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Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter

Readers are always welcome to send letters to the editor if they object to any SOP article.

Askin Ozcan (Mentor)All Crimes Have an Element of Hate - All crimes have an element of hate. Major Dr. Hasan's crime surely also had. But, against what? It would be naive and ignorant to claim "that was a hate of a Muslim against Christians and Jews".
SOP newswire2In just the last year more than 1,000 Mexican officials and police officers have been killed - Mexico is suffering from the worst drug violence the country has ever seen and as the war against drugs rages on, the opposition
SOP newswire2Hideki Matsui's Interpreter not Translating Some Details - I, who is Japanese, sometimes have seen Matsui's interpreter not translating some details of what Matsui says. To my ears, sometimes
SOP newswire2Several Grave Mistakes in Reyes' Article About the Fort Hood Tragedy - If you look at the list of suicides and psychologic problems, medical doctors rate as Nr. 1 . And among the medical doctors, psychiatrists rate as nr 1. This is due to several reasons
SOP newswire2 Let Michael Jackson Rest in Peace - Thank GOD! It's about time! Let the man rest in peace! It is so obvious that the man was a child trapped in a man's body. He never had a childhood and because of his wealth
SOP newswire2To Robert Paul Reyes about the Anthony Sowell Case - And I was shocked to see that a registered sex offender could murder at least 11 women while he should have been, in my opinion, very closely watched. I live in the Netherlands,
Richard TaylorThe Plain and Simple Truth: Social Ideology and Capitalism - Hippies had it right backin the 60`s and 70`s when they were trying to profess peace and love. But our government
SOP newswire2ISRAEL Neither Jewish nor Democratic - The state of Israel was established in 1948 by the UN as a Jewish homeland, in the aftermath of the Holocaust in which the majority of European Jews were liquidated by the Nazis
SOP newswire2What Has Happened to the American Dream? - My perception involves the satisfaction of expectations relating to the sensations of a subject or an object!
SOP newswire2Response to Transgender Rights in Pakistan by Zofeen T. Ebrahim - Thank you for taking the time to review this letter. I would appreciate hearing back from you regarding a story that was recently released on one of the SOP outlets regarding Transgender Rights in Pakistan by Zofeen T. Ebrahim.
SOP newswire2Open Letter to President Obama on Foreclosure Crisis - Disregarding Blatant Proof of Wells Fargo's Egregious Deceptive Practices Could Result In A Worse-Than-Madoff Situation
SOP newswire2Helium cut me off and claimed the copyright to my 150 articles - The articles documented The Elite`s developing programs to achieve the Georgia Guidstone objectives to reduce the world population to 500 million controlled by an international court.
SOP newswire2Show Me the Evidence that Cell Phones Are Safe - There are lots of statements that are counter to this however nobody has shown us the evidence.
SOP newswire2Russia Is a New Powder Keg: NATO Missile Program - The move by U.S. investors making headlines today ago to abandon plans to construct an intercept missile shield program and radar center in Eastern Europe
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)The Other "Cook" is the "Military-Industrial Complex" - The entire "soup" has more than one "cook" which you label as "extremism" and the name of the other "cook" is the "military-industrial complex" with its hunger for the world markets.
SOP newswire2Regarding 'Put the space program on hold' - The author says we will never live on the moon or Mars etc., sounds like the fools who said we will never land on the moon, never pass the speed of sound
Richard D. HardawayPut The Space Program on Hold! - Presumably the country is nearly bankrupt, yet we persist in hanging on to the useless Space Program.
SOP newswire2Accuracy is Key:UFOs and Aliens - I have read your post and since you made remarkable strong statements without neither trying to infer them at any level but very superficially just making straight hypotetical statements.
SOP newswire2Response to "UN Plays a Key Role" - In my opinion, Mr. Ban has been a dismal failure in preventing the worst humanitarian crises the 21st century has witnessed.
SOP newswire2The Right to Freedom of Expression and Assess to the Free Press! Or Does it mean Sikh militancy reviving? - It appears that militancy had just shifted its base from the physical world to web world "
SOP newswire2You Want Wolves? - You want wolves? Come get some, we'll be happy to set you up with some to take home with you.
SOP newswire2Epoch of Evolution, More Like De-Evolution - So many end of life decisions by a political process, so who the hell are they, GOD, that a political decision to deny medical treatment
Tony GraffI'm Still Dreaming - This is the first article, and talks about a fateful email I got yesterday and current plans.
SOP newswire2Our Fanmail, E-Cigs, and PCRM's Anti-Hot Dog Crusade - ACSH staffers received a disgruntled e-mail in response to yesterday`s criticism of environmental activist reports on the threat of pesticides and toothpaste to young children.
SOP newswire2Response to The Single Root of All Religions - My point is, I prefer to get to the root of things, rather than grumble or rant against the childishness of this or that modern religion
SOP newswire2Gene Anderson aka King Poo Poo Man Says Rest in Peace Brother Michael Jackson - I know we are all upset about the passing of our boy Michael Jackson. All that didn't love him, didn't know him.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)If We Have a Nuclear War it Could Happen - You ask me when will the earth be destroyed? If we have a nuclear war it could happen now or sometime in the future.
SOP newswire2No Vacancies: When will the World be Over Populated? - In 1973 the world's population was 3.9 Billion people. In 2009 the world's population is 6.8 Billion people.
SOP newswire2We Are Now In Iranian Missile Range - Due to the recent successful launch of an Iranian surface-to-surface missile that
SOP newswire2From A Dark Corridor in the Bowels of the United Nations - I am writing this article in a dark echoing corridor in the first sub - basement of the United Nations building in New York.
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