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Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter

Readers are always welcome to send letters to the editor if they object to any SOP article.

Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Send Your Letters to The Editor at The Student Operated Press...We Want to Hear From YOU - The Student Operated Press is a firm believer of "Free Speech". If you have a letter to the editor, we want to know about it.
SOP newswire2Tyler King and His Unfortunate Run-In with the Internet - The Internet can be a cold and unforgiving place. Especially if your name is Tyler King and last week you somehow managed to piss off the legion of Internet users collectively known as 'Anonymous'.
SOP newswire2Congressman Hunter`s Decision to Withdraw from Presidential Race Was Disappointing - Congressman Hunter"s decision to withdraw from the Presidential race was disappointing, but I will always be proud to have served as his
SOP newswireLetters to the Editor about Op-Ed Piece, Purportedly about Universal Healthcare - Readers might be interested to know that the writers` real purpose is to plug their philosophy, Aesthetic Realism. I know this because this group is a cult, and I`m a former member
SOP newswireThe Mid-East Weapons Deal Playing With Fire - The Bush Administration wants to send $65 billion in weapons to the Middle East but Congress has the power to stop it. Saudi Arabia will pay $20 billion to the arms dealers with
SOP newswireUrgent: Stop the Spying Sellout - President Bush is facing more resistance than he expected as he tries to undo oversight for NSA spying. This morning, The Los Angeles Times exposed that the Bush Administration's real motivation
Amanda CarverIt's Only Hair...isn't it? - Never judge a book by its cover, that"s what they say, but who, exactly, is they? Where are they? In my experience, they exist only in our imaginations and in perhaps, the greater works of literature.
Sean StubblefieldYou've Been Selected - Apparently, it`s all a big hoax, you see. Which makes me feel all manner of special. And not necessarily the good kind.
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