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CNN Reporter Elise Labott Suspended After Biased Refugees Tweet

By linking her CNN article about the Syrian refugee crisis to a tweet where she clearly expresses her opinion on the controversy Labott destroyed her credibility as an objective reporter, and tarnished the reputation of CNN.

SOP newswireWho killed Journalist Alisher Saipov? Why? - The 26-year-old reporter - known for his investigative work - was shot at close range last year as he left his office in the Kyrgyz city of Osh.
George GildersleeveSOP's George Gildersleeve shares Voter's First Time - Although the United States has many problems that need to be addressed, we still have the right to vote and the freedoms that were specifically given to us by the founders of our country.
Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)Did Ron Paul properly predict it? - SOP announces Ron Paul essay contest. No entry fee; $150.00 to winner.
SOP newswireOne journalist freed while democracy activist is jailed in China - Authorities have also approved the arrest on subversion charges of the AIDS activist Hu Jia, now detained for more than a month.
Maria ArdyshevaMy Future Profession - There are many professions, so therefore, everyone chooses what he has a propensity for and what is pleasant.
Medyan DairiehCONDOLEEZZA RICE NOT WELCOME - Protest outside Downing Street London 06.02.2008
SOP newswireAfghan Journalist facing Death for blasphemy - Presidential spokesman indicates that Karzai will not intervene to save Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh.
SOP newswireJudyth Piazza Proves to Be a Powerful Force Worldwide - If "journalism is the first rough draft of history" then attention needs to be given to the history making efforts of The Student Operated Press.
SOP newswireCries within Iranian prison still haunt Canadian Filmmaker - The cries were not from hardened criminals but female activists, artists, and intellectuals locked up for nothing more than their political beliefs.
SOP newswireTaser Home Parties provide Fear-based Profits - Taser parties have become all the rage, thanks to the enterprising savvy of saleswoman Dana Shafman, founder of Shieldher Inc.
SOP newswireNewspaper Editors Attempt to Influence Abortion Grand Jury - Yesterday, the Opinion Page of the Wichita Eagle was dominated with an editorial by Rhonda Holman and political cartoon by Richard Crowson attacking Operation Rescue's
SOP newswireReligion Newswriters Association will award up to $10,000 in prizes - Journalists are invited to enter 2008 contests recognizing religion reporting excellence in the news media.
Leon (Producer) LeonReporter should die says Afghan Senate - KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghanistan's upper house of parliament lauded the death sentence handed down against a local journalist who was found guilty of insulting
SOP newswireSalem Halloween Street Preacher Still in Jeopardy - Noise ordinance violation charge dropped. 'Disorderly conduct' charge still haunts MA Minister.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Crystal Myrick, Entertainment Journalist - Crystal Myrick was first introduced to both music and the art of storytelling at a young age. Her earliest memories consisted of listening to Motown oldies on a 45 and watching Showtime at the Apollo.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)A Humble Press? - Why is the press held in ill repute? I’m sure you have your ideas. One of mine is that it’s because the press is often so contemptuous.
SOP newswireKeep It Out of My Home -- Don't Undermine the Authority and Strength of the FCC - In a previously aired episode of ABC's highly acclaimed and Emmy award-winning NYPD Blue, families across the
SOP newswirePolitical Crisis and Violence Continue in Kenya - The bloodshed continued unabated over the weekend with 10 people hacked to death in ethnic violence, mainly in Kericho, Nakuru, Nairobi and Mombasa.
Leon (Producer) LeonAmerican RTL Rebukes Ann Coulter - American RTL Action president Steve Curtis is challenging the wisdom and pro-life leadership of Ann Coulter for her
SOP newswireThe Powerful Punch of the Press Release - Those of you who are waiting to send out your next press release, now is the time.
SOP newswireAfghan reporter sentenced to death for 'blasphemy': court - MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan (AFP) - Media rights groups called on Afghanistan's president to intervene Wednesday after a court sentenced to death a young journalist
SOP newswireCIA Response to Dec. 31 NY Times Editorial - Your Dec. 31 editorial
SOP newswireNBC Producers Need Sensitivity Training - This week an episode of Law & Order on NBC, which regularly adopts real life events and blurs the line
SOP newswireJournalists Pedal their way to Health - The Chandigarh Journalist Association (CJA) in association with NGO Yuvsatta organised a Countryside Bike Tour for journalists to generate awareness on
SOP newswireMedia Pioneer Jeff Einstein Explores the Confluence of God, Media and Addiction in his New Book: Put God First - It shows us how to reintroduce God as a moderating force at a time when excess consumption imperils the quality of our lives and communities
SOP newswireDatabase Seller Develops World's First and Only International Database - This email database contains names, personal email addresses,media name and city name of 25,000 Indian and international journalists including print, television and allied electronic media.
K ThompsonFree Speech vs. Hate Speech - Cinnamon Stillwell's recent column in SF Gate, Savage vs. CAIR: The battle over free speech on Dec. 19 offers a holiday assortment of misleading truths and
SOP newswireRichard Viguerie to the Fox News Channel: Have You Joined the Enemy - Richard A. Viguerie, the author of Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked
SOP newswireNew rules unleash flood of media consolidation across America - The Federal Communications Commission approved new rules that will unleash a flood of media consolidation across America. The new rules will further consolidate local media markets
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Welcome to steady-stream journalism - Driven by pressure to perform for profit-takers, the print and electronic press seem to be moving away from the very direction they should be going towards.
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