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Will Says...

Soldier Excels in Student Chef Competition

With extreme focus, the soldier wiped the plate with a towel, then looked up and said, I'm done.

SOP newswire2Listen Up, Chocolate Lovers! The ChocolateDoctor Is In! - Serious chocophiles know just how sensuous Chocolate is... its' beautiful mirror-like finish, its' intoxicating aroma, its' satiny smooth touch and, of course, its' totally tantazling taste.
SOP newswire2Staying Healthy by Eating Grapes and Acorn Squash - Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Offers Recipes & Tips to Show it's Easy to Include More
Robert Paul ReyesYummy! 2,520-Calorie Burger King NY Pizza Burger - Fast food chain Burger King said the 2,520-calorie NY Pizza Burger is on its way to the franchise's flagship location in Midtown New York.
Rocco LoosbrockDelicious BBQ Bacon and Bean Salad - Here`s a great recipe that Boss Hog`s family has been handing down generation after generation, for those really special times when it people get hungry, but it`s more important to be spending time with the prized company at hand, than being off in the kitchen for hours sweating over a hot stove.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Buy A $69 Hot Dog? - A New York restaurant said it created a $69 Ball Park hot dog, which includes duck fois gras among its toppings, in honor of National Hot Dog Day.
Rocco LoosbrockBacon Moon Pie and A Sausuage and Bacon Log Cabin - While trolling the internet for bacon, I came across these two delicious bacon oddities. First up, a Bacon Moon Pie!
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Jane Faraco, Executive Chef, STAX Restaurant, Vero Beach, FL - Judyth Piazza chats with Jane Faraco, Co-Owner Stax Restaurant, Vero Beach, FL on The American Perspective Radio Program
Rocco LoosbrockIHOP`s New 5 Layer Pancake Stackers - The latest breaking news about(International House Of Pancakes) 5 layered sweet & salty taste sensation, the appropriately names Pancake Stackers " is spreading like whipped butter and even with the story just getting out on prominent media sources.
Rocco LoosbrockA Seven Snout Salute - According to Briggs, Bacon is once more our true, national food crush, spanning all ages, all cultures and all meals. It binds us in its aromatic
Robert Paul ReyesRestaurant Owner: Eat Everything On Your Plate Or Don't Come Back! - An Australian restaurateur fed up with the waste left by diners has ordered her customers to eat everything on their plates for their sake of the earth or pay a penalty and not return.
Rocco LoosbrockBoss Hog`s Bacon, Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies - Not just any cookies mind you, but Boss Hog`s bacon, Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies, which come chock full and filled to the brim with lots of delectable bites and bits of the worlds finest gourmet bacon, sweet and satisfying choco-chunks " and some savory, crunchy, smoothly buttery pecans to give it that special flavor that the Boss Man likes.
Rocco LoosbrockEven Elvis Would Shake A Leg For Shake Shacks Peanut Butter Bacon Burgers! - Sadly and surprisingly, once the gourmet bacon was gone, so was the menu item and The Shake Shack has made it clear that no amount of personal requests, cards, letters and phone calls are going to change their mind.
Rocco Loosbrock The Hand That ROCKS the BACON - Now, as the economic downturn really begins to sink in and take a Big Bite " out of the recently flourishing, fine dining " restaurant profits, the upper echelon of franchise dining are finely looking around and trying to get their bearings once again. They are suddenly realizing that as the economy take its toll; sizzlingly successful " ideas continue to roll.
Rocco LoosbrockBubba`s Bourbon, Bacon & Bean Balderdash! - When Bubba gets back home from The Bacon Freak Ranch, he`s often way to tired to spend a lot of time, energy and effort cooking, so he`s come
Rocco Loosbrock1st Annual Bacon & Beer Festival - This Saturday, April 24 was Boston`s inaugural celebration of what is planned to become a regular, cherished annual even, the official 2010 Boston Bacon & Beer Festival, " a celebration of bacon, beer, music and art, appropriately held at the historic Power Station " in the SoWa district of the South End of Boston.
Rocco Loosbrock11th Annual Gourmet Food & Wine Tasting Event Makes Money For Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Monmouth County - Many of New Jersey`s most renowned and respected, local gourmets, connoisseurs, eateries, aficionados and gourmands gathered today at the marvelous
Rocco LoosbrockFrog`s Leap Winery Makes Competition Green With Envy - In William`s own words We will produce wines that deeply reflect the thoughtfully chosen soils and climates from which they emanate.
Rocco LoosbrockBoss Hog's Tex - Mex Bacon & Cheese Enchiladas - This is a deliciously special and delightfully spicy little dish that has seduced and satisfied absolutely every one I know whose tongue has been tempted by this savory, sizzling slice of the border balancing the cultural flavors and culinary traditions of Mexico and Texas.
Rocco LoosbrockRed Wine As Perfect For Gourmet Dining As It Is For Your Health! - These days, it seems that absolutely everybody who is anybody, " is now out there, excitedly and enthusiastically sharing the good news " that so many of us gourmands have known for decades, that premium quality, Red Wine actually extremely good for your health.
Rocco LoosbrockTrue Gourmets Are Becoming Their Own Home Baristas! - No more $18.00 per person, to sit together for a couple of hours and enjoy a few of our favorite flavors of the best darned coffee in all the land."
Rocco LoosbrockNews Of Barbecue Sauce Health Benefits Now Spreading All Over Everything. - A truly delicious, gourmet barbecue sauce is about as American as Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet, but it`s from our good neighbors to the north,
Rocco LoosbrockWine Really Is Good For Your Health - Resveratrol has also been shown to prevent blood clotting and plaque formation in arteries by altering one`s lipid profiles and plasma viscosity
Rocco LoosbrockBacon And Star Wars - A Perfect Combination! - If you grew up anything like me, you absolute LOVE eating Bacon and watching the Star Wars. I`m talking the awesome, original trilogy of the film, back in the days when #4 came before #1, and after #7, unless #7 got cancelled due to lack of interest.
Rocco LoosbrockIncreasingly Popular Television Chefs Have Been Very Good For Us Gourmets! - With the exponentially increasing popularity of Television Cooking and Chef shows that are simply taking the nation, if
Rocco LoosbrockNew Bacon Cookbook Fans Buzz Around Bacon Freak`s You Tube Channel - It seems that our recently released Bacon Freak Bacon Cookbook " has done a lot more than merely fan the flames of the widespread, sizzling hot
Rocco LoosbrockBacon Freak Is NOT Just About Bacon Anymore! - The massive wave of Baco-Mania " has splashed so broadly across the entire spectrum of society, that what was once merely a Gourmet Bacon World " for so many life-long, dedicated Bacon Freaks, has now expanded into some other truly delicious pork oriented endeavors.
Daniel MabeeAmerican Junk Food: The Cheesesteak - A history and evaluation of an American classic, the Philadelphia cheesesteak.
Rocco LoosbrockMy First Bacon - It`s a shame the Peabody Awards were just announced as I believe Think Geek has next year`s winner right here: Bacon that talks!
Rocco LoosbrockA Spring Afternoon - It seems that all the latest fashion is gourmet cupcakes. Every time I turn around I see a new boutique cupcake shop sprout up, with exotic and
Rocco LoosbrockWonder Why Lobster Is So Rare and Expensive? Discovery Channel Explains! - Have you eve wondered why lobster has always been considered a rare and treasured premium gourmet treat and why it cost more than a typical meal of a burger, pizza or even prime steak?
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