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Determining The Source of Your Fears and Anxieties

A person can find the source of his or her own fears by doing some self-evaluation and also by talking to a professional.

Donna CavanaghMeeting by Accident - A tale of two fender benders. Maybe not all accidents have to be so bad.
Donna CavanaghThe Driver's License Photo Nightmare - All I wanted was one nice picture that I could have for my entire life.
SOP newswire2How To Stop Conflict From Ruining Your Life - It starts in the morning with the kids before you go to work, then kicks into second gear with your co-workers or your boss, and finally culminates at home with your spouse and children.
SOP newswire2A Florida Flash Mob Wedding - "It is our hope that this flash mob activity is another way to place a positive emphasis on couples committed to marriage,"
Donna CavanaghA Crossword Puzzle: The Ultimate Proposal - One man went all out to propose to his girlfriend. Is this going to help him later in life?
SOP newswire2Why Men and Women See Things Differently - Men are more likely to see issues in black-and-white, whereas women tend to see things in shades of grey, a new study contends.
Donna CavanaghWhy Women Are Attracted to Dangerous Men - Every woman has at least one dangerous man in her past. We need them to appreciate the non-dangerous ones.
Donna CavanaghGood Samaritans Always Willing to Help - Through the years, I have had many cars reakdown on me and always there has been a good Samaritan ready to lend a hand.
Donna CavanaghThe Deli Wars: A Lesson in Customer Service - I put in my order at the deli counter and I learned a lesson in customer service and patience.
Donna CavanaghOld Friends and New Body Parts - An innocent freckle put me on the road to discovering all types of plastic surgery.
Donna CavanaghWhat is the Mom Dance? - A trip to visit my daughter at college led to a horrible self-discovery.
Donna CavanaghThere's Nothing Better Than Sonic After a Hard Day - I took my daughter and dogs to so Sonic for a break. Before the lunch was over, there was fur,ketchup and pieces of food flying throughout my car.
Donna CavanaghA Museum for Everyone? - A trip to the grocery store led me to a Pez dispenser and a lesson on odd museums to visit.
Donna CavanaghSigns of the Times: Billboards and Bumper Stickers - I love to read signs, billboards, bumper stickers -- anything with words while I am driving The thing about signs is that they may say one thing
Donna CavanaghThe Cleaning Lady Diaries - I thought it would be wonderful to have a cleaning lady pick up my dirt. I soon learned that a clean house is not always that important.
Donna CavanaghThe Near Electrocution of the Cable Guy - When I signed up for the Cable triple play of TV, internet and phone, I got more than I bargained for.
Tom SkiSoulseeds Sowing the Seeds of Humanity - We first introduced readers two weeks ago to a fantastically beautiful company called Soulseeds. Soulseeds is an inspirational site that offers all people a way to add positive thoughts and energy to their lives.
Donna CavanaghSmall Feet Hard to Compete - Living life with small feet has sometimes kept me from taking steps forward.
Kate Zabriskie (Mentor/Consultant)Time Management Miracle - The Roomba Is for Real - The author keeps her house clean improves her time management skills after a training session in the joys of technology from her sister.
Donna CavanaghNot Just for Rock'em Sock'em Soccer Moms: The Minivan Hearse - When I make my final exit, I don't want to go in the back of a minivan.
Donna CavanaghDoes Facebook Make Me Depressed? - Health experts say that Facebook can identify teens who are depressed, but for the older segments of the population, I had to wonder if Facebook was the source of depression.
Tom SkiThe First Step in Attaining Wisdom is Letting Go! Robert Wilson`s Path to Personal Growth - Robert Wilson is the owner and operator of Cowboy Wisdom, NLP Coaching. Among many of the programs, books, and products this incredible man offers to the masses are CD recordings that use professional hypnosis techniques.
Donna CavanaghWhen a Clothes Dryer Fails - I used to take my dryer for granted. That was until it left me for two weeks.
Donna CavanaghDriving My Husband: Another Tear in My Beer or Rather "My Ear" - A short drive to our favorite sports bar proved to be an exciting adventure.
Donna CavanaghWhy Must there Always be a Big Tease? - I listened to a free teleseminar that promised to give me valuable information. It gave me nothing but a number to call to pay for the real information. I hate being teased.
Donna CavanaghTo Flush or Not to Flush? A Positive Potty Experience - Public restrooms have changed a great deal in the last decade. Automatic toilets, sinks and towel dispensers help to make our lives germ-free and maybe a bit more confused.
Donna CavanaghStarbucks and My Identity Crisis: What Does it All Mean? - Usually, I go to Starbucks for a relaxing treat, but this time I got a serving of self-doubt with my latte.
Donna CavanaghSize Does not Matter When There Are Crepes and Whipped Cream - A man at the mall told me he could tell me what size I am and take the guesswork out of shopping for me. I told him to stow it.
Donna CavanaghA Cheap Way to Pick Up Women: Call the Wrong Number - How one wrong number turned into a long-term relationship - sort of.
Donna CavanaghWhen my Refrigerator Enters the Twilight Zone - A search for coffee creamer in my refrigerator led me to wonder if an alternative universe exists in this old beast.
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