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Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter

Readers are always welcome to send letters to the editor if they object to any SOP article.

SOP newswire2Altimeter Recorded Faulty Before Flight - THY confirmed that there were 2 altimeters in the plane, one automatically connected to the steering system of the plane.
Garrett GodwinWhen Darkness Falls: Moonlight Complete Series Review - A correction on the article for the DVD review of Moonlight, the series from Beauty and the Beast creator Ron Koslow, about the relationship
SOP newswire2The Powerplayers On The Beltway Are Playing Games - The powerplayers in the Beltway are playing a game of "Let's you and him fight."
SOP newswire2Illegal America: We WILL Support You - Whatever the issues are, such as health care, education or even a overloaded prison system. Nothing has more effect on the culture, language, and momentum of our economy than ILLEGAL
SOP newswire21 Million Pounds Stolen From Me - My Heart Award is where? The Police are Charring Cross are corrupt what happened looking back from 2008 / 10 years ago. They stole my life and my 1 million pound
SOP newswire2NASA and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) - The NASA Astrobiology Conference in April, 2008 had as one of its topics, Future SETI: Technologies, Techniques and Strategies.
SOP newswire2U.S. Intelligence Agencies: Time To Get Smart! - It is very disheartening to see how my works had went so far astray in the way the world was united and experiencing peace and prosperity.
SOP newswire2Dear Ms.Barkha Dutt and Mrs. Sagarika Ghose - I understand your "pain" and "anguish" at the so called communal overtones of Mr.Varun Gandhi. (If he has really done so). but, it is a different
SOP newswire2How would AIG benefit from the Government TARP "bailout" funds? - How would AIG benefit from the Government TARP "bailout" funds if they co-conspired to force an economic downturn?
Zoneziwoh MbondguloDear Citizens of our Beloved Universe - I remembered not being told to be of the Muslim cult or Christianity?
SOP newswire2Letter To Cardinal Mahony: Your Eminence - We acknowledge the merit of many Jews who are moral and upright in their aspirations, but we also acknowledge that this orthodoxy is due to
SOP newswire2Think I'll get more death threats than Obama and Salman Rushdie? - You have been my only voice over the past few years as all the intelligent people in the world had stopped listening to reason.
SOP newswire2A Winning Formula that the Government Doesn't Want Us to Know - It appears to be a sound solution and is being sold by the President... Here are other solutions to the vast job loss problems...
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Muslim TV Owner Killed His Wife: Are All Muslims Like That? NO - The crime that the TV owner has done has nothing to do with Islam or any other of God`s religions.
SOP newswireSOP Reader Responds: Wake up, America! - Here is something for people to get upset about: Just look at all the lip-synching that has been going on in Washington all of these years.
SOP newswire2No Politician Lives up to What They Promise - This is in response to what I happened to read that Robert Paul Reyes wrote about Bush and that FOX News did the rights a disservice by showing Bush's Homecoming speech.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Washington D.C. Shame, Shame, Shame on You! - We learned from Robert Paul Reyes` article Bus Ads Proclaim: Why Believe In God? that Washington, D.C. public buses will carry ads reading: "Why believe in God?
SOP newswire2New Revelations in the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy is pure BS - JFK was the last maybe the only, great statesman to hold the Presidency.
SOP newswire2Florida Matters: Vote Tomorrow - In this important election, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has endorsed Senator Obama for President. Here's why...
SOP newswire2Florida Vote Could Decide Fate of Wolves, Polar Bears and the Environment - As someone who lives in Florida, you have an extraordinarily important role to play in protecting wolves, polar bears and other imperiled wildlife and the environment for our children and grandchildren.
John LillpopThe Future: Palin-Romney, Or Romney-Palin? - WILL the America people be foolish enough to elect an inexperienced, terrorist-coddling, Muslim sympathizing, ACORN vote stealing, non-citizen to the presidency?
SOP newswire2The Upcoming UFO Event Won't Happen - I don't know how long Ms. Goodchild has been around in the world of ufology but I've been on the periphery of it (and sometimes in the middle of it) for about 40 years.
SOP newswire2I am a wolf lover from MN, and I belong to Defenders of Wildlife - We have wolves here and I care about all wolves. Maybe the farmers should build taller fences around their livestock?! Wow, what a concept.
SOP newswireBarbie® gets advise from Cameroon - Barbie® asked The SOP to act as go-between to answer her many worried friends without exposing her whereabouts. Send your thoughts and concerns to Judyth Piazza, Managing Editor, judy@thesop.org.
SOP newswire2Steve Pearce/US Senate Candidate: Mexican Gray Wolf program - Steve is about the only politician that cares and is helping the people that are greatly and negatively affected by the wolf program here. Most of the local population, ranchers, hunters
SOP newswire2The Armenian Issue, Genocide By The Ottomans? - Recently, the Swedish Parliament decided, nearly unanimously, that there had not been an Armenian genocide by the Ottomans. Swedish officers
SOP newswire2Western Governments Ignoring Lessons of Shattered Soviets Dreams - In a recent NPR interview, Zamir Kabulov, a young Soviet diplomat in Kabul during the 1980s and now Russia's ambassador to Afghanistan said that Western governments are
SOP newswire2Comments on Gospel of Judas story - Respectfully, I would like to comment on and correct a few errors in your Newsblaze.com article, published June 12, 2008, about The Gospel of Judas. As someone who has written
SOP newswire2Making Sex Seekers Out of Youth - The Centers for Disease Control has released the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Report
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Assalamu Alaikum: American Muslims Love The U.S. - In the past, our primary focus was education of our fellow citizens. We launched and sustained a number of campaigns such as Explore the Quran ? and Explore the Life
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