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Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter

Readers are always welcome to send letters to the editor if they object to any SOP article.

SOP newswire2India`s Break up Would Be the Solution! - The poem, "Murder of sleeps and a wonderful act of Martyr` by Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob, what a wonderful example of exposure of the Indian cultural cover?
Carolee KaufoldLetter to My Daughter in Law on Mother's Day - The way you take care of your children and my son fills me with peace. You take time with Matthew and Timothy that will always teach them how to love. On Mother`s Day
SOP newswire2Respected Ms. Judyth Piazza, the Best Wishes for You - Your journalistic eye and the approach are unmatchable as I experienced. Your album depicts as to how nicely you were brought up by your learned parents
SOP newswire2I Cherish My Sikh Religion! - Canadian society is an incomparably rich mosaic of cultures, creeds, customs and traditions, built on the ideology of respect, equality and diversity.
SOP newswire2Be Cautious! Everywhere There Is the State of Terrorism - If Ajmal Amir Kasab`s sentence executed and hanged till death immediately, he shall have to die a sudden death and once only!
SOP newswire2Dear Mr. Mueller: What is the mission of the FBI? - The mission of the FBI is to uphold the law through the investigation of violations of federal criminal law; to protect the United States from foreign intelligence
SOP newswire2A Positive Approach About God`s Act - The limitations of the mental capacity made me to finally understand this to my satisfaction.
SOP newswire2Deployment of Nuclear Weapons, by Israel, Against Iran or Lebanon - Already, we have the frightening position of an American-built, nuclear Israel threatening to attack Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. Soon that will, no doubt, extend to Egypt
SOP newswire2Sikh Vichar Manch Formula to Remove Maoists Hostilities within India - First step: The Indian State must have "will power` to be welfare State in reality. The Indian State must know how to apply sanctions
Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)Open Letter to Community Colleges & Higher Education Executives - How to... Increase your community college's student retention and increase your school's revenue!
SOP newswire2Judyth Piazza is a Tirelessly Patient Hero on Life's Entertaining Colourful Stage of Realism - You are a Tirelessly Patient hero on life's Entertaining colourful stage of Realism
SOP newswire218 Year Old Lake Worth Girl Brooke Johnson In Coma at JFK Medical Center - Reports say it was a drug overdose (chewed on a Morphine patch) while at her boyfriend's house (Alejandro Marcano).
SOP newswire2Frisbees Came from Pie Tins - On your comment: "I have heard it called a cake pan also, but I prefer pie plate as a more accurate description."
SOP newswire2Muslims do Their Evil Deeds in Accordance With Their Holy Book - Yes Judyth, I agree that there are Christians and Jews doing things they ought not to do but do you know what the difference is between them and the Muslims who commit atrocities?
Geoff DeanResponse to "As a Jew, did you ever think?" - Geoff answers the question of whether he has ever thought, with a resounding "occasionally"
SOP newswire2As a Jew Ms. Piazza, did you ever think? - As a Jew Ms. Piazza, did you ever think that the reason these people are anti-Islamic is because of how heinous, barbaric and terrifying this religion is?
SOP newswire2Homosexuality is damaging to the fabric of society - I have recently read your article on Homosexuality, and while I admire your professionalism, I must disagree. I will go through the points made in your article,
SOP newswire2Were they abducted for no reason, human trafficking, or extra terrestrials? - I'm very intrigued with missing person`s case. Many thoughts have crossed my mind such as, are they abducted for no reason, human trafficking, extra terrestrials?
John Danz, Jr.Obama Has Received More Death Threats Than Any President. - I wholeheartedly agree with your article. I think the assassinations of many civil rights proponents over the years speaks volumes about how little ground we've made in the so-called civil rights movement.
SOP newswire2Minaret Ban is the Beginning of Something Horrible - This is a good and healthy debate between Geoff Dean and Marc Blumer
SOP newswire2Amanda Knox is Innocent - Amanda Knox had nothing to do with Meredith`s death and the prosecutor did, in fact, he went out of his way to frame her.
SOP newswire2Compare the Two International Cases - All of the media, American and otherwise, are talking about Amanda Knox`s third Christmas spent in prison: We`re forgetting that it`s the 6th one for Carlo Parlanti, but no one`s talking about that.
SOP newswire2The Real World of Prison, Crime and Justice - This letter will inform the mind and startle the soul. You will read how crime and punishment in this country is out of control.
SOP newswire2Israel Attempts to Force Parliament to Change British Law - Over 300 hundred children died in Gaza in January, unarmed and defenseless against tanks and missiles fired upon a civilian population from helicopters and remote controlled drones.
SOP newswire2Mainstream Religion of Zoroastrianism and Its Influence on Later Religions - Thank you for recognizing the mainstream religion of Zoroastrianism and its influence on later religions, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
SOP newswire2James Randi, the Renowned Skeptic in Supernatural Has Turned Down My Challenge - James Randi from USA, the renowned skeptic in supernatural has turned down my challenge to prove supernatural/paranormal is real.
SOP newswire2Response to Geoff Dean's 5 articles on Switzerland and the minarets - Jewish Lobbying Groups on Swiss Minaret Ban Swiss Nazis and the lessons of "Hitlerism" Swiss Companies Respond to Potential Boycott The Swiss People's' Party and Islamic Immigration
SOP newswire2Murders in Bellville - I have been a part resident of Bellville for 45 years and all this murder going on does upset all of us that know this WONDERFUL town..
SOP newswire2In regards to an article posted on the SOP: Drinking in College: Most Students Do It - Not to be confused with the more credible Narc-anon programs, Narconon is a controversial international drug rehabilitation program that is based on the theories and pseudo-scientific principles
SOP newswire2Misconceptions about Three Things You Should Know About Freemasonry - Unfortunately, in his well-intentioned article aimed at clearing up some of the misconceptions about Freemasonry, Mr. Higgins has perpetuated
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