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Mattis Humbled by Selfless, Diverse U.S. Military Force

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said his recent presence at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, is an example of how Americans can help bridge political gaps.

SOP newswire3On Memorial Day Weekend Mullen Offers Support To Families Of Fallen Warriors - There`s no responsibility in the military community more important than caring for families who have lost loved ones to war, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said.
SOP newswire3Obama Praises American Troops - U.S. servicemembers are the key to America`s success in the world, President Barack Obama said at the U.S. Naval Academy graduation in Annapolis, Md.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates Speaks To West Point Graduates - Before 970 cadets took the commissioning oath or "covers" tossed high overhead, graduating West Point cadets heard some praise and sage advice from their future boss: Robert Gates
SOP newswire3FBI Foils Terrorist Plot Against Air Guard Base And Jewish Community Center - Authorities foiled a terrorist plot against an Air National Guard base and a synagogue and Jewish community center in New York.
SOP newswire3Joe Biden Speaks To Troops In Kosovo - The example the U.S. military sets can inspire people around the world, Vice President Joe Biden told servicemembers at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, today.
SOP newswire3Mike Mullen: Revitalizing US Forces My Priority - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff identified increasing Middle East security, revitalizing U.S. forces and focusing on global challenges as his top priorities.
SOP newswire3Gates: Afghan Army Could Take Lead In Two Years - The Afghan national army could lead operations in Afghanistan in two to four years, with the U.S. playing a support role, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said.
Philip LawrenceU.S. Marine Corps to Open Military School in DeKalb Country - The U.S. Marine Corps has been making plans to open a school in DeKalb County, Georgia for disadvantaged but talented students.
SOP newswire3Hug A Soldier: It's Military Appreciation Month - May is military appreciation month, show a soldier how much you appreciate him/her.
SOP newswire3Military Identifies Soldier Charged With Killing Comrades At Camp Liberty - Military officials in Baghdad today identified a soldier who has been charged with shooting and killing five of his comrades yesterday at a combat stress center at Camp Liberty, Iraq
SOP newswire3Obama Names Adm. Stavridis To Serve As NATO's Supreme Commander For Europe - President Barack Obama today nominated Navy Adm. James Stavridis to serve as NATO`s supreme allied commander for Europe and as commander U.S. European Command
SOP newswire3Tuskegee Airmen Visit Academy Cadets - Six Tuskegee Airmen visited the academy April 24 to share their stories with the Air Force's next generation of leaders
SOP newswire3Robert Gates Visits Troops In Afghanistan - During his visit to Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates brought encouragement and assurance of support to 10th Mountain Division soldiers.
Philip LawrenceMilitary Chaplains Proselytize in Afghanistan - If these chaplains find that their faith conflicts with their oath and duty to defend the U.S. Constitution, their remedy for this conflict is to resign their commissions
SOP newswire3Taking Son's Prescription Drug Ended Airman's Career - A technical sergeant took a single pill from his son's prescription bottle, and that pill started him down the road toward a court-martial and discharge from the Air Force.
SOP newswire3Air Force Flight Surgeons Train Iraqi Counterparts - American Air Force flight surgeons continue their mission to teach and train Iraqi air force and army flight surgeons.
SOP newswire3US Military Monitors Swine Flu - The Defense Department is monitoring the swine flu situation closely, with its primary focus on protecting the military population.
Philip LawrenceLifting of Ban on Press Coverage of U.S. Flag-Draped Coffins at Air Force Bases Has Not Resulted in Media Circus - Since the lifting of the ban, most families of fallen soldiers have agreed to permit press access to hangars
SOP newswire3Obama Praises World War II Vets For Helping End Holocaust - President Barack Obama today highlighted the role American World War II veterans played in bringing about the end of the Holocaust and preserving its memory.
Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)Military & Government Spending - ...how the military and government spends "our" money. And to be honest with you, I was so dumbfounded, it made me sick! Here's what happened...
SOP newswire3Mullen Addresses Suicide Problem In Military - Suicide rates, operational tempo and homeless veterans were some of the topics Mike Mullen dealt with in a recent news conference.
SOP newswire3Gates: US Must Learn From Every Conflict - As the U.S. military winds down from Iraq and Afghanistan in the future, leaders must learn the lessons of past drawdowns, Defense Secretary Gates said.
SOP newswire3MD Performs First Robot-Assisted Surgery In Air Force - Lt. Col. (Dr.) Kyle Weld performed the first robot-assisted surgery in the Air Force April 10 at Wilford Hall Medical Center here.
SOP newswire3Joe Biden Says We Must Support Our Troops - Today's generation of American warriors, Biden said, are "the most powerful, best disciplined, best-trained warriors America has ever, ever produced.
SOP newswire3US On Track To Meet Iraq Withdrawal Deadlines - The U.S. is on track to meet the terms of a timeline of withdrawal from Iraq, the top American commander in Iraq said today.
SOP newswire3Gates: Navy's Rescue Mission "Textbook" - The Navy's rescue of a kidnapped American ship captain was textbook, " but the issue of piracy is likely to worsen in the absence of a systemic solution, Gates said today.
SOP newswire3Military Services Meet Recruiting Goals - All 10 active-duty and reserve military components met or exceeded their recruiting goals in March.
SOP newswire3Ceremony Honors Vietnam War Heroes - One-hundred twenty-three American heroes from the Vietnam War era will be honored posthumously this month during the annual In Memory Day ceremony
Philip LawrenceU.S. Marine Petitions School Board for Permission to Graduate From High School in His Dress Blue Uniform - It may do more harm than good to the reputation of the military by creating a controversy in this community.
SOP newswire3Disabled Warrior Able To Ski Thanks To Adaptive Sit-Ski - Sgt. Maj Bill Roy, along with his cane, slipped into an adaptive sit-ski.
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