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Soldier Excels in Student Chef Competition

With extreme focus, the soldier wiped the plate with a towel, then looked up and said, I'm done.

Rocco LoosbrockFemale Tongues and Taste-buds Temptingly Tantalized By Bacon`s Allure! - Anyone paying any attention at all to this particularly blooming and burgeoning facet of the Gourmet Food industry, as well as the amazingly increased popularity in certain fast food franchises since their fascination and focus on bacon in their latest menu items, can`t help but notice these days that; Where There`s Bacon " There Women! "
Rocco LoosbrockIt`s Safe and Sane To Still Love Your Meat Tender And Juicy! - I pride myself on personally enjoying and consistently providing my members, customers, associates, family and friends with the supreme and superior,
Rocco LoosbrockWidespread Baco-Mania is Key To Latest Top Ten Bacon Rankings. - Well, for those of you who have been vacationing somewhere outside of the Earth`s atmosphere, or perhaps under a rock or in a cave somewhere far removed from all pop culture and mass media, then you may not have yet heard of the raging trend that is sweeping society, known as Baco-Mania! "
Rocco LoosbrockWomen want to lose weight - women who drink alcohol in moderation, particularly those who drink red wine, " are far less likely to gain weight and will loose weight much quicker and easier, in comparison to those women who do not drink any " alcohol at all!
Rocco Loosbrock More Is Less in Today`s Fast-Food Bacon Burger Wars. - While all of the fast food giants are desperately trying to impress a world gone crazy with Baco-Mania by coming up with more and more complex and clever creations.
Rocco LoosbrockSwine and Wine Party - First, set the date, time and location. I was thinking a Sunday afternoon, not so late that you and your guests are feeling the effect the following morning.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza, Heather Kenzie and Jennifer Love Discuss NibMor Chocolate - At NibMor we believe that the food we eat should be as simple as possible. That means using ingredients made by Mother Nature, not someone in a lab coat.
Rocco LoosbrockChef Rick Bayless Premieres his Avocado Mango Salad Recipe at Bacon Today - Bacon Today premiers FREE Recipe, as Chef Rick Bayless honors Bacon Freak with his original recipe for Bacon, Avocado, Mango Salad for their long awaited Bacon Cookbook.
Rocco LoosbrockTaste The Dance of Bourbon Street Cajun Style Country Bacon. - Now I can put the bacon in the pan, and watch it grow and develop its zest as it sizzles to perfection without any additional seasoning on my part! The hickory, smoky, slightly spicy flavoring engages in a harmony of exceptional bacon flavors in my mouth which simultaneously delights my taste buds.
Rocco LoosbrockEven The Oscars Demand Some Fun Drinking Games! - While the guest or guests to guess the correct winners for the top categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screen Play would win their very own Oscar. I plan this prize Oscar to be a bottle of wine. California wines are now as popular as any of the French wines, and in some cases, California does French wines BETTER than the French!
Rocco LoosbrockBacon, bacon, who`s got the bacon - Baconopolis proudly raises its hand - 10 delightfully different, delectable dishes of bacon oriented fine dining fare, from items that seem to naturally go together like a hand and glove.
Rocco LoosbrockBacon Butties Are Priority Number One for New Lottery Winners - If you won the lottery, what would you do with all that money? A lucky couple in Bath, England, won £56 million in the EuroMillions Lottery Draw and celebrated by noshing on bacon.
Rocco LoosbrockWendy`s New Bacon and Blue Burger is YUMMY! - We`re talking North American Beef, generously covered with real " blue cheese crumbles, a hearty layer of freshly cooked Apple-wood Smoked Bacon, topped off with some deliciously delightful sautéed onions and a pretty decent creamy steakhouse sauce.
Robert Paul ReyesShould Hot Dogs Be Redesigned To Prevent Choking? - The American Academy of Pediatrics wants hot dogs to come with a warning label -- they pose a choking hazard to children.
