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Determining The Source of Your Fears and Anxieties

A person can find the source of his or her own fears by doing some self-evaluation and also by talking to a professional.

Donna CavanaghMy Take on the New Google Recipe View - It's only a few weeks old, but Google Recipe View helps me find tasty and healthy recipes for all occasions. I give it a big thumbs up!
Donna CavanaghWilderness Training 101: Stay in a Hotel - My daughter's boyfriend introduced me to the show "Dual Survival".
Donna CavanaghA Fortune Cookie Not so Fortunate! - I've always looked forward to the Fortune Cookies at the end of the meal, but lately, I have been a bit disappointed by their take on my future.
Donna CavanaghSnuggie Vs. Forever Lazy: The Cozy Wars - A late night TV commercial has made it clear that the Snuggie, the blanket with arms, is now under attack.
Donna CavanaghPutting on Big Girl Panties - My goal in life was to help my daughter become a strong and independent woman. I would tell her often to "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it". But sometimes this is a great deal more difficult than one would think.
SOP newswire2Love Long and Hard on Valentine's Day: Why 12 is the Magic Number? - What does it take to be life long lovers? How can couples stay together, let alone enjoy long lasting love, in our "disposable" culture?
Ignatius FernandezIntegrity Comes Through An Act of Will Power - To give up dishonest ways is difficult. But with a little help from God we can change that with an act of will. To give up dishonest ways is difficult. But with a little help from God we can change that. It is only an act of will.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Life in Stockholm - Life in Stockholm, though materialistically more satisfying than most of the world metropolises, and though Stockholm is a good, orderly City, it lacks in its "social " aspects.
Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)We Dare YOU to Be Brilliant - Welcome to the New Normal. This is a period in history when those who take their foot off the brakes of life will accelerate into the future.
Ernest DempseyOprah Winfrey's show Inspires Holli Kenley to Gift Her Book to Sexual Abuse Victims - Author and therapist Holli Kenley plans to give away free copies of her book to childhood sexual abuse victims.
Ignatius FernandezAre You Giving Unselfishly? - There is show in the act of giving; an expectation. Credit must come our way, if we must go on giving. But true giving does not seek praise it gives unselfishly.
SOP newswire2How to Reduce Stress During The Holidays - Life balance expert and coach Bo Bradley shares easy-to-implement survival tactics to not only get through the holidays but to enjoy them with your family.
Ignatius FernandezAccepting or Shirking Responsibilities Are Options - Accepting or shirking responsibilities are options we have. How we exercise the option will determine the stature of our character.
S. D.To Sex Or Not To Sex: That Is The Question - This is meant to be a sort of questionnaire, to help you (not YOU, I mean the whimsical general "you" that could apply to anyone asking this question
Philip TironeHey Parents: Start Teaching Children About Credit! - Our banks, educational institutions, and government officials do not make information about credit easily accessible.
Philip TironeCan Saving Money Be Fun? Three Simple Tips - Turn savings into a game by learning three tips to save money: 1) start a competition; 2) buy it used; and 3) create a game your whole family can play.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part ten) - When we accept the Fatherhood of God, we must accept the brotherhood of man. My brother needs me as much I need him.
Preet NarayanThe Light That Touched My Life - Its a very simple expression of love for the ones I care about
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part nine) - We work on our bodies for health and strength; we work on our careers for advancement. Why will we not work on our marriages? Aren't our spouses important?
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part Eight) - To attract others into a relationship our personalities have to be pleasing.
Philip TironeMarriage and Credit: Four Things to Know Before You Tie the Knot - For some couples, the choice about marriage and credit seems obvious: open all marital accounts jointly. Though this might make sense on the surface, a different approach toward managing credit will help you position your marriage to prosper and, at the same time, allow you and your spouse to achieve your dreams.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part Seven) - Why do we shun a loving God, when all He wants is to bless us, if only we have eyes to see and a mind to know?
Philip TironeDon`t Let Divorce Break Up Your Credit Score - Breaking up is hard to do. Why make it tougher by leaving your credit score exposed? Protect your credit score during and after a divorce.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part six) - Break the big task of CHANGE into many small tasks, to accomplish each.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part Five) - Unless we find pleasure in the pain of forgiving and receiving forgiveness, our relationships will suffer.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part Four) - The choice rests with us on building or breaking relationships. We cannot absolve ourselves of the consequences that follow the wrong choices we make.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part Three) - In a relationship, communication is important. And in communication, attitude is paramount.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)"HUMOR" Is the Answer! - A cheerful story can make a person in the hospital bed smile and add to his optimism and hope.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part Two) - My relationships will depend on making myself attractive to others and looking for goodness in them.
Ignatius FernandezRelationships (Part One) - Relationships are about giving, because the measure you give is the measure you will get.
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