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Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter

Readers are always welcome to send letters to the editor if they object to any SOP article.

SOP newswireBrandon Lavergne and the Mickey Shunick Murder Case - Peggy shares her thoughts on the tragic murder of Mickey Shunick and the arrest of Brandon Lavergne in connection with the crime.
SOP newswireLetter to Belfast City Council - Please Free Lennox - Michelle Lowe writes to the Belfast authorities to request for sparing the life of Lennox and letting him be rehomed to America.
SOP newswireExecute All Child Molesters! - Commenting on the story of Shiner child molester`s killing, a Texan woman says she would like all child molesters to be executed.
SOP newswireWoman Condemns Misinformation of Belfast Telegraph in Lennox Case - Woman in London condemns the misinformation of Ireland's paper Belfast Telegraph's staff to a supporter of Lennox in Tasmania.
SOP newswire2A Defense of News Coverage in the Shiner Texas Killing Of A Child Molester - You're quite correct that the details about the incident are rather sketchy in spots. As the publisher of one of the local newspapers involved in the coverage, I can assure you it's rather frustrating for us to not be able to access all the information our readers want immediately. However, I'd like to point out you're missing a few details in your own commentary.
SOP newswire2Obama Demonstrates Religious Beliefs Mean Nothing to Him - The presudential election is not going to determine the salvation of anyone.
SOP newswire2Joel Osteen Did Not Accurately Describe Mormon Beliefs - Your recent article about Joel Osteen did not accurately describe Mormon beliefs. Mormons do not believe temple garments are magic or give them power
SOP newswire2There's More To the Stephen Ivens Story - I couldn`t help but think as I read your article about Stephen Ivens that maybe, just maybe there could be some other reasons his despondency.
SOP newswire2Why in this ERA of Feminist Revolution is There Still no Wonder Woman Movie or TV Series? - Well because everyone has their own personal opinion about what Wonder Woman represents. There is NO consensus about who she really is and what she stands for.
SOP newswireSensing Who Bears the Mark of the Beast - Everyone that has never trusted their life to Christ, took up his cross and followed Him with pure heart has always had the mark of the Beast, reminds Marshall Swing.
SOP newswire2Worthwhile Discussion About Mormons and Mormon Beliefs - Sounds like a worthwhile discussion. Professor Blomberg has taken a lot if heat for collaborating on his book with Professor Steve Robinson of BYU
SOP newswireViolence against Women and Children Conferences Scheduled for July - International Forum for Women Affairs invites all to join the organization's conferences on Violence against Women and Children in July this year.
SOP newswireWhat Happened to Cheerleader Sierra Lamar? So Many Unanswered Questions! - Is it possible that she is with someone she semi-knows, and they are holding her against her will?
SOP newswire3I think Joshua Ledet deserves to win AMERICAN IDOL - I think Joshua Ledet deserves to win AMERICAN IDOL....I was not aware of him being "perceived as gay" until I read your article.
SOP newswire2Great Article Regarding "Rush To Judgement" - Great article regarding "Rush To Judgement." Of course anyone who has read up on the events of 1963 is most likely aware of those facts. I myself would like to present a new one for you to mull over.
SOP newswireProtecting Rare Birds and Sea Turtles - David Yarnold calls on people to speak up for the endangered birds and turtles that are the potential victims of a new legislation.
SOP newswire2Stop Warrantless Wiretapping Now - Nearly four years ago, Congress passed an unconstitutional domestic wiretapping bill " the FISA Amendments Act " allowing the NSA to spy on Americans' international phone calls and emails.
SOP newswire2An Open Letter to Wendy Williams By Janet Hubert - This past weekend was a very difficult time for so many of us. Though I never knew Whitney Houston, I felt a profound sense of loss and sadness.
SOP newswire2'MISSING YOU' A Love Letter to Whitney Houston - This is the hardest love letter I have ever had to write. I remain shocked and devastated by Saturday evening`s news that Whitney Houston has gone to glory.
SOP newswire2The Tragic Murder of Cassie Cotta - I saw your story, Cassie Cotta Tragic Murder Even Sadder After Viewing Video Bring Cassie Home!
SOP newswire2A Closer Look at New Clean Energy Technology - It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the technology that is going to change our lives more than anything before (it is extraordinary):
SOP newswire22012: A Nuclear New Year - The strategy being to encompass the whole of the River Jordan and its waters, from the Sea of Galilee through to Aqaba.
SOP newswire2EVP Recording of Ghost at The Old Jail in St. Augustine - Here is the EVP. Here is the conditions of the event: My wife and I went to the Old Jail in St. Augustine, Florida for a semi-private investigation with a paranormal investigative team.
SOP newswire2My thoughts on Shannan Gilbert and Craigslist - I think the story is strange too. It seems like too much of a coincidence that a s[e]x worker would just happen to wind up dead by natural causes
SOP newswireIs The Occupy Movement a Ploy to Launch Martial Law? - In the event that martial law is declared, the President will remain in office indefinitely until the need for Martial Law no longer exists?
SOP newswire2Why Did Holly Bobo Drop Off the Map? - I live in Tennessee and have a blond hair, blue eyed daughter that is in her first year of nursing school. She and Holly Bobo look alike from a distance.
SOP newswire2Missing: Joshua Rubin - Joshua Rubin went missing from his home located at 100 Lawrence ave. Brooklyn on 10/31/11 at around 9:30 pm.
SOP newswire2Texas Death Row Inmate Henry "Hank" Skinner Confessed! - Why did Skinner chose to walk the 4 blocks to his ex girlfriends house, instead of calling the police?
SOP newswire2Radio Waves Used as Weapons: What an Eye Opener! - When I worked in the diesel generator business, I worked with a lot of communications companies all across Canada.
SOP newswire2Death of Haeyoon Miller May Be No Mystery - Note apparently sawed root (not recently done, or the cortex would be fresh-looking) just to the left of the firefighter`s moustache.
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