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Will Says...

Soldier Excels in Student Chef Competition

With extreme focus, the soldier wiped the plate with a towel, then looked up and said, I'm done.

Rocco LoosbrockTop 1% USDA Prime Steak The 'Holy Grail' Of Truly Fine Dining at Coastal Vineyards! - When you buy "Select Steak," you have as much of a chance of getting a quality piece of meat as you would by simply shutting your eyes and then "flipping a coin."
Rocco LoosbrockMixing-Up More - Back when I was single guy, I quickly caught on to a significant truth that I swore would never leave my mind until I effectively righted a
Krzys WasilewskiPanic Mounts as Stores Ration Rice - Similar steps have been taken by Wal Mart. According to the Australian newspaper, Sam's Club, a warehouse chain controlled by Wal Mart, allows its customers to buy up to four big bags of rice per visit.
Rocco LoosbrockNational BLT Month in Coming to an End...Don't Miss Out! - National BLT Month is a very valuable and important blessing, because it understands the fact that while pretty much everyone loves to enjoy a mouth-watering meal made with premium quality gourmet bacon,
SOP newswire2FDA Safeguards for Consumers of Beef - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today issued a final regulation barring certain cattle materials from all animal feed, including pet food.
SOP newswireMalt-0-Meal cereals still suspected in Salmonella sickness - The FDA is working with Malt-O-Meal to determine the cause of the contamination.
Rocco LoosbrockBringing Fun and Creativity back to the Gourmet World - Bacon Freak announces 'Pig-tures of YOU' photo contest. Express yourself in a way that is both fun and artistiic-- maybe you will capture the winning shot.
Rocco LoosbrockA Place for Creative Chefs and Culinary Connoisseurs! - There is a huge need for creative chefs to step up and create some new, original recipes, menu suggestions, step-by-step cooking instructions and even some perfect wine and meal matching recommendations.
Rocco LoosbrockComing Soon: Our Very Own 'Bacon Freak' Brand Gourmet Bacons - You asked for it, you got. “Bacon Freak” Brand Gourmet Bacon will soon be on its way!
Rocco LoosbrockThe Allure of Lauer's Bacon Unwrapped! - Naturally, one tends to seek out others who have the same unique disposition or "Jones!" It's that need to connect, share and have fellowship with others equally & ecstatically enthusiastic about one's personal prize of preference and passion.
Rocco LoosbrockWhich Meal is really the most important Meal of the Day? - Just because we all grew up being told something by our loving, well-meaning and good-intending elders, does it actually mean it's true?
Rocco LoosbrockYou Want the REAL Bacon Burger? - Are you officially sick and tired of all the fast food chains arguing with one another over the air-waves, about who truly make the "REAL" Bacon Burger?
Rocco LoosbrockWhat the Stores Don't Want You to Know about Premium Pork Products! - Upon further review, several prominent doctors, clinicians, nutritionists, medical groups and government agencies our coming out wonderful findings that clearly show premium quality, gourmet pork is not just “NOT BAD” for you, but actually a healthy source of much needed protein.
Rocco LoosbrockThe Bacon Freak's Pop Pork Preliminaries - These days, people are enthusiastically seeking out opportunities to enjoy the very freshest and finest quality, gourmet bacon, ham, sausage, chops, ribs, flank, rump, jowls, etc. " but they simply don't know exactly what it is in each case that they are looking for.
Rocco LoosbrockJim Gaffigan Is to Bacon What Anita Bryant Was to Orange Juice! - Jim Gaffigan’s 2008 comedy tour is in full swing, preaching what many of us in the food industry have come to call his “Benevolent Bacon Benediction!”
Rocco LoosbrockBakin' Bacon! - 'Bakin' Your Bacon': it's fast, simple, tastes great, works wonders for effectively avoiding any and all unnecessary messes.
Rocco LoosbrockRevealing The Secret Life of Breakfast: - George Duran, renowned chef and entertaining, who is loved almost as much for his amazing wit and sense of humor as he is for his extensive knowledge of the food industry, is hosting the show.
Rocco LoosbrockSome Helpfully Valuable Wine Tasting Tips - Some truly important things to keep in mind when participating in the 'Wine Tasting' experience!
Rocco LoosbrockBacon: Big Time Comedy's Sizzling Hot Star! - The world LOVES comedian Jim Gaffigan and Jim Gaffigan LOVES bacon.
Rocco LoosbrockSouth Of The Border with Senior Puerco - After reading our latest batch of mail and email, it became clear that we really needed to more fully cover some of the artistic and aesthetic adventures of “Senior Puerco - South Of The Border!”
Rocco LoosbrockDrinking Wine for Health & Happiness! - According to a new study recently released by the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,' moderate wine drinkers are actually, on average, much healthier and happier.
Rocco LoosbrockSaving Marriages & Healing Hearts With Gourmet Bacon! - Even a bona fide 'Bacon Freak' agrees that when it comes to the ever perplexing “Matters of the Heart,” the first word to naturally pop into your mind is probably NOT bacon.
Rocco LoosbrockScience, Governments, Bears and Metallica All Agree, It's All About The Bacon! - A team of scientists at Leeds University in England have been working to discover the scientific formula for building the perfect bacon sandwich
Rocco LoosbrockBacon Freak's Introduction To Pork 101 - Nearly 2 full generations of large segments of the civilized world, have either never known or lost track of what was once known to all as the “Pork Basics.”
Rocco LoosbrockA Wonderful Gift Of Class, Sophistication, Good Taste And Good Health! - OK, so you’re looking for the “perfect gift” that will make a powerful, positive and long-lasting impression, so it can't be anything typically trendy, or popularly predictable.
Rocco LoosbrockCalling All Chefs! - CVWine.com's "Bacon Freak," is officially "Calling All Chefs & Culinary Connoisseurs of Creative Cuisine"
Rocco LoosbrockCVWine.com Specially Featured 'Bacon Freak' Popular, Media 'Edu-tainment' Personality Judyth Piazza! - Renowned and popular journalist, teacher, online media guru and radio personality, Judyth Piazza was recently caught by the camera; sporting our colors with one of our much beloved “Bacon Is Meat Candy” T-shirts.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)FDA advises health care practitioners to switch suppliers and limit use of drug until problem identified - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today that Baxter Healthcare Corporation has temporarily stopped manufacturing multiple-dose vials of the injectable
Rocco LoosbrockBacon Freak Introduces You To The Bacon Martini! - It all starts with placing 3 to 5 slices of medium-well cooked gourmet bacon in a decanter, jar or large-mouthed bottle of vodka for 48 to 72 hours.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with David Frakes, Culinary Chef - David Frakes joined Beringer Vineyards as Chef de Cuisine in December of 1999, bringing with him a style that captures the spirit of Northern California cuisine.
Subcsribe to theSOP's Food/Wine feed.
Subcsribe to theSOP's Food/Wine audio podcast.
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