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Will Says...

After Watching 'Going Clear' on HBO, I`m Glad I`ve Managed to Always Dodge Scientology!

No wonder L. Ron Hubbard avoided psychologists, he was stark raving mad! As for myself, as of late, I`ve been studying up on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis once again; as I watched Going Clear, I began to make parallels.

John G. KaysThe Counterfeiters (Die Falscher) is a True Tale of Bogus Bills and Shaky Scruples. - The Counterfeiters is the story of Solomon "Sally" Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics), a master counterfeiter, who is sent to a concentration camp, Sachsenhauen, and tries to survive, yet has to confront some ethical issues.
Garrett GodwinFast & Furious Review: How Bad Is It? - Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are back in the driver`s seat in Fast & Furious, the latest installment of the popular film franchise that recently won the top
Prairie MillerIs This the End for Hannah Montana? - Hannah Montana: The Movie impresses with the precociously rich and famous sixteen year old's natural charm and evolving dramatic gifts.
John G. KaysCult Camp Classics 4-Sword and Sandel Spectacle Films of Yesteryear! - This DVD three-pack of mostly forgotten sword and sandel spectacle films rest in the shade of Cecil B. DeMille but still pack a wallop!
John G. KaysZ is a political thriller that puts a conspiracy under a microscope! - Z is a 1969 political thriller, directed by Constatin Costas-Gavras; a barely fictitious account of the 1963 assassination of Grigoris Lambrakis,a Greek populist.
John G. KaysCraze-Portrait Of A Dapper African-Idol-Worshipping Coven-Master! - No one is scarier than Jack Palance in this 1974 British horror film, that is still only on VHS.
John G. KaysMy First Movie Review-House Of Wax! - The script, actors, music, and cadence of plot play second fiddle to the sets, costumes, and oozing hot wax crescendo, in the flickering flames of the flick!
Christopher HIllenbrandSnyder`s Watchmen Falls Just Short of The Original Novel`s Brilliance - After much anticipation, Watchmen was released this past weekend. Though critics' opinions on the film vary, the film's faithfulness to the graphic novel is remarkable.
Garrett GodwinThe Spirit: He's what the world needs - This holiday season; get into "The Spirit" - not just the spirit of Christmas, but also the film adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic comic-book novel.
Garrett Godwin20 Years of The Punisher: If society won't punish the guilty, he will! - Punisher: War Zone is the latest film reincarnation based on the Marvel Comics Dark Knight.
John LillpopW. Lied About WMD? Not According to Oliver Stone! - Much to the consternation of Bush-haters everywhere, W. does not support the leftist notion that "Bush Lied, People Died" about WMD.
Garrett GodwinBatman: Gotham Knight DVD Review - The DVD of Batman: Gotham Knight follows after Batman Begins and before The Dark Knight, as six short filmisodes finds our haunting crusader against The Scarecrow, Killer Croc, and the deadly hit man known as Deadshot.
Garrett GodwinThe Shadow (1994) film review - Before Spider-Man, David Koepp penned the film version of The Shadow. Emmy winner Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) dipped into the hat and cloak as the pulp comic book character with the ability to cloud men`s minds in 1930s New York.
Garrett GodwinThe Punisher (1989) film review - The Punisher first came to life not in 2004 with Thomas Jane, but with Dolph Lundgren in 1989 as Marvel Comics` ultimate antihero.
Denise KaminskyLee Vervoort Stunt Coordinator and Actor in Blood Moon - With the film Blood Moon the director and producer have actually stuck to a great situation for a movie plot while including the real life factors.
Denise KaminskyDirector/Actor Troy Ryan Zuercher talks about his new film "September 31st" - My imagination has always been very active, vivid and full of color. My entire family is like that. My father would always say life is just a dream.
Garrett GodwinPosse (1993) Film Review - Realizing that Graham and his men will kill them once they retrieved the gold, Jessie Lee and the others retaliate, and go on the run.
Denise KaminskyCarson Grant Forging Comedy and Drama - CARSON GRANT takes his characters seriously. "Comedy is truth", he tells us. "Over many years, I have enjoyed portraying comical film characters whose dry humor and wit color their essence."
Garrett GodwinJohn Shaft: Can you dig it? - For over three decades, the legacy of Shaft continues to live on... John Shaft was the first black action hero onscreen -- a cross between Sam Spade and James Bond.
Denise KaminskyInterview with director Glenn Webber - I grew up in a rural area in Southern Rhode Island.I was an only child with not much to do but
Denise KaminskyMamma Mia....Mamma Mia!!!!! - Shot in Skolpelos a beautiful island in Greece; (www.gogreece.about.com) Mamma Mia is an enjoyable film that will find you singing along.
Garrett GodwinThe X-Files: I Want to Believe - The truth is out there again, as Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson reunite to reopen The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Garrett GodwinThe Dark Knight Film Review - Christopher Nolan takes up the director`s helm once again in the sequel to 2005`s Batman Begins, the film that resurrected the superhero onscreen.
Garrett GodwinIron Man Film Review - Iron Man is the latest film incarnation from Marvel Comics, with Robert Downey, Jr. in the titular role.
Garrett GodwinHancock here to save the world - Hancock is a very complex, complicated, anti-superhero who is full of angst, human frailties, inner turmoil and conflict.
Glenn JamesThe Edge of Love Film Review - In her book Double Drink Story, Dylan Thomas`s wife Caitlin said of her relationship with the poet Ours was not a love story, it was a drink story.
Glenn JamesThe Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Review - Okay, I admit it. I cried buckets when Aslan died, but can I point out that I was seven years old at the time?
Glenn JamesThe Incredible Hulk Film Review-- "Anger Mismanagement" - Edward Norton is well cast as Bruce Banner, and is satisfyingly skinny and haunted with himself.
Sean StubblefieldVestige of the Vox Populi #87 - Presenting videos I consider interesting or amusing...
Prairie MillerWhat Happens In Vegas Movie Review: Sex And The Sin City - Romantic comedies are such a well worn endeavor that there's nothing much left to the imagination to explore, unless there's plenty of wit,
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