson's Son? - Joe Jackson asserts Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old dancer and aspiring rapper from Oslo, Norway is the pop icon's estranged fourth child.
Robert Paul ReyesKatherine Jackson Wins Custody Of Michael Jackson's Children - Michael Jackson's mother will get custody of the late pop star's three children after reaching an agreement with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, avoiding a custody battle only days before a court hearing on the matter.
Robert Paul ReyesSand Sculpture Tribute To The King Of Pop - A sand sculpture has been made of Michael Jackson as a tribute to the singer.
Robert Paul ReyesJoan Rivers Drops F-bomb On Live TV. Can't Take A Joke! - Joan Rivers is so old and plastic surgeons have stretched her face so tight, I'm surprised the old broad can still talk. After an interview the comedian has to rest her big mouth for the rest of the day.
Robert Paul ReyesBe Afraid, Be Very Afraid Of Madonna's Arms - Madonna or Madge as she is known now that she's a bit older looks marvelous for her age, as long as she keeps her arms covered.
Robert Paul ReyesThe King Of Pop's Hair To Be Turned Into Diamonds - A lock of Michael Jackson's hair that was charred during a disastrous Pepsi commercial shoot is being turned into commemorative jewelery.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Michael Jackson Name His Daughter After Paris Hilton? - Socialite Paris Hilton has claimed that the late 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson named his daughter after her.
Robert Paul ReyesHow Much Humiliation Can Lindsay Lohan Take? - Lindsay Lohan and her on-again-off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson engaged in another late night fight, resulting in the actress' clothes being thrown out into the street.
Robert Paul ReyesOctomom Signs Up For Reality TV Show - The mother of octuplets born in Los Angeles last January has signed a 250,000-dollar-agreement for her children to star in a reality television show
Robert Paul ReyesIs Paris Hilton A Bimbo Slut? - Paris Hilton insists that she's not a stupid slut. Dear Lord, what's next? Oprah Winfrey: I'm not a fat gazillionaire!
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Buy An Amy Winehouse Perfume? - Amy Winehouse may launch a fragrance as part of her image makeover, because who wouldn't want to smell like hair spray, ciggies, and Camden Lock?
Robert Paul ReyesMadonna's Erotic Phone Messages To Be Auctioned - 'Madonna Erotic Phone Messages' will be among several lots of Material Girl-related arcana up for grabs next week in the Rock & Roll Pop Art Auction. Minimum bid: $25,000
Robert Paul ReyesBrit Rupert Everett Calls King Of Pop A "Freak" - Rupert Everett apparently hasn't heard the old maxim about not speaking ill of the deceased, telling the The Mirror that the King of Pop is better off dead.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan: My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours - A few years ago Lindsay Lohan was sashaying down red carpets, and appearing at world premieres of her movies. The anorexic star is now reduced to hawking a fake tan spray and hawking a milkshake named after her.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Lindsay Lohan A Genius? - MOTHER of actress Lindsay Lohan, Dina, says the troubled star is a 'genius', media reported on Wednesday.
Robert Paul ReyesThe King Of Pop's Nose Is Missing - Michael Jackson wore a prosthetic nose, according a report - and it was missing from his surgically mangled face as he lay in an LA morgue.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Paula Abdul Leaving American Idol? - Paula Abdul may not return to 'American Idol' for a ninth season, her manager claimed in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times.
Robert Paul ReyesNewsflash: Lindsay Lohan Likes To Shock People - Lindsay Lohan looks sweet and innocent with her freckles and her naturally red locks. I wish she wouldn`t dye her hair blond and cover up her freckles.
Robert Paul ReyesOctomom Update: Octoghost, Octokid Goes Bonkers And More Drama - The National Enquirer suggested that one of Suleman's children attacked Grandma with a steak knife.
Robert Paul ReyesLaToya Releases Single As Tribute To Michael Jackson - A song LaToya Jackson previously recorded to honor her family is now being re-released as a tribute to her brother Michael.
Robert Paul ReyesAdult Flick Pokes Fun At Lindsay Lohan - The Larry Flynt empire serves up a skin flick starring a Lohan look-a-like trysting with Ron Jeremy while a Samantha Ronson 'doppelganger looks on.
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