Rocco LoosbrockI hope I hop to IHOP in time for their free pancakes - It's IHOP's National Pancake Day Celebration, Wednesday, February 23rd. From 7am to 10pm, customers can get a small 3-stack of buttermilk pancakes for free. Which means more money for bacon!
Rocco LoosbrockWinter Is Perfect Time To Experience The Napa Valley Wine Country! - If you really want to enjoy a complete tour of the entire Napa Valley Wine Country, without all of the loud crowds, long lines and high energy agitation, distraction.
Rocco Loosbrock5 Wines To Make Your Lover Whine With Pleasure, AFTER Valentine`s Day - This appreciation of the Holiday Of Love " comes from the fact that this is one of the very few days of the year when people are more likely to
Rocco LoosbrockSeductively Sweet, Sensuously Salty, Chocolate - Bacon "Valen-Swine" Treats! - Bacon Freak perfectly pairs the sensuously salty and savory flavor of bacon with the seductive sweetness of premium chocolate in one mouth watering bite!
Rocco LoosbrockYou're So Lucky ...Even Your STATE Is Shaped Just Like Bacon? - So maybe I spend too much time around the breakfast table. But recently, when I saw a picture of the Florida State University football mascot... And well I couldn't help but wonder, WHY IS HE WEARING BACON ON HIS FACE? "
Rocco LoosbrockWine,Don't Whine This Valentine's Day! The Medium "IS" The Massage! - Valentine`s Day can be an expensive holiday, but you don`t need to spend tons of money to be romantic. Also you don`t need to just be romantic
Rocco LoosbrockAny Day That You Get "Free Bacon" Is A Holiday! - Denny`s agreed to feed anybody yesterday (unless you're not wearing shoes or a shirt) who came through their doors between 6am and 2pm a FREE Grand Slam Breakfast.
Robert Paul Reyes"The Apartment" Restaurant Makes Diners Feel At Home - There is a restaurant in Jakarta that promises patrons they're going to feel at home and things look promising when a pajama-wearing waiter asks if you'd like to dine in the bedroom.
Rocco LoosbrockSuper Bowl Sunday With Saints & Colts! - I caved and picked up some bean dip and chips because who can really have a Super Bowl party without tortilla chips? A new snack idea occurred
Daniel MabeeAmerican Junk Food: PEZ - PEZ candies are a product that has reached a rare level of popularity. Five states hold annual conventions honoring the treat. In Europe,
Rocco Loosbrock5 Things You'll Need For a Great Super Bowl Party! - With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching (yes, the game is this Sunday), it`s time to take a close look at the top five things that make any Super Bowl party
Rocco LoosbrockThis Bacon Club Is A Bit Risqué! - At this hot and spicy Meat Market " event, two attractive young ladies from the San Francisco Bay Area have decided that the South by Southwest
Rocco LoosbrockThe Ultimate "Valen-Swine's Day" Gift = Swine & Wine! - What they have done is brought in a panel of associate Master Chefs " to expertly pair each of the different bacons with a premium wine that matches
Robert Paul ReyesArgentina's President: Pork Better For Sex Than Viagra - Argentina's president recommended pork as an alternative to Viagra, saying she spent a satisfying weekend with her husband after eating barbecued pork.
Rocco LoosbrockThis "Bacon Rap" Adds Some "Shizzle" To It's Sizzle! - Everyone LOVES enjoying a great, tasty "Bacon Wrap" but now it's time for us all to check put a clever and creative "Bacon Rap!"
Rocco LoosbrockPre-Natal Bacon Consumption Leads To Brighter, Brainy Babies! - According to some very smart scientists at the University of North Carolina, eating a breakfast made up of bacon and eggs will NOT get you a firm scolding from your doctor, but rather a standing ovation
Subcsribe to theSOP's Food/Wine feed.
Subcsribe to theSOP's Food/Wine audio podcast.
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