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In Aftermath of Cyclone Idai Cholera Surges

One month after Cyclone Idai devastated parts of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, UNICEF appealed to the international community to help some 1.6 million children still reeling from its impact.

SOP newswireAnimals Help Abused and Neglected Children Heal - During Laura's counseling, her trust in Rigo grew steadily. And one day, a breakthrough occurred. With her arms wrapped around Rigo for comfort and security, Laura whispered in his ear, describing in graphic detail her horror of abuse.
SOP newswireFamilies Play a Role in the Development of Eating Disorders - Family members often come to treatment with fear, carrying their own shame and guilt about why their loved one is struggling.
SOP newswireNew CDC Study Sees High Rate of Sexually-Transmitted Diseases in Teens - In a first-of-its-kind, nationwide study, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported this week that one out of
SOP newswireCDC says at least 1 in 4 teen girls has STD - The study examined the national prevalence of four common STDs among adolescent girls.
SOP newswireHIV/AIDS Implementers Meeting scheduled June 3-7 - 'Sharing best practices and lessons learned in implementing programmes is an essential part of informing future AIDS programming,' said Dr. Peter Piot.
SOP newswireAmerican's Lifeline and Terri's Foundation now LIVE, worldwide. - 'We'll be able to educate Americans and raise awareness about the euthanasia movement like never before,' said Suzanne Vitadamo.
SOP newswireHealth of Children concentration of EPA 10-year Study - The STAR children's health program has impacted policy in the United States and influenced scientific directions internationally.
SOP newswireToday's Battle - an Evil Worse Than Slavery - Black History Month is a time when African Americans especially--remember the trials and struggles of being born black in this country. We as a people endured much in our journey for equality.
SOP newswireBird Flu hits Vietnam and surfaces in China - A 23-year-old teacher died Monday after testing positive for H5N1 strain of avian influenza.
SOP newswireEPA Seeks Public Comment on Possible Drinking Water Contaminants - EPA is asking for public comment on a list of 104 possible drinking water contaminants that may need to be regulated in the future to ensure the continued protection of drinking water.
SOP newswireLargest Beef Recall in US History - Undercover video showed crippled and sick animals being shoved into the slaughterhouse by a worker on a forklift.
SOP newswireRay Chambers to mobilize global effort against malaria - Philanthropist and humanitarian is the Founding Chairman of the Points of Light Foundation and Co-Founder, with Colin Powell, of America's Promise - The Alliance for Youth.
Juliet MaruruLoving Chris - Chris is Schizophrenic. He is one of the very best friends I ever had. Loving him can be most painful, sometimes dangerous when he is in the manic phase. But when he is in the in-between phase, he is kind, considerate even fun to be around.
SOP newswireMississippi Diners may face weigh-in - 'Any food establishment to which this section applies shall not be allowed to serve food to any person who is obese.'
SOP newswireGlobal fundraising to help up to 60 million Children - 'Fill the cup' literally intends to fill a cup with food for hungry schoolchildren, increasing their chances for health, education and a better future.
SOP newswireBirds and Bees by Eight? - 1997 study found that almost half of African Americans and 15 percent of whites had begun breast development by age 8.
SOP newswireYellow Fever Reappears in Paraguay - Public health officials in Paraguay have confirmed that yellow fever has reappeared after 34 years.
SOP newswireLack of money and information hampers Guinea fight against HIV, AIDS - AIDS orphans receive free schooling and one meal a day at this cash-strapped center run by aid workers in Nzerekore.
SOP newswireEvenflo Recalls One Million Infant Car Seats - Discovery seats could fail to adequately protect children in a high impact side collision.
SOP newswireAvian Flu kills 5 in Indonesia - Two men, two women and a nine-year-old boy have succumbed in eight days.
SOP newswireColgate World of Care Celebrates Black History Month - Asking you to 'Show the Love' by voting for a hospital to receive a Fun Center.
SOP newswirePlanned Parenthood defies Court Order - A Kansas grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood has subpoenaed sixteen medical records from 2003, but Planned Parenthood says it will not turn them over.
SOP newswireKansas Judge rules against Abortionist Tiller - Judge Paul Buchanan ruled that medical records must be handed over to a grand jury investigating illegal late-term abortions.
SOP newswireWalmart Flip-Flops Rot Feet - 'After wearing them my feet felt red and sort of tingly, but I figured that it was just because my feet needed to get used to them. Blabity blabity. . .'
SOP newswireAbortionist George R. Tiller Fights Grand Jury Subpoenas - The subpoenas allow for the redaction of the patients' names and other identifying information, making the privacy of the women a non-issue.
SOP newswireTeen Prescription Drug Abuse Target of First Major Initiative - The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) is launching its first major Federal effort to educate parents about teen prescription drug abuse.
SOP newswireCan you say 'Nanotechnology'? - EPA has awarded 21 grants totaling $7.34 million to universities to investigate potential adverse health and environmental effects of manufactured nanomaterials.
SOP newswireNanoscale Materials Set EPA on Massive Quest - The program calls on manufacturers, importers, processors, and users of engineered nanoscale materials to report to EPA key information about these materials within six months.
SOP newswireA Look at EPA, University Superfund Basic Research Program - SBRP is a coordinated effort with the Environmental Protection Agency, which is the federal entity charged with cleaning up the worst hazardous waste sites in the country.
SOP newswireDiscredited Chambers Health Care Memo Embraced by Wal-Mart - Executive VP refused to release the amount Wal-Mart spends on health care per employee or the percentages of employees using different plans.
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