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Russian Troops Threaten to Advance Into Ukraine: US Hoping to Resolve Conflict

In a scene reminiscent of a long period in world history, tensions are rising between the United States and Russian governments.

Leon (Producer)NATO and Russia tackle terror - On 17 February, NATO and Russia completed the first part of training aimed at preparing the Russian Navy to take part in NATO’s naval counter-terrorist operation in the Mediterranean, Active Endeavour
Leon (Producer)Detentions and Harassment - The United States condemns the continued detention, harassment and fining of Belarusian citizens for exercising their civil and political rights in the lead up to that country’s Presidential elections on March 19.
Leon (Producer)Reefs May Mitigate Tsunami Damage - Given the critical role of coral reefs in providing food and livelihoods for millions of people, scientists rushed to complete an assessment of the coral reefs along those coastlines especially hard
Leon (Producer)Concerned over cartoon violence - 20 February 2006 – Deeply concerned over the continuing violence over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan will go to Qatar this weekend for
Alan GrayThe Brain Washing of Middle Eastern Children or the Creation of a Patriot - Yesterday, I listened to two women talk of their experiences in the Middle East. Two women, both mothers, both wanting peace, both wanting the same thing for all the children - a
Rasha LambaA Perspective from India about Language - Thinking again and again and again makes better decisions over time. I always feel proud as an upcoming student of student of developing India.
Juliet MaruruAllie's Big Sister... ( female genital mutilation ) - This is a true story that has been fictionalised about female genital mutilation.
Juliet MaruruMy Hometown in Kenya - Try to imagine this beautiful tourist town, with picturesque sandy beaches overlooking the clear blue-jade waters on the east and coconut tree farms on the west. Beautiful homes and luxurious hotels line up along the beach like curious
Saly AlhadySharon in Coma...History's Friend or Foe - On January 4, 2006(Sharon in coma) it was the main topic in all of the mainstream media, it was his latest stroke in the last three weeks.
Joey O\'DonnellA Look at Future Global Power - An analysis of who will be the leading Global Power in the 21st century.
Sharon in Coma...History's Friend or Foe - On January 4, 2006 (Sharon in coma) was the main topic in all of the mainstream media, it was his latest stroke in last three weeks.
Ann PoludenkoJapan Week in Kyiv - Eastern style of clothes and literature are the most popular today in Ukraine. Organizers of the “week of Japan in Kyiv” wanted to introduce the cultural achievements of this eastern country to kyivans and its visitors.
Alicia Gonzalez(Madrid Spain) Los escritos de un actor que llege a Papa - Le han hecho responsable de paralizar una inminente guerra nuclear, en unos tiempos que "l mismo calific" de "dif"ciles e inquietantes" y de denunciar la persecuci"n sufrida por el cristianismo en algunos pa"ses "que supera a la falta de piedad y de odio a la que se vio sometida en los primeros siglos
Ann PoludenkoHoliday in Ukraine - - Maidan - (Kyiv, Ukraine) - There are two main types of holidays: The first being a holiday honoring happy events; and the second is the reason not to forget as well as to remind the next generation about some sad parts from the history of humanity.
Alicia GonzalezRafael Pence, Autor y Director - Cinco amigos gays se re"nen para celebrar la despedida de soltero de uno de ellos, que se casa con una mujer. Una decisi"n que enfrentar" a los protagonistas en mitad de una noche disparatada. Rafael Pence es el responsable de esta mirada valiente y divertida sobre el mundo homosexual,
Alicia GonzalezPablo Carbonell - Comenz" en un d"o surreal con Pedro Reyes y luego se convirti" en la conciencia de la clase pol"tica, micr"fono en mano, como uno de
Nehul Jagdish KumarIt's Celebration Time in Mumbai - It is a time of celebration in Mumbai as the Navratri Festival (garbha) is on. People from all over the community, and mainly Hindus, take part in the world's biggest dancing festival for nine nights to get the blessing of Maa Durga...
Ann PoludenkoWhat Does It Mean To Be A Patriot? - To live in a particular country, to speak its official language, to celebrate the national holidays of that country-- is this enough to be called a patriot?
Jermaine Uwahiriwe( Rwanda) Rwandan Women determined to get equal access to IT - IT is a field that is becoming increasingly accepted and relied upon in Rwanda and indeed in Africa as a whole, as a crucial means towards development. In their determination to participate in the country reconstruction after the 1994 genocide, Rwandan women are struggling to get equal access to IT wonders.
Ann PoludenkoA Huge Slim Hen - A huge slim hen! This is what the scientists of Dublin’s university college say about what the dinosaurs looked like.
Ann PoludenkoThe Past Is Alive In The Present - If there is one thing all nations have in common, it is a history and celebration of tradition.
Jermaine UwahiriweLes artistes Americains brillent dans les World Music Awards de 2005 - Les stars de la musique américaine menées par les célèbres Divas d’ R&B : Mariah Carey et Destin’s Child, ont confirmé leur invincibilité sur la scène internationale en remportant pratiquement tous les prix lors des World Music awards, les premiers Prix du genre accueillis par Hollywood.
Alicia GonzalezRecomendaciones para disfrutar del IV Centenario de El Quijote / Enjoying - Un regreso a las aulas con mucho Quijote para enganchar a los chavales y recreaciones de época para enseñar a los mayores a contextualizar la obra desde la indumentaria, la música o las artes
International - Entrevista a Tom's Gayo - Productor y co-versionista junto con Nieves G"mez, Tom"s Gayo se ha atrevido a llevar a los escenarios el "Tirano Banderas" de Ram"n Mar"a del Valle-Incl"n, una obra de inquietante actualidad que ha llevado por tierras de Sudam"rica y ahora recorre Espa"a
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