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Bells of Peace and the End of the War to End All Wars

In 1918, the world had never seen such killing.

SOP newswire3Military Continues Efforts to Open Combat Jobs for Women - The Defense Department continues working toward its goal of ensuring the mission is met with fully qualified and capable personnel, regardless of gender.
Glenn MolletteA Strong Military a Must for America - The recent assassination of a British soldier walking down a street in London was a despicable act. He proudly wore his country's uniform and for that he gave his life.
SOP newswire2U.S. Drone Policy Full of Holes? - Many liken this relationship to the old bible story of David versus Goliath. A focus on tactics gives us the closest representation to the bible story of David and Goliath.
SOP newswire3Panetta Makes Holiday Calls to Deployed Service Members - Leon E. Panetta called four service members deployed to Afghanistan to wish them happy holidays.
SOP newswire2Fred Rendon, Jr. Battles PTSD, Helps Other Vets Find Hope with New Book, Echoes of PTSD - Fred Rendon, Jr. woke up after a thirty-year nightmare just five years ago. He jokingly referred to himself as Rip Van Winkle
SOP newswire2Troops Receive A Sweet Treat From Home Reminding Them of the Gratitude Felt By Their Fellow Americans - Harry & David and Soldiers Angels Bring Joy to Our Troops With Semi-Annual support Our Troops With Moose Munch Bars Program
Philip LawrenceA Veteran's Day Message to the Protected - My service is honored by all Americans who exercise the freedoms and rights we fought to defend
Ron G AnselmPlease Thank a Veteran Today! - Since this weekend to me is one of the most important recognition days in our history; I thought I would write an article on Veterans Day.
SOP newswire2Northrop Grumman Corporation to Make Future Protected Military Satellite Communications Capabilities More Affordable - Develop an unclassified, government-owned waveform specification and demonstrate its feasibility through component-level demonstrations.
SOP newswire2Bless Our Troops for Veterans Day: Buy a Book - Fellowship of Fathers Foundation Kicks Off a "Buy/Bless' Program to Benefit US Military Fathers and their Families
SOP newswire2Tactical Microgrids Need to be Fully Mobile and Easily Deployable - The U.S. Army demonstrated a proof of concept for a smart grid that could support tactical operations this summer at its integrated capabilities testbed at Fort Dix, N.J.
Syed Talal Hassan BukhariA Letter From a Wife to a Soldier Fighting Far Away From Home - While writing this letter, I am hearing scream of our children asking for you, and my mind is going to the bullets you are facing. In this situation, how could I say "How are you".
SOP newswire2Official Army Records Show Loss to Nation: Muslims Offended--Soldier's Career Destroyed - A review of LTC Dooley's OERs going back several years, including his OER as an instructor with JFSC, paint a picture of an outstanding officer with unlimited potential:
SOP newswireNorthrop Grumman Partners with Los Angeles Dodgers - Northrop Grumman Corp. honors US troops for the July 4 game in partnership with Los Angeles Dodgers.
SOP newswire3President Obama Proclaims Military Spouse Appreciation Day - President Barack Obama signed a proclamation naming today Military Spouse Appreciation Day.
SOP newswire3Panetta: Service Members Must Represent Best of America - It is more important than ever that service members exercise judgment in the age of Twitter, You Tube, Flickr, I-Phones and Facebook, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told troops at Fort Benning, Ga., today.
Stan PopovichWhen Your Fears And Depression Have The Best Of You - What do you do when your fears and depression are stronger than what you can handle?
SOP newswire3Panetta: US Must Maintain Military Might - Success in Iraq and the drawdown in Afghanistan does not mean the U.S. military should be dismantled, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said here today.
SOP newswire3Panetta Hosts Meetings with Jordanian Military Leaders - Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told a visiting Jordanian delegation he is firmly committed to the U.S. military partnership with that nation`s armed forces.
SOP newswireCAIR Wants FBI to Investigate Anti-Muslim Facebook Threat - Following a threatening message on facebook, Council on American-Islamic Relations has demanded the FBI to investigate the matter.
SOP newswire2Surrogate Testing With Learjet Validates Flight Control Algorithms - Northrop Grumman, U.S. Navy Test Autonomous Aerial Refueling for Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstration
SOP newswire2Tuskegee Airman Roy S. Richardson, My daddy! Red Tails - Growing up in the Cleveland suburb of Wickliffe, Ohio, I was taught from the very first day I can remember, that I had the potential of being anything I wanted to be.
SOP newswire2Grammy Winner Patti Austin to Illuminate The World Stage with "Soldier Boy" - Grammy Winner Patti Austin wants to illuminate the world stage and dedicate her hit song "Soldier Boy" to all of the troops coming home from Iraq.
SOP newswire3Panetta Will Not Tolerate Bullying, Hazing In Military - Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta added a pointed anti-bullying directive to a message sent Dec. 23 to service members around the world.
SOP newswire2Our Soldiers Are Suffering: Project Backbone to The Rescue - Catastrophic injuries are a sad reality of war and our brave men and women of the military are aware of these risks and still elect to carry out their duties in defending our country.
SOP newswire3NATO`s Missile Defence: The First Live-Fire Test - During the German-led exercise Rapid Arrow 2011, the NATO Active Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Interim Capability was succesfully tested.
SOP newswire2Remove All Muslims From US Military Says Tenn. Legislator - A Tennessee Muslim leader says that the Quran does not support violence and that he denounces all violence. I believe him. But he is an exception
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza interviews David R. Leffler, Ph.D., United States Air Force Veteran - Judyth Piazza interviews David R. Leffler, Ph.D., Tactical Air Command (TAC), United States Armed Forces in Europe (USAFE), Air Training Command (ATC) and Strategic Air Command (SAC) on The American Perspective Radio Program
Ron G AnselmIs the Military`s HAARP Project Being Used for More Than Just Research? - One of the many projects that the military has going is now suddenly being looked at as to what it is really being used for.
Ron G AnselmIs the Day of The Terminator Finally Upon Us? Reaper and Predator Drones Infected With Software Virus - There are about 150 Predator drones and 50 Reaper drones being used just in Afghanistan and Iraq alone.
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