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Determining The Source of Your Fears and Anxieties

A person can find the source of his or her own fears by doing some self-evaluation and also by talking to a professional.

Stan PopovichWhat to Do When Your Spouse Stresses You Out - What can you do when your spouse stresses you out? Instead of yelling at one another, there are ways to reduce conflicts and your stresses. Here are some suggestions on how to not let your spouse stress you out.
Stan PopovichBeing Stoned or Drunk Won't Make People Like Your More or Take Away Your Fears - Alcohol and substance abuse or any other addictions will not take away your problems and fears. In the short run, they might make you feel better, but in the long run these addictions will only make things worse.
Stan PopovichWhen Someone You Know Struggles With Fear, Anxiety and Stress - What do you do when someone you know has to deal with persistent fears, anxieties, or even depression?
Stan PopovichHow To Convince A Celebrity Or Addict To Get Help - Here are six suggestions on how to convince a person struggling with alcohol or drugs to get the help they need to get better.
Don G. HalbertRandy Berg: Making Pipe Dreams Reality for Over 10 Years - You may have thought owning a beachfront home in some far off tropical locale might be nothing more than a pipe dream -- Randy Berg of CR-HOME looks to change that.
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)That's My Daddy: Real and Authentic - Be real. Be authentic. Put your truth on the table about how you are really doing. I can promise you that when you do your life will make a significant shift.
Donna CavanaghCan a Text Message Predict our Future? - People rely on cell phones for many things, but this might go to far. Are you addicted to your cell phone?
SOP newswireGuide to Balancing Work and Home for Whole-Life Success - Ed and Ellen Schack offer practically helpful guidelines on balancing work and home for successful living in both spheres.
SOP newswire2Is Social Media Bad for Teenagers? - New Study: Big Jump in Teens Who Say Social Media Has Made Them More Aware of the Needs of Others
Dr. Annabelle R. CharbitPregnancy Weight Gain - It's all very well being told to stick to a weight gain of one pound a week, but as we all know biology doesn't always work according to even your best laid plans.
Donna CavanaghCoffee and Keurig: A Love Match - Everyone I know has a Keurig. I am debating its value in my caffeine-sated life
SOP newswire2Take The 'Unexpected' Out of Death: Be Prepared! - According to a study by Boston College, an estimated $41 trillion will transfer from the World War II and Baby Boomer generations to heirs by the year 2052, making it the largest transfer of wealth in America`s history.
SOP newswire2Celebrity Branding Expert Amanda "the bizgal" on Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston was an icon. She was legendary because she shared with the world an envious local range that many strive to conquer but few come close.
SOP newswire2Three Simple Ways to Attain True Love - So many people go searching for their true love in nightclubs, singles clubs, through online dating sites and among friends of friends.
Dr. Judith Orloff (Mentor)Anonymous Giving, Generosity, and Tithing Recipe for Good Karma - Generosity is an expansive energy. As Norman Lear told me in an interview for the book, "You receive as you give.
Donna CavanaghInternet Royalty: The Duchess of Digital Media Donna Cavanagh - The Internet is a wonderful place but still there are those who take advantage and use the open atmosphere as an excuse to just yell at everyone.
SOP newswire2Super Bowl Party Clean-up Tips - Super Bowl is great for fan and non-fan alike, the commercials are always a talker, but the mess from the party ". it`s just a mess that needs cleaning up.
Donna CavanaghBanishing the Blues: Sniff Sweat? - We all get those temporary down moments, but experts say you can do simple things to banish those blues!
Ignatius FernandezA Visit to the Cemetery - The irony is that the more we come to terms with death, the more we learn to live.
SOP newswire2Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions - The New Year's celebrations have come and gone. The confetti has been cleaned up and the resolutions have been made.
Donna CavanaghWhen Vegetables Explode - I didn't know microwaving a sweet potato could be so dangerous
Donna CavanaghBad Guys Still Low on Brains - Police Departments shy away from hiring officers with very high IQs. This is not a problem since most criminals fall below the average IQ line.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Mentor/Columnist)Casey Anthony's Own Reality Show: "The Most Hated Woman in America' - "Casey does need counseling, but in my psychological view, she has no motivation to change. Getting desperately needed attention from these videos further reduces any such motivation.
Keith JohnsonWhy Practice Affirmations? - In short: this is what allows for us to be healthy and well.
Ignatius FernandezReflections on The Year Gone By - When we stop to reflect, we find that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons.
Lloyd RosenFather, Like Daughter: "All Because Two People Fell in Love" - Brad Paisley the celebrated country western singer released a song in 2007 titled, "All Because Two People Fell in Love".
Lloyd RosenMy Dad Would Not Accept My Illness - The following is a story about having depression and life with a man who would not accept that I had an illness, my dad.
Will NixonA Log Cabin Christmas - Have you had a holiday gathering when everything went wrong? Now try it in a log cabin.
Donna CavanaghMaking the World Better in 2012 - It's the end of the year, so I, like many people, reflect on what I would like to accomplish in the coming year. This year, I have decided to be less selfish and think more about the entire world, not just my needs.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships at Christmas Time - Christmas is not a date, but a state of mind - reaching out to God and others.
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