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Russian Troops Threaten to Advance Into Ukraine: US Hoping to Resolve Conflict

In a scene reminiscent of a long period in world history, tensions are rising between the United States and Russian governments.

Tony GraffEsperanto, the International Language of Brotherhood - In 1887, professor L. L. Zamenhof from Poland developed a language he hoped would become an international language of brotherhood. It was named after his pseudonym, Esperanto.
Juliet MaruruStorymoja Hay Festival Kenya 2010 - The 2010 Festival will feature over 60 events that are a must-see for Kenyans including some of your favorite local and international authors, media personalities and performers.
Ernest DempseyMilitants Attack FC Checkpoint, Killing 6 and Wounding 15 Personnel - Militants attacked a security check post in Orakzai Agency with heavy arms, killing six personnel and wounding 15 others.
Geoff DeanFutenma Comes Full Circle - Geoff struggles to imagine how Prime Minister Hatoyama is going to "spin" this one
Juliet MaruruFrom Storymoja - Writing for Teens - Are you a Kenyan Writer? Would you like your story to feature on the Storymoja Blog?
Geoff DeanLoud Shirt May Bring Down Japanese PM - Geoff wonders if Prime Minister Hatoyama can really be laid low by a "fashion crime".
Ernest DempseyUET Student Killed By Fanatics Over Playing Music - A final year student of engineering at the UET (Peshawar) has been killed by Islamic fundamentalists in Peshawar over playing music.
Geoff DeanJapan's Fractious Ruling Coalition - Geoff wonders why the three parties of the ruling coalition in Japan can't just smile and get along with each other and whether "three is a crowd" applies here
Juliet Maruru5 Breaking Traditions (The Creekside Princess) - The reason she took up with Nicholas Ferreira had very little to do with his family's money. She was always one to pick dangerous damaged things to love. Like that dog she brought to her mother's flat. It had wounds, a broken leg...
Geoff DeanSwiss Plebiscite:Lawyers for Fish? - Geoff takes a look at the proposed position of Swiss Animal Lawyer and considers applying for the job (probably beats teaching three year-olds)
Geoff DeanLatest Updates on Futenma Base Move (or lack thereof) - Geoff, once again, probes the latest developments in the thorny and convoluted issue of whether and where to move US Marine Base Futenma on Okinawa.
Geoff DeanThe Swiss Minaret Ban and the French Burqa Ban - Geoff tries to extend and expand the debate on prejudice and discrimination against Muslims
Mimi AmaralStop the Violence: Bringing awareness of abuse against women and girls - Article and video creating awareness of the violence against women and girls.
Geoff DeanThe Swiss Minaret Ban Revisited Again Once More - I am greatly indebted to those who have responded to my articles on the Swiss minaret ban for taking the time to read what I have written and for taking me to task on some factual errors.
Prince Nelson Balina Omukisa YigaCommunity Development and the Middle East-Why Egypt? - Another important element to consider as to why the U.S has focused on Egypt is that the U.S wants Egypt to lead the role and bring on peace in many areas as in the March 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.
Geoff DeanSwiss Nazis and the lessons of "Hitlerism" - Geoff compares the tactics of Swiss People's Party (SVP) and those of Hitler in the early days of the Holocaust.
Geoff DeanSwiss Companies Respond to Potential Boycott (Exclusive to The SOP) - Geoff details the repsonses he received from various Swiss multinational corporations in response to a potential Islamic boycott.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloChanging the World for Women - FREE WEBINAR, DEC 10th, CHANGING THE WORLD FOR WOMEN. A Safe World for Women "The Way Forwards".
Geoff DeanThe Swiss People's' Party and Islamic Immigration - Geoff delves further into the party behind the Swiss "minaret ban" and does not like what he finds.
Geoff DeanSwitzerland Bans New Minarets and WSJ Concurs - Geoff is hot under the collar about the vote to ban construction of new minarets in Switzerland, and even more so about the lackadaisical reaction of the West
Geoff DeanFutenma Dilemna Revisited - Geoff returns to the various suggestions concerning the relocation of Futenma Air Base in Japan and gives his own, as if anyone was listening.
Geoff DeanAn Itinerary for President Obama's Next Trip to Japan - As an American living in Tokyo, I am always excited and a little apprehensive when a US President hits town. Still, no matter how you slice it, I felt that President Obama`s recent
John G. KaysThe U.S. Has Come To A Fork In The Road In Afghanistan! - This might be a better goal for the U.S., to take up where we left off with Bora Bora, and to attempt again to capture or kill Osama
Ana P.China agrees to meet with a representative of the Dalai Lama - There have already been six unsuccessful attempts of negotiations between China's and Dalai Lama's representatives.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloHelping to Promote and Support Women for a Change. - Women for a Change is an International NGO, founded on empathy & trust.
Yasmin EsackAmerica's A Great Place! A Foreigner's Perspective. - We should thank America more for what it does to assist persons.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloWFAC Cameroon on World March for Peace & Non-Violence - Women for a change is committed to creating a safer, more caring world, through promoting reconciliation, cooperation and empathy.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Chase Von Sharing "Dream Reacher" Alina's MICHAEL JACKSON Tribute and Video - When I saw the video she made, I was truly moved by her voice, her sincerity and the drawings she shared that were obviously not drawn yesterday.
SOP newswireConferencia de las Americas en la Casa Blanca - La Casa Blanca anunci" que el presidente George W. Bush y la primera dama Laura Bush presidir"n la Conferencia de las Am"ricas de la Casa Blanca a realizarse el 9 de julio. El
Zoneziwoh MbondguloPress Review On Cameroon Gossip - Press review on Cameroon gossip is a rundown of monthly briefings from local journals nationwide. It focuses on burning issues within the nation.
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