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Determining The Source of Your Fears and Anxieties

A person can find the source of his or her own fears by doing some self-evaluation and also by talking to a professional.

Mark A. ChristensenAnd "Justice For All".... - "....The Pledge of Alligeance recited assured the people! But a corrupt legal system spiraling out of control more every day, only honors the few deceitful and liars, bringing shame to new levels.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)MIRACLES: They Happen When You Least Expect Them! - Year 1969. It was a snowy Boston Saturday. I had planned to buy a small gift in the shop across the street and go to my fiance's birthday party.
SOP newswire2Gal Stop Trying to Be a Woman When You Are Only a Gal - Gal you strut around in your fancy clothes, your makeup, high heels and skin tight clothes. Gal stop trying to be a woman when you`re only a gal at 8 years old.
Tony GraffGetting a Life - With so many distractions, it's easy to lose sight of what matters
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Being Afraid of Your Own Shadow - Have you ever known someone who was afraid of his or her own shadow"book smart, but uneducated in the ways of business; a hard worker, but continually passed over for promotions; always present
Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, BangladeshBest Companion of My Life - Lawyers are considered as social engineers, that is why the amicable relationship among lawyers is very important in order to serve the society, nation and also the world.
Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, BangladeshChowdhury Faria Dhaka Bangladesh - Lawyers are considered as social engineers, that is why the amicable relationship among lawyers are very important in order to serve the society, nation and also the world.
SOP newswire2More 10 Percent of Israelis are Gay - Liz Trubeshi's family and friends said that she was straight but visited the centre to show her support. "She was one of
Rocco LoosbrockGet the perfect Bacon Gifts for the Pork Lover in your life this Holiday Season - Well bacon has continued to be all the rage this year! People love the sweet and savory smell of bacon. The uncontrollable urge to drool and salivate as its smell floats through the air and smacks you in the nose. Ah the memories of the smell of bacon!
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Finding Love and Losing it in London - Once, a delightful French girl had come to our agency looking for work as au-pair. A friend of mine and his wife needed an au-pair for their two year old son.
Prince Nelson Balina Omukisa YigaHer Name Was Elizabeth - That year was 1987; I was barely 15 when a woman showed up at my stepmom`s small retail shop.
S. D.Why Consider Adoption - It`s a fact that the earth has limited resources. It is also a fact that the earth`s population is growing exponentially faster with each passing year. Whether you choose to believe that our world can hold
Mark A. ChristensenAuthors Prelude to Coming Articles "My Brothers Keeper"! - AUTHOR PRELUDE TO MY BROTHERS KEEPER: The truth behind our failing, 'American Justice System'
SOP newswire2Divorce: A Liberating and Healthy Experience - Most people agree that divorce can be devastating, but newly emerging expert opinions say that it doesn`t have to be. In fact, they say, divorce can actually bring happiness into many people`s lives.
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)Interracial Children and Social Risks - After creating an imbroglio because he refused to perform a marriage ceremony for a White woman and a Black man, Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell resigned under pressure.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Svetlana, Founder and President of DramaFreeDating.Com - Svetlana is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary as the premiere exclusive concierge matchmaker for upscale men and women in Southern California and nationwide.
SOP newswire2Green Eyed Monsters are Jealous and Doubting Husbands - The central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is witness to a growing number of cases of husbands torturing their wives on suspicions of infidelity
Clayton S. JeppsenCherubim and a Flaming Sword Can Save Your Marriage - If you don`t believe that there are two opposing forces in this world, good vs. evil " light and dark, than you needn`t read on. If you have not faith, what do you have?
SOP newswire2Ordinary People Finding Small Miracles - Askin Ozcan relates thirty stunning miraculous incidents from his life in different countries, in his book "SMALL MIRACLES"
Ignatius FernandezIn Praise of Praising - Why are we miserly in praising others, when we know that it works wonders in all relationships? Wanting praise is natural. Giving praise should come easy when we realize that by praising others, we ensure that we receive praise.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Humor Makes us Love Life - Humor uplifts our souls, enriches our lives and makes us forget our problems, even though temporarily, regardless we are in the "happy" or the " tragic" zone of life. It is the sunshine of our spiritual life.
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)Vuja de - A Fresh Way of Looking at Things - It amazes me that as human beings we become conditioned to accept what life offers without questioning if there is a better way.
Ignatius FernandezDoes Revenge Make Sense? - Revenge harms us in more ways than one. Body and mind, performance and self-respect suffer. Only the strong can forgive.
Rocco LoosbrockSwine & Wine Is Getting Bacon Freak & CVWine.com Huge Accolades - Anyone who has ever experienced a "Swine and Wine" party, event or meal knows that it`s not the fact that this delectably delicious dietary delight is being enthusiastically welcomed with open arms and engulfed with open mouths.
Ignatius FernandezThe Art of Giving is the Art of Living - Giving does not come naturally. We need to be motivated by the sacrifices others make. More often that not, the financially deprived give us an example we cannot ignore.
Ignatius FernandezDisciplining Is a Risky Task - Disciplining is the unpleasant part of parenting which cannot be wished away. When it is done with love, in the child's interest, it is disciplining.
SOP newswire2The Kids Are Dangerous: Move On - Anwar Sheikh, 78, is not tall by any standards. The five feet two inches, bearded man appears even more stooped
Ron VarsanoTime for The Kids To Go Back to School But This Time it's College - The emotions parents go through when their first child heads off for college.
Ignatius FernandezWhen Parents Guide Children (continued): Wise Parental Instructions - When parents guide children wisely, there is a fair chance that children will build strong characters. A good tree bears good fruit.
Matthew VosslerDomestic Happiness and the T.V. Remote - Here's an old chicken and the egg problem; are couples who naturally communicated well more likely to share the TV remote?
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