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Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter

Readers are always welcome to send letters to the editor if they object to any SOP article.

Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Response to Islam In America - Are the two conducive? - Many who call themselves Muslims have not read and understood the Koran.
SOP newswire2Is Satan real...are you certain? - As a former member in a large mainstream Christian denomination, I have had firsthand experience in participating in prayer in order to limit the evil that was believed to come from Satan.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Response to "Darker Side of the Writings of Islam" - The Koran has been delivered with substantial miracles of God and is the cornerstone of the Islam religion and Mohammed is the Prophet of Islam religion.
SOP newswire2Confused and Ignorant About Islam - Reading your comment, I find you totally confused and ignorant about Islam. Permit me to explain:
SOP newswire2Dialogue Continues...Islam a Religion of Peace? - Muslim scholars and leaders refer to the Christian Crusades as an excuse for today`s ongoing Muslim atrocities to draw attention away from the rapid colonizing spread of a brutal religious cult from the 7th century onward.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Islam, like Christendom and Judaism, has its Fanatics - Regarding Pat's inanities about Islam, it's difficult to know where to begin to address his distortions.
SOP newswire2Response to SOP Reader on Islam - I am not confused as to what Islam`s position on terrorism is. If you ask me if Islam is a religion of peace I will answer that
SOP newswire2Existing Conflicts by the Terrorists of the So-called "Radical Islam" - I think the author Mr. Pat has misunderstood many root causes of the existing conflicts by the terrorists of the so-called "radical Islam".
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Christ taught 2012 in the Bible by Mary England - Christ taught 2012 in the Bible. In Matthew 13:39-40, Christ says he will come for the Harvest at the end of the age. The Harvest is the separation of the wheat from the tares or
SOP newswire2Comment on Reyes' Article on Islam - Why don`t you read the Holy Koran before you attempt to criticize it? In which U.S, Afghan or Iranian school did you learn to criticize things?
SOP newswire2Church of Satan Response to Pantheism Article - Satanism is a modern religion codified in 1966 by Anton LaVey upon the creation of the first and only legitimate Church of Satan The
SOP newswire2Mexico a Great Distraction From The Middle East But It Will Not Work - Mexican drug cartels taking a page out of the Al Qaeda play book. Cartels are increasing the number of cross border kidnappings and beheadings.
SOP newswire2Comment on Article by Geoff Dean, Christmas A Jewish Holiday - While Jews of the time hated the Romans, and in fact they still hate the Romans/Italians/Italian-Americans (that is why dumb mafia boss movies are so popular in America, but not movies
Subash LamichhaneIs Global Warming Really Occuring? - Our earth is warming up at an alarming rate and the consequences are increasing each day. The consequence of Global warming is being seen widely all over the world.
Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, BangladeshMd. Mahmudul Hasan. LL.B(Hons) - I am very much enthusiastic to work for the betterment of human being. I do believe that during our life time we should work for the people
Richard TaylorDear President Bush, Why Didn't You Read My Letter? - How we can't contact the people we elect. Do you think it can get better with President Obama?
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Analyzing Proprietorship of Success - Judyth is indeed a born journalist and a terrific editor. Her enterprise today signals a sparkling success.
SOP newswire2Circumcised at Birth Without My Knowledge - Speaking of psychological effects, I used to have recurring nightmares of losing a body part or faculty until I confronted, at the age of 25, the horror of what had been done to me and what I was missing.
SOP newswire2Important Information About The Male Foreskin - I am from the UK and 66yrs old. My foreskin was removed and binned by a doctor when I was between two and three years old.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Response to "Exploring Venice" by Ana Prundaru - My impression of Venice is, living among its thousands of beautiful buildings, is like living amidst a harem of thousands of beautiful women.
SOP newswire2Comment on the SOP article "Islamic Headscarves Forbidden in Turkish Universities." - Although this is so, some e who call themselves Muslims, have created a so-called fashion it head covers and call it "Islamic". The prohibition in Turkish Universities (also in official laces - just the same as in
SOP newswire2Dear RM: You Must have Misunderstood the Intentions... - I appreciate the fact that you took the time to read my article and compose a very well-structured response to the material presented. However, I fear you must have misunderstood the intentions of the article as a whole. Otherwise, you would have provided the information contained in your rebuttle to the
SOP newswire2Michael Vick: Is He More Run or More Pass? - I thought it was a funny but true article. You basically said what I felt going into this weekend but couldn't describe- right now there are a lotta bad teams, and it is hard to tell who's legit.
SOP newswire2I wonder if Mr. Marsche is aware of how many U.S. Presidents, Government Officials, American Icons have been (and are) Muslim Shrines - "The Shriners are a group of advanced-level Freemasons organized for philanthropy and fun. It was started in the 1870s in New York. The group has rites and costumes that include the well-known red fez
SOP newswire2The Controversy Surrounding JFK's Assassination - Great article about Penn Jones. I am not aprofessional researcher but have followed the events of 1963 for many years.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Anasazi Underwent War and Famine? - Wasn't there clear evidence discovered a while back that the Anasazi underwent war and a huge famine
SOP newswire2We Live in a Color-Blind Society, Racism is Dead - A lot of the same people will say that we live in a color-blind society, racism is dead and that we don`t need affirmative action!
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Response to "Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War" - All wars were unnecessary, but, the idea of "peace" is a relatively new concept though it was anchored in the Bible and the Quran and in the books of Buddhism and earlier writings.
SOP newswire2All Genital Mutilation Must End - It is very much appreciated to have as many people understand the real impact of circumcision and not to follow the sheepish herd of people who unquestioningly allow their male babies to have part of their genitals removed.
SOP newswire2Liberal B*tches like Judyth Piazza are why so many people are turning off the network news - Liberal b*tches like you are why so many people are turning off the network news shows and dropping their subscriptions to newspapers by the droves. You sit
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