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Doctor Builds Partnerships Through Global Health Engagement

Air Force Lt. Col. (Dr.) Elizabeth Ericksons experiences in military health outreach around the world allows her to build strong partnerships, and her position as a female officer and physician has given her the unique opportunity to work with and learn from inspiring women around the globe.

Christopher HIllenbrandNew Flu Strain Alarms Health Authorities To Possibility of Pandemic - According to officials in the U.S. Department of Health, two children in California were diagnosed with a new form of the swine flu last week.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloAre lesbians free from contracting HIV/AIDs? - "I am HIV +ve, Should I continue to have unprotected sex with my fellow partner who is also HIV +ve?
SOP newswire3White House Update On Health Care Reform - The Director of the White House Office Of Health Reform blogs about status of health care reform.
SOP newswire3World TB Day Speech By UN Chief: Work Still Needs To Be Done - A new United Nations report notes that the percentage of the global population falling ill to tuberculosis is dropping annually
SOP newswire3UN: Condoms Critical To Fighting AIDS - With over 7,400 new HIV infections daily, comprehensive approaches including condom use are essential to stop the spread of the AIDS epidemic
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)If you want AIDS move to DC - One percent of the population is the standard yardstick used to measure a "generalized and severe" epidemic. In
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)John Basedow and Judyth Piazza Keeping it Real - The basic mission of Fitness Made Simple has always been to improve the bodies and lives of people everywhere.
Christopher HIllenbrandWomen Under 35 with Breast Cancer Confront New Risk - A recent study published in the March 1 issue of International Journal of Radiation
Christopher HIllenbrandBlood Tests May Help Detect Ovarian Cancer More Reliably - New tests including blood analysis, used in detecting ovarian cancer in women were found to be more effective in diagnosing the illness as much as two years before was thought possible.
Robert Paul ReyesObama Offers New Parents Regular Visits From Trained Nurses - "We are going to offer 55,000 first-time parents regular visits from trained nurses to help make sure their children are healthy and prepare them for school and life." President Obama
Robert Paul ReyesObama Lifts Restrictions On Federal Funding Of Stem Cell Research - Obama lifted restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, angering conservatives but cheering those who believe the study will produce treatments for many diseases.
Robert Paul ReyesPriest Excommunicates MD For Giving 9-Year-Old Girl Pregnant With Twins An Abortion - A nine-year-old girl was pregnant with twins after being raped by her stepfather. Priest excommunicated doctor for giving her an abortion.
Robert Paul ReyesOctomom Spawns Laws Regulating Fertility Clinics - If the government regulates fertility clinics, is that the first step towards limiting how many children a couple can have?
Christopher HIllenbrandStudy Says Childhood Abuse Leads to Gene Damage - Studies at the McGill University in Canada concluded that the results of childhood abuse and/or neglect may cause lifelong genetic damage.
Christopher HIllenbrandScientists Unlock Mysteries Over the Gene Associated with Obesity - A recent study in Germany demonstrates how a version of the FTO gene dramatically affects the chances a person may become obese.
SOP newswire2Stem cell for Parkinson, batten, Cerebral Palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury and range of brain injuries - REASON FOR COMING FOR TREATMENT: Penny had Parkinson`s symptoms for eight years.
Robert Paul ReyesDoes Personhood Start At Moment Of Conception? - "NORTH Dakota has become the first US state to move towards passing a law that defines 'personhood' as starting at the moment of conception."
SOP newswire2The Fight Against Malaria... just a spoonful of sugar - One teaspoon of moistened sugar placed underneath the tongue of sick hypoglycaemic children a simple solution to a serious problem.
Mimi A.Universal Health Care The Only Solution - We have a rising population of un-insured citizens, and the Medi-Cal, Medicaid system is now denying payments for doctor`s visits, medication and many surgical procedures.
Erich Brandenberger (Mentor)That Thing About Pharma Commercials - The pharma industry spends some four billon dollars a year to talk directly to TV viewers. That adds up to nearly a third of the ad buys at evening news time.
SOP newswire2John Basedow on Covino & Rich...Tonight, Friday February 13th - Make sure to listen to John and call-in with your fitness, nutrition, and motivational questions at 1-888-99-MAXIM.
SOP newswireHow is 'Stimulus' bill affecting Health Care? - Here's how it works: it changes the basis on which your coverage for a treatment is evaluated from 'is it safe and effective?' to 'is it cost effective?'
SOP newswire2What's Bad for Cancer is Good for the Economy - Ever since I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January 2008, I've been waging an intense, often hellacious battle. It's me (with a lot of love and medical support) against my disease.
Robert Paul ReyesSupport Breast Cancer Research: Buy Dell's Promise Pink Laptops - "Dell announced today a partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to raise money through Dell's new Promise Pink laptops."
Robert Paul Reyes60-Year-Old Lady Delivers Twins - A 60-year-old woman in Calgary has given birth to twins after going to India for fertility treatments.
Robert Paul ReyesGuys: Sign Up For Online PMS Alert - ONE hundred thousand men sick of copping a monthly serve from cranky partners have signed up for an online pre-menstrual syndrome alert
SOP newswireMonopoly on testosterone? - "This was a predatory move pure and simple, increasing drug company profits at the expense of critically ill patients."
SOP newswireBill and Melinda Gates fight polio in Nigeria - U.S. businessman and his wife have concluded a $25 million agreement with the World Bank to support the purchase of more than 100 million doses of oral polio vaccines in Nigeria.
Robert Paul ReyesDoes Coffee Help Prevent Dementia? - I`m not a physician and I don`t play one on TV, but I can testify that coffee keeps me awake and alert into the wee hours of the morning when I`m writing essays.
John LillpopBloke Too Fat to Adopt Brat! - A man in not-so-jolly England has been rejected because there is just too damn much of the bloke. In other words, he is too bloody fat!
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