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Determining The Source of Your Fears and Anxieties

A person can find the source of his or her own fears by doing some self-evaluation and also by talking to a professional.

Stan PopovichDo Not Let Your Friends Pressure You Into Getting Married - Some people will try to rush you into getting married when you are in a current relationship. Here are 6 tips on how to deal with your friends who are pressuring you to get married.
Stan PopovichHow To Manage The Fear Of Commitment In A Relationship - Some people are afraid of commitment In a relationship. Here are some ideas on what to do when dealing with this important issue.
Stan PopovichThe Benefits Of Seeing A Marriage Counselor - Getting professional help for dealing with your relationships and marriage is very important. Many people are reluctant to get the help they need for various reasons. Making excuses of not getting help for your problems is not the answer. Here are a few reasons on why getting help is important.
Jay Forte5 Life Success Lessons - Wisdom From A Wise Mom - You are as old as you think you are. Though Mom turns 80 today, there is nothing about her (save some really gray hair) that makes anyone think she is 80.
Keith JohnsonLet 365 Amazing Affirmations Bring You Needed Change - You can feel how each affirmation has its place and importance and from there you can map your tasks and success with a solid and positive thought at the foundation. Here is the books' webpage at Create Space by Amazon.
Jay ForteGay Author Jay Forte Speaks Out on Gay Athlete Jason Collins - There is A Call To Come Out Of Your Closet - Stop Hiding and Start Living Your Greatness
Stan PopovichThe Experiences of a Managing Fear Author - I was eighteen and I was going to the main campus at Penn State to start college. I really wanted to go to Penn State however the odds of me succeeding Were against me.
Stan PopovichHow I Managed My Fears of The Future - I struggled with fear and anxiety for 20 years and one of the greatest fears I had to deal with was dealing with the fear of the future.
Jay ForteRetired: Now What? - Helping Boomers Feel Relevant, Vibrant and Valuable in Retirement
Stan PopovichDealing With Fear of Aging - I sometimes wonder what will happen to me when I get older. My biggest fear is what will happen to me as I age and what may happen to me as my health starts to go downhill. Here is a list of techniques I use to help manage the fear and anxiety of getting older.
Jay Forte5 Ways to Wake Up Happy Each Day - I have a brain that never slows down, and for the longest time, the first moments of each morning were the worst part of my day.
Jay ForteWhy Feeling Accepted Is So Important: The Real Issue Behind Why Gays Want To Marry - We crave acceptance. To be accepted makes us feel like we belong - we feel normal.
Robert Paul ReyesVideo! Baby Mops Onesies: Put Your Baby To Work Mopping Floors - I hate babies; all they do is burp, fart, poop and cry. They are selfish miserable creatures, but now I finally see a good reason to get one.
Jay ForteToo Many Choices? Four Steps To End Indecision And Get On With Your Life - Narrow down the vision. Many times we see too many things because we don`t limit our scope. Start by asking yourself this question:
Jay ForteCome Out Of Your Closet: Stop Hiding And Start Living Your Greatness - I spent many years in the closet hiding who I really was. I lived in constant fear of being found out.
Harry J. GetzovHarry J. Getzov "gOLD" Nuggets interviews Manny Weinstein On Love & Marriage - Some of us -- apparently, very few of us -- are so lucky as to be able to spend our brief time here on Earth with a life-long partner - their valentine.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Psychologist Dr. Judy Shares Advice and Reaction to the Movie 'The Impossible' - The Impossible: Advice and reaction from a psychologist/first responder on seeing the film about the 2004 Asian Tsunami
SOP newswire2How to Keep the Sizzle in Your Relationship - Falling in love is magical, but staying in love can feel like the impossible dream! This Valentine`s Day rekindle the fire in your romance with three easy tips offered by Deanna Brann, PhD.
SOP newswireLearn How to Awaken Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions in Your Life! - We each possess an intuitive healing code within us that contains the blueprints for our health, happiness and survival of everything that is good here on earth.
SOP newswire2An Unexpected Christmas Hero Finds His Way Home - It is a story made for Christmas, family, reunions, and miracles. It started with a homeless man, a family that missed him, and a book cover.
Dr. Annabelle R. CharbitWhy Your Childless Girlfriends Are Worth Their Weight in Gold - When you become a mom, remember to hold onto your childless girl friends, because more than ever, they will be worth their weight in gold. Not so for your new mom friends though...
SOP newswire2Tis the Season- to tell massive lies to your kids about Santa Claus! - Fake It: More than 100 Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts Every Woman Needs to Know
SOP newswire2Happy Thanksgiving: Tips to Keep the Peace this Holiday Season - You can see it coming...the joy, the stress, the fun, the questions, the arguments. The holiday season is upon us.
SOP newswireHow to Re-Strategize for 2013 - Have you met your strategic goals for 2012? 2011? 2010? Have you experienced Recession, Bankruptcy, or Downsizing?
SOP newswire221 Ways to Celebrate Gratitude During Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving season is soon approaching and one author is taking this opportunity to encourage a spirit of gratitude.
SOP newswire27 Tips For Future-Focused Life - Is Fear or Worry Destroying Your Future? 7 Ways to Get Hope and Peace
Mimi AmaralAgeSong: Senior Community Living that is Reestablishing the Role of Elders within Society - AgeSong embarks on restoring the belief that elders get better with age; through the lived experience elders have a lot to offer: wisdom, depth, wonder, mystery and beauty.
Dr. Judith Orloff (Mentor)Learn How to Build Your Self - Esteem - As a psychiatrist, I realize that comparing is a natural tendency we all have. It can be absolutely neutral, as when you merely evaluate similarities and differences.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)'Hope Springs' Movie Replicates Real-Life Sex Counseling - Noted sexuality expert Dr Judy Kuriansky says movie replicates real- life sex counseling
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Which Brings YOU Happiness: Love or Money? - If I asked you to rate how important love and money are to you, giving each a proportion out of 100 percent, what would you say?
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