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Bill Cosby: Racism and Misogyny Drove Him to Rape!

Cosby didn`t have to rape any women; his celebrity was enough of a lure to attract more women than he could possibly satisfy in a dozen lifetimes. But Cosby enjoyed defiling and degrading vulnerable young white women, racism and power is what motivated the monster.

Robert Paul ReyesParis Hilton's Neighbors Hate The Pop Tart - Paris Hilton's neighbour has offered her landlord more money than the rent she pays to evict his new tenant.
Robert Paul ReyesMadonna Not Ready To Marry Jesus Luz - I hope that Madonna doesn't marry Jesus Luz, the headline "Madonna marries Jesus" would be sacrilegious and nauseating.
Robert Paul ReyesFinally Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Offered A Movie Role - Lindsay Lohan is making headlines because she's been offered a role in the indie fantasy comedy "The Other Side".
Robert Paul ReyesBorn Again Hottie Carrie Prejean Will Host Fox And Friends - I think it's a requirement that female Fox News anchors and reporters be former models or beauty queens. The Fox News air personalities dress like hookers, they invariably wear skirts so short that they would make Britney Spears blush
SOP newswire2Museum of Tolerance to Screen Islam-Bashing Film - The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today called on the Simon Wiesenthal Center
Robert Paul ReyesCanada Almost Banned Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay Lohan was interrogated by immigration officials in Canada during the weekend and they even considered banning her from the country because of her drunken driving convictions.
Robert Paul ReyesSupermodel Iman: Michelle Obama Not Beautiful But Bright - US First Lady Michelle Obama is not a "great beauty," but will "just get better with age," Iman, one of the first black supermodels, says in a magazine interview.
Robert Paul ReyesSanity Prevails: Carrie Prejean Day Gets The Axe - The good people of the Vista Unified School District in San Diego have spoken -- and 'biblically correct' topless model Carrie Prejean will not get a day in her honor.
Christopher HIllenbrandGuests on Jay's Last Week Hosting "Tonight Show" Released - The 59-year-old "Tonight Show" host swore "something really out of the left field" would be in store for his last show in the 11:30 time slot at the NBC Studios in Burbank, California.
Robert Paul ReyesSarah Palin Lends Support To Born Again Carrie Prejean - I'm not surprised that one intellectually-challenged and inarticulate beauty queen has come out in support of another intellectually-challenged and inarticulate beauty queen.
Robert Paul ReyesBorn Again Carrie Prejean's Hypocrisy Renders Her Useless As Role Model - Prejean missed the countless passages in the Bible that admonish a woman to be modestly dressed. I don't think exposing your nipples in a photo shoot qualifies as "modestly dressed."
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan's House So Messy Cops Thought Burglar Had Ransacked It - A burglar alarm led police to Lindsay Lohan's house, where officers found evidence of a potential break-in and ransacking. Turns out the mess belonged to Lohan.
Robert Paul ReyesBorn Again Carrie Prejean: More Nude Pics May Surface - Born again Miss California Carrie Prejean wouldn't know the truth if it bit her surgically enhanced breasts
Robert Paul ReyesBorn Again Carrie Prejean Blames Topless Pic On Gust Of Wind - Prejean's excuse for one of the topless pics that has been released online is priceless: "The wind was blowing that day."
Robert Paul ReyesIs Lindsay Lohan Pregnant? - Things just seem to be going from bad to worse for Lindsay Lohan - the actress is reportedly pregnant.
Robert Paul ReyesAudience Thrilled When Storm Cuts Short Amy Winehouse Concert - Heavy rains forced the trouble-ridden British singer to cut short a performance at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival on Friday, her first gig in 2009. Fans couldn't have been more pleased, according to the BBC.
Christopher HIllenbrandLate-Night Host Reaches Out To Unemployed Main Street America - Jay Leno, host of "The Tonight Show", plans to reach out to unemployed workers in Wilmington, Ohio, through his inimitable brand of topical humor: perhaps broaching on hitting close to home.
Robert Paul ReyesNew Documentary "Outrage" Claims Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Is Gay - You don't have to be gay or be blessed with the gift of discernment to figure out that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is gay.
Robert Paul ReyesCarrie Prejean's Fate May Be Decided Monday - The Miss California USA pageant says its co-directors plan to address whether Carrie Prejean will hold onto her crown amid allegations of contract violations
Robert Paul ReyesRecent Movies Generating Controversy - Terminator Salvation, Star Trek and Angels & Demons generating controversy.
Robert Paul ReyesMadonna Hires English Tutor For Boy Toy Jesus Luz - Pop superstar MADONNA is spending a staggering $1,000 a week on a tutor to teach her Brazilian boyfriend English.
Robert Paul ReyesDina Lohan: Mommie Dearest On Steroids - Dina Lohan is slamming recent reports that question her parenting skills and claim that her 15-year-old daughter, Ali, is socializing instead of studying.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloBaka Beyond 'Beyond The Forest` CD Album Out - 'Beyond The Forest' is Baka Beyond's best work yet. The haunting, mystical vocals on the album were recorded on a solar-powered 8-track machine in the middle of the Cameroon rainforest.
Robert Paul ReyesShould Carrie Prejean Accept A Cool Million To Star In Porn Movie? - Carrie Prejean has been offered a whopping one million dollars for doing a porn movie role.
Robert Paul ReyesPop Tart Britney Spears Buys Oxygen Chamber To Protect Her Voice - Spears is buying a $20,000 oxygen chamber in a bid to protect her voice. Sources say she is currently very worried about bad air and its long term affects on her career.
Robert Paul ReyesParis Hilton: I Can Bring About World Peace By Throwing A Party - Paris Hilton has suggested that she could end conflict between the US and other countries by throwing a party.
Robert Paul ReyesLindsay Lohan Leading Her Younger Sis Straight To Hell - Lohan has always been and always will be a party girl. And while it wasn't enough that she messed up her own career, she's taking her lil sis Ali Lohan down with her
Christopher HIllenbrandActor/Comedian Dom DeLuise Passes Away at 75 - Dom DeLuise, the ample sized actor/comedian whose larger-than-life jovial animated personas are as well-known as his earlier zany comedy in many
Robert Paul ReyesBorn Again Hottie: Nude Pics Of Carrie Prejean - The first of a reputed six racy photos of Carrie Prejean, donning little more than her traditional family values, leaked online.
Robert Paul ReyesBritney Spears Can't Live Without Her Stripper Pole - Britney Spears has requested a stripper pole be installed in her hotel room.
